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More More Cha, Darling Harbour

There seems to be a lot of new Malaysian restaurants opening up in Sydney – More More Cha, Nonya (which is oddly above More More Cha) and Petaling Street. I must admit, I have been on the hunt for GOOD Malaysian restaurants in Sydney CBD and can’t wait to try the others. More More Cha is apparently the sister restaurant of Mamak Village in Glebe, which I have yet to go too. It was relatively busy for a Friday night, the restaurant is very spacious, lots of outdoor seating (although if it rains, I think they would lose a lot of customers!).

The menu is vast, lots of delicious Malaysian dishes ranging from appetizers, soup and roti, rice, noodle, seafood, poultry and many more. I left all the ordering to ‘The Mother’, I really couldn’t decide.

‘The Mother’ started with a cold teh tarik ($3.50), it wasn’t really that cold to be honest which was a shame. I do prefer it to be served in a cold metallic glass.

‘The Mother’ loves Kapitan Chicken ($17), traditional Nyonya flavoured chicken curry with potatoes. Large chunks of chicken which were tender, the curry was a little thicker than norm but it wasn’t too bad, it had the right amount of spiciness.

I am not sure why we didn’t get roti as the curry would be perfect with roti.

Kangkong balacan ($14.90), morning glory veggie with sambal balancan. This was a little weird I thought, served with onions, there wasn’t a very strong balancan flavour or taste. It was OK I thought, I have definitely had better.

We also got a serve of the Penang Koay Tewo Kerang ($14.90), Penang very popular dish wok fried rice cake strips with clams, prawns, eggs, chives and crunchy bean sprouts. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this, but you read correctly, there were clams, not fresh clams though, they were canned. Not a lot of prawns, think there were only four, and it didn’t have a very strong wok smell which was a shame. It was good but have definitely had better.

I couldn’t help but get dessert. Durian panna cotta ($6.90) was calling my name. ‘The Mother’ was rolling his eyes, pulling faces, and saying how I will need to sleep in the spare bedroom as he HATES durian and can’t stand the smell of it.

Fortunately for him, the durian panna cotta was a disappointment. You can’t even smell a hint of durian and lacked that wonderful durian flavour. It was like eating a vanilla panna cotta! VERY very disappointing.

I noticed others having ice kacang and it did look good. I didn’t see the selection of kuih, but keen to see what they have on offer.

Would I go back? Possibly to try their other dishes. The dishes we had were OK, nothing to rave but I’m willing to give it another go.

Service was friendly, they even had a chef performing making roti – he had some impressive skills!

GA’s ratings: 6 / 10

More More Cha

1 Dixon St

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 402 365 367

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Braza Churrascaria, Darling Quarter, Sydney

The newest addition to the Braza chain which is located in Darling Quarter. This is not the first time I have been to Braza and probably won’t be the last. Braza is an ‘Authentic Brazilian Barbecue House’, a place for ‘meat lovers and for people who enjoy different experiences in life’.

Possibly the fanciest of the lot, T, C and I rocked up for lunch and opt for the express churrasco – a small version of the Traditional Churrasco for $28, only available for the whole table only. It’s a shorter menu but definitely ‘enough’ for lunch time.

We started with the cheese stuffed breads and boy were they tasty. Soft, pillow-y and full of cheese goodness!

The mixed salad, refreshing light and a wonderful complement considering we are eating all meat!

Love the black beans and rice.

Especially loved the roasted cassava – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was so hard to stop at one, and obviously I didn’t!

Now, the meat, lots of different types of meat. On offer for lunch, rump cap, sausage, chicken drumettes, pork neck, and lamb leg.

I had one of each, the boys had more and boy were they filling. Loved the sausage and garlic bread, the sausage was a little spicy but it gave it that extra kick.

The rump cap, lamb leg and pork neck I loved, cooked to perfection, it was tender and tasty. The chicken drumettes I wasn’t a huge fan off, didn’t really like the spices.

To end, caramelised pineapple spindled with cinnamon then charcoaled, was served warm, it was sweet but not yet sickly.

Cute little ‘stoppers’, green to say keep going, feed me, and if you turn it upside down, with red being on top, it means STOP no more!!!

Service polite and friendly, it was busy for a Friday lunch. Definitely a fun way to eat with friends and family. So many meat options, even the lunch express. Thankfully I didn’t stuff myself silly like other times. It was lunch after all, if it was dinner…. it would have been a different story.

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Braza Churrascaria

1 – 25 Harbour Street

Darling Quarter Sydney 2000

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Malaysian Kitchen, Private Dining

Malaysian Kitchen Australia is part of a global marketing campaign to promote Malaysian cuisine. They had their first campaign in Sydney in February, where Malaysia Kitchen was set up in the narrow alley behind the State Theatre. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go but it did look like a fun event!

Adam Liaw is the ambassador for the Malaysian Kitchen in Australia and I was fortunate enough to take part of this special occasion thank to S (theheartoffood) for asking me to be his plus one and of course Annabel from Ogilvy PR.

