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Ramen Jo, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I first heard about this place from my dear friend thesuzchef, her husband’s high school friend opened this place. It took me a while to get there, and finally one weekend I suggested it to ‘The Mother’. Ramen Jo can be found on Caroline Hill Road in Causeway Bay. From memory this used to be a Taiwanese Place but I haven’t been to Caroline Hill for such a long time that I don’t even remember.


There are a lot of Ramen joints opening in Hong Kong that I have lost count! The restaurant is TINY – you could probably fit about 12 – 15 people max? There was a queue when we got there and it was only 11.45am! We were given the menu and there are 5 different ramen choices – tonkatsu, miso, spicy ramen, mountain and specials. Similar to other ramen joints, you get to pick the type of noodles you want, spices and additional toppings.

Both ‘The Mother’ and I both and the tonkatsu – which wasn’t as thick as Butao. Every different ramen shop has different broths – it is really just a matter of preference.


Dragon absolutely LOVED the noodles – it was soft and cooked to perfection. I like my ramen simple – no shallots, no ginger, less oily and not too thick!


The egg is a must order in my opinion – LOVE!!!



We also got a serve of dumplings which were great – ‘The Mother’ ate most of it 😦

For dessert, we couldn’t go past the lychee ice cream and it was deliciously light and refreshing. Perfect way to end the meal.


I have heard the queues for Ramen Jo can be long. We both enjoyed our meal here, but I think I still prefer Butao. Regardless, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back for a ramen fix and try their other ramen.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Ramen Jo

G.F, 3 Caroline Hill Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2885 0638

Butao Ramen, Central

Butao Ramen, it is claimed to be the ‘hottest hole-in-a-wall’ ramen shop! It has been opened for a while not but the queues are still forever long! I am not a fan of waiting in line, especially when its more than 10 – 15 mins so have avoided this place like a plague. However, it was my second day at work and colleagues wanted to have an early lunch and we decided to queue at 10.45am. Even at that time, there were already half a dozen people waiting to get their fix.

Butao Ramen is located Wo On Lane Central and it is only accommodates 12 people. Three hundred bowls of ramen are made each day and once the ramen is sold out, they close shop.  Reservations are not available and all parties must be present before seated.

As we waited in line, we are given the menu, Butao offers four types of ramen:

  1. Butao king:  the original with tonkatsu pork bone broth
  2. Green King: an Italian inspired pesto, basil and Parmesan cheese ramen
  3. Black King: a tonkatsu squid ink broth
  4. Red king: a spicy miso broth for those who like it hot

You can choose the thickness to taste: light, normal or thick (chose normal)

The oil source: again light, normal or thick (chose less)

Garlic: yes or no (I opt for no, whereas my colleagues wanted more – the more the better!)

Pork: HELL TO THE YES! And I asked for an extra serve

Chinese onion: yes or no (yes of course)

Butao soy sauce (Spicy): light, normal or heavy (chose normal)

Noodle texture: super soft, soft, normal, hard or super hard (chose normal)

And of course there are additions like seaweed, pork, Japanese egg and tree mushrooms – I opt for extra pork, Japanese egg and tree mushrooms.

Now first I must apologise for the terrible photo. It was an impromptu lunch and I didn’t bring my camera and only had my blackberry camera.

I asked for half size, I knew I wasn’t able to finish a whole bowl of ramen! However, you can only order the butao king, which suited me fine.

Verdict: it was DELICIOUS! I can see why everyone raves about it but would I line up for it? Not if its more than 15 mins only cause I don’t like lining up no matter how good the food is!

I would say it is probably the best I have had in Hong Kong, I like the options and the pork was incredibly tender that just melted in your mouth. The egg – OH MY!  You will just have to trust me that it was fantastic!

My colleagues had the black king and the black ink squid broth really gave it that nice black colour! Might have to try that next time!

In saying that, we are going again sometimes this week, let’s hope the queues aren’t long!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Butao Ramen

G/F, Wo On Building,

8-13 On Lane Street, Lan Kwai Fong

Central, Hong Kong

Menya Noodle Bar, Chinatown

Menya Noodle Bar can be found on Quay Street, Prince Centre, Haymarket. I have known of its existence for a while now but have not had the chance to go there. The dumplings next door is always inviting and busy but it is not a part of Chinatown that I go very often.

