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Braza Churrascaria, Darling Quarter, Sydney

The newest addition to the Braza chain which is located in Darling Quarter. This is not the first time I have been to Braza and probably won’t be the last. Braza is an ‘Authentic Brazilian Barbecue House’, a place for ‘meat lovers and for people who enjoy different experiences in life’.

Possibly the fanciest of the lot, T, C and I rocked up for lunch and opt for the express churrasco – a small version of the Traditional Churrasco for $28, only available for the whole table only. It’s a shorter menu but definitely ‘enough’ for lunch time.

We started with the cheese stuffed breads and boy were they tasty. Soft, pillow-y and full of cheese goodness!

The mixed salad, refreshing light and a wonderful complement considering we are eating all meat!

Love the black beans and rice.

Especially loved the roasted cassava – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was so hard to stop at one, and obviously I didn’t!

Now, the meat, lots of different types of meat. On offer for lunch, rump cap, sausage, chicken drumettes, pork neck, and lamb leg.

I had one of each, the boys had more and boy were they filling. Loved the sausage and garlic bread, the sausage was a little spicy but it gave it that extra kick.

The rump cap, lamb leg and pork neck I loved, cooked to perfection, it was tender and tasty. The chicken drumettes I wasn’t a huge fan off, didn’t really like the spices.

To end, caramelised pineapple spindled with cinnamon then charcoaled, was served warm, it was sweet but not yet sickly.

Cute little ‘stoppers’, green to say keep going, feed me, and if you turn it upside down, with red being on top, it means STOP no more!!!

Service polite and friendly, it was busy for a Friday lunch. Definitely a fun way to eat with friends and family. So many meat options, even the lunch express. Thankfully I didn’t stuff myself silly like other times. It was lunch after all, if it was dinner…. it would have been a different story.

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Braza Churrascaria

1 – 25 Harbour Street

Darling Quarter Sydney 2000

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Brazilian BBQ, Churrasco, Woolloomooloo

Churrasco, a Brazilian style bbq restaurant where cooked meats are continuously brought to your table and offered to you until you are sick and before you know you know it, you are in a food coma! I have been to Braza Churrascaria before and loved it. 

The cost for this all you can eat is $35 per person and includes all the BBQ meat you can eat, rice, potatoes and beans with unlimited accompaniments such as chimichurri, vinaigrette, and farofa. I love the flipping coaster, Green being keep the food coming, and Red meaning STOP I’m full. I loved it so much that I had to take one home!

The potato salad reminded me a little of a potato and bacon bake and were creamy and moorish. The rice had a garlicky flavour, but the beans, I loved were wonderful and incredibly flavoursome.

Salads are $10.50 each and we ordered two servings of it. The girls thought we should at least have some sort of greens to balance the consumption of meat! Two servings of Churrasco Salad, mixed lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum, Spanish onion, cucumbers and Churrasco dressing – YUM!

One of the things I love about Brazilian style BBQ is meat on skewers. Unfortunately with Churrasco, not all the meat were on skewers, they were served on plates. However, sausages, chorizo, and chicken hearts! Not for the faint heart, but I love the chicken hearts! Tiny, succulent, tender and dipped in chimichurri sauce, it was oh so yummy!

A wide range of meats were on offer, eye fillet, sirloin, rump cap, scotch fillet and cooked ham. Yes, I had one of each! The meats were seasoned with salt only and eaten with chimichurri sauce, vinaigrette and farofa were wonderful. Most of the meat were medium rare, juicy and magnificently luscious. I really enjoyed the eye fillet and scotch fillet best.

However, my favourite was definitely the pork belly (surprise surprise!). Deliciously succulent and crispy on the outside, it seriously was wonderful!

And the bbq pineapple for dessert, which was sprinkled with cinnamon and then charcoaled until smoky. It was sweet, wonderful and no one could stop at just one.

B wanted dessert, bbq bananas ($9.50), which was served with ice cream and baileys and butterscotch sauce. It was a generous serving of dessert. The tender bananas with its skin were bbq’ed and the butterscotch sauce was heavenly! I couldn’t help but scrape all the bailey and butterscotch sauce – YUM!

The service is polite and friendly. The