As most of you know, the Good Food and Wine Show is currently on in Sydney and will be until Sunday 3rd July which is held in the convention centre in Darling Harbour. The Malaysian Kitchen has a stand and if you have yet to go, check it out, you might see both Adam Liaw and Alvin Quah doing some cooking demonstrations.

It was a private dinner, seven people including Adam and Annabel. The ‘private’ dining area was set up just behind the Malaysian Kitchen stand. It was like a fish tank, people peering to see the action and we got the odd ‘oh it’s Adam’ and girls shrieking and asking for a photo. However, despite that, it was quite intimate and we got up, close and personal with Adam himself. We (especially me) were all keen to hear what life was like before and after Masterchef. It was interesting to hear what life was or would be like in the Masterchef household and of course what Adam is doing right now. He has a couple of projects coming up so very keen to see how it all pans out!

Thanks to Aidan Gan at Kaki Lima, Kensington for the wonderful dishes! All the entree, main and dessert was especially made by her and trust me, everything on the menu sounds divine!

Aidan would explain each dish that was served, and Adam would then elaborate. If we had questions on how to make it or what is in each dish, he was more than happy to share.

To start with, we had the chicken curry puffs and prawn fritters (udang bakwan).

I am a huge fan of prawn fritters so this was a win win for me. Crispy and thin batter with juicy prawns, it was wonderful – not too oily and not too fatty. The chicken curry puffs was another favourite of mine, succulent bite size chicken pieces and eaten with chili was excellent. A great way to start.

The mains, started with beef rendang (spiced beef in coconut) and a side of roti canai. The beef rendang was good but I think the beef could have been a little more tender. It was a little sweeter than normal I thought and wasn’t as coconut-y as I had expected but still quite tasty! (Secretly though, I still like Mum’s will have to get the recipe of her I think!)

The roti canai – excellent! This is what ALL roti canai should look and taste like! It was thick, fluffy, moist and we all couldn’t help but use our hands, rip it apart and dip in the rendang… ah, how I love good roti canai! A visit to Malaysia is definitely in order.

Acar Jelata (Malay tangy pickle salad) I loved! It is a tangy, pickle-like salad consisting of cucumber, pineapple, spiced up with a touch of red chili and a hint of red onion. It was deliciously fresh, refreshing and I love the spice and tang! Definitely one of the nicest acar jelata I have had in a long time!

The ayam masak merah (fried chicken with tangy, sweet and spicy sauce) reminds me very much of my holidays in Malaysia as either our friends, or relatives would make this. I love the sweet, tangy and spice sauce. The chicken again could have been more tender but still very good.

It was served with tomato rice which had sultanas, and nuts and was oh so very yummy! The perfect combination, red chicken and red tomato rice.

Now dessert – when Aidan brought the plate out – it was one of the most colourful dish I have ever seen! Different types of luscious dessert placed before us – I wanted one of each but I KNEW my eyes were bigger than my stomach!

Baked tapioca cake – this is Mum’s favourite and the tapioca (the yellow looking one), the steamed sticky rice pudding with pandan custard (seri muka), I didn’t have as I was full but wished that I had brought some home.

The layered cake (kueh lapis) is a favourite of mine, like a child, I peeled each layer off and eat them separately! The baked pandan cake with sesame seeds was deliciously rich and had a strong pandan flavour.

We learnt a great deal about Malaysian food, the different types and ingredients. It is very close to Indonesian food and very close to my heart! Quite similar in fact and I realise how much I have to learn from Mum in terms of cooking these dishes.

Thanks again S (truly appreciate it!) and of course Adam, Annabel and Aidan for the private dining. Truly had a wonderful time and loved the food!

Gastronomous Anonymous dined as a guest thanks to Ogilvy PR and Malaysian Kitchen Australia. 

Chocolaty goodness at Lindt Café, Darling Harbour

We had a delicious meal at Kensington Peking, but some of us (believe it or not) were still hungry, including yours truly! ‘The Mother’ was also a little pekish. You would think after the big feast we wouldn’t be!

It was our cousins last night, and before winning at the casino, we thought we would go and have dessert. My brother, F, LOVES and I cannot emphasis on the word LOVE Lindt café.

There are three branches in Sydney, we opted to go to the Darling Harbour one, limited sitting area inside the café, but there are seats outside. It was a warm evening and was very lovely to sit outside whilst people watching and soak up the ‘view’.

F and O always get the chocolate waffle! The Lindt waffles are made to order, and they were AMAZINGLY delicious. One generous serving of waffle covered with icing sugar and a large scoop of chocolate ice cream with a small jug of Lindt chocolate – talk about chocolate overload! The waffles were fluffy and a little on the rich side with all the chocolate, but it was one of the tastiest waffles I have had thus far.