So on a cold Saturday evening, I was catching up with my brother, F and sis-in-law, O who was craving for ramen so I suggested this place. At 7pm the place was starting to get busy, you order near the door, take a seat and food will be delivered to you.

I have been to the Menya Noodle Bar on Sussex Street many times now, and usually alternate between the Tori-katsu ramen or the tori kara-age ramen or the Menya Curry and tori kara-age. However, that evening, I wasn’t really hungry so thought I would try something different. The agedashi tofu ($6.00) – 3 big pieces of deep fried silken tofu swimming in a pool of sweet soy sauce broth. I love agedashi but I don’t particularly like it drenched in sweet soy sauce. The tofu was soft and silky and although drenched was still quite tasty.

The mini rice bowls ($4.50) was hard to resist. I have never ordered the rice bowls before so opt for the buta mubashi bowl – sliced roast pork with shallots and mayonnaise. The pork was tender and had the right amount of fattiness. It was good!

F ordered the tori kara-age ramen, shoyu ($10.90) – I was secretly hoping that he would order the kara-age so I could steal a piece of chicken! I think I would have preferred the kara-age chicken on the side, so it doesn’t become soggy, but it was still quite tender. The soup was warm, thick, rich and GOOD!

O loves soba, so opt for the tempura soba ($13.90), again the tempura was a little soggy, better on the side I think so it remains crispy. However, I didn’t try this, by the time I was ready to try some, it was gone – she completely demolished it! I can safely say that she truly and utterly enjoyed this dish.

The place was busy by the time we got there, but turnover is quite quick. Menya doesn’t only have ramen dishes, they also have soba, udon, Japanese curries and many more. Food is good and reasonably cheap. As winter is approaching, I can envisage lots of comfort food which involves ramen and Japanese curry.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Menya Noodle Bar

8 Quay St Shop Tg8

Haymarket, 2000


Ph: +61 2 9212 1020

Menya Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

Ryo’s Noodles, Crows Nest

Ryo’s… voted as the best ramen in Sydney.

This restaurant is in the middle of nowhere really, I first discovered it a few years ago now, when I was driving home from Crows Nest. There was a queue of young Japanese people eagerly waiting to get in. Little did I know at the time, that this is apparently the only place in Sydney that serves real, Tokyo style ramen! I dragged my eating buddy, F, who is also my brother, few years ago and it has now become one of our favourite lunch spots.

Ryo’s is not a big restaurant, its relatively small, maximum of 30 diners at a time, however, the ramen is to die for and one that will make crave and come back for more.

I was supposed to meet my brother and my sis-in-law to be, O, for lunch. I was still a little stuffed from my breakfast earlier that day. However, I still wanted to catch up and try a little bit of the ramen noodles. I don’t think I could have eaten a whole bowl of noodles on my own, so was happy to just pick from theirs (I don’t think they were too impressed but hey, they will live!)

F had the Tokyo ramen, which is soy-based chicken stock ramen with roast pork, nori, egg and bamboo shoots. I thought this ramen was a little too salty but it was heavenly. I love how it was served with a large nori sheet. The egg was perfect, with the yolk still a tad runny. The roast pork was tender and succulent with a slither of fat. F was giving me serious dirty looks that I do not dare to eat any of the fatty pork. It was seriously good.

O had the pork-based ramen, served with egg, roast pork and shallots. Apparently, O, always order this when she comes to Ryo’s. The soup is rich, thick and a little spicy which gives it a nice kick. O gave me a small bowl to try and I gulped it quickly as it was THAT good! I wanted more but unfortunately my stomach was saying no more.

The deep fried chicken, is one of my favourites. It is freshly fried, which makes the batter crispy. The chicken is tender and succulent and the creamy mayonnaise is not only a great compliment but an absolutely bliss. I didn’t take a photo of this, but my gawd, I was in deep fried heaven.

Ryo’s IS small! Make sure you arrive early, otherwise you are bound to queue for a while. You won’t be disappointed, it is absolutely magnificent. If only Ryo’s was closer to where I work, I would be there every second day.

I will definitely have to come back when I am less ‘full’ and have this delicious bowl goodness of ramen.

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Ryo’s Noodles

125 Falcon Street

Crows Nest

NSW 2065

Ph: +61 2 9955 0225

Open every day except Wednesday from 12pm – 2.30pm for lunch and 5pm – 0.30pm for dinner.

Ryo's on Urbanspoon