‘The Mother’ opted for a hot chocolate drink, milk chocolate. Very different to the one from Max Brenner – where you get a candle on the bottom of your cup and you place chocolate bits in it whilst your milk is ‘boiling’. At Lindt, you get a little jug of milk and a jug of your favourite chocolate – white, milk or dark. This was deliciously rich and creamy and went down extremely nicely!

We then shared a plate of profiteroles – one of ‘The Mother’s’ favourite desserts. I have tried making profiteroles and have failed miserably! The profiteroles were delicious, filled with cream and covered with milk chocolate – what more can you ask for? I have to admit though, it was a little rich, all the chocolate, but it was seriously good!

My cousin Ir, ordered the molten chocolate cake. Unfortunately the centre didn’t ooze with chocolate, however, there were enough chocolate on top that it drizzled inside.

Served with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream, this was heavenly! The chocolate cake was warm and moist and totally and utterly way too rich for my liking! Ir demolished this, so I can assume he enjoyed it!

My other cousin, H, ordered a mocha drink, which I didn’t take a photo of. I find mochas too rich, and I don’t like the combination of chocolate and coffee – weird I know. However, H seemed to have enjoyed it and said it was one of the best mocha’s she has ever had.

It’s not every day that we get to hang out with cousins, so it was very lovely. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

If you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate then Lindt café is the place for you. They have different types of cakes and macaroons, and if you don’t feel like cakes, then they have a variety of ice creams which are just as nice. I have purchased many different cakes here for birthdays and they have been absolutely delightful! My favourite though would have to be the Tiramisu. Delightful!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Lindt Cafe

104 – 105 Cockle Bay Wharf

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 8257 1600

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1 metre of pizza at Criniti’s, Darling Harbour

September 24, 2010 2 comments

It’s very rare that I go to Darling Harbour for dinner, in fact, the only restaurant I know in Darling Harbour is Hurricanes! So when my brother, F, suggested this place, Criniti’s, I was more than happy to try! Also, it was his birthday gathering with his friends, and I couldn’t exactly say no! How can I say no to food?

Criniti’s serves Southern Italian cuisine, apparently there is another branch in Parramatta and they even have a ‘1 metre’ wood fire pizza and 1kg BBQ ribs. I thought no one could ever finish a 1 metre pizza and I was proven wrong! There were 8 of us that evening, and we decided to get 3 pizzas and 4 pastas – talk about carb-ing it up! If we were doing the half marathon or full marathon the next day, then this would be the perfect meal! Alas, none of us were but we still had a wonderful meal!

I was going to the bathroom to wash my hand, and when I came back, I saw a metre of pizza and thought good grief, we are never going to finish this! We ordered suprema (ham, cabanossi, capsicum, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, olives, pepperoni, oregano and onion), calabrese (olives, sausages, roasted capsicum, mozzarella cheese, oregano and chili), and godfather (chicken, avocado, mozzarella cheese, oregano, and semi sun dried tomatoes). A lot of mozzarella cheese, but it is a pizza after all!

The pizza base was thin and crispy at times (pending on which part of the pizza), the toppings were generous and delicious! I absolutely love the suprema, only cause I am a sucker for mushrooms on pizzas, and I love ham, pepperoni and cabanossi – the combination of it all was fantastic! The calabrese was also good, the chili gave it a nice kick, but the godfather, was so so. As much as I love chicken and avocado together, this was a little disappointing.

The carbonara (red onion, bacon, parmesan cheese and egg in a cream sauce) with fettuccini was deliciously creamy. I am not a massive fan of creamy base pasta so didn’t have a lot of this. I know my sis-in-law to be, O, enjoyed it and so did my brother.

The aglio e olio (virgin oil with garlic, basil and parsley, prawns and chili) with spaghetti was sensational! It was simple but yet well executed. The prawns were fresh and the chili really gave it a nice touch! I am really loving pasta or pizza with chili! Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of this, the plate was almost empty by the time it got to me!

The calabrese (Italian sausages with napoletana sauce and olives, chili and meatballs) with penne was good, the meatball was HUGE! I think there were 3 of these huge round meatballs. The meatballs was tender and succulent and delicious.

The al pacino (homemade Italian salami with chili oil, garlic and basil in a napoletana sauce) with penne was good but nothing special. The calabrese was infinitely better, but my favourite would have to be the aglio e olio, that was fantastic!

We sat there for the next 20 mins digesting our food and not being able to move. My brother was thinking about dessert already, not at Criniti’s but he wanted Movenpick ice cream, which I didn’t know at the time, had opened at Darling Harbour! I couldn’t say no to that!

To say that Criniti’s servings were generous is an understatement! The restaurant was busy, noisy, buzzing and staff moved quickly around to try and keep up with customer’s needs and wants. Great for parties, and big groups, and relatively cheap. It was a great evening, and welcome back sis-in-law to be! We have missed you!

Apologies for the dark photos! My camera is Canon IXUS 75 and in need of an upgrade!!!! It doesn’t take good photos in the dark *sigh*.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre

Darling Harbour, Sydney 2000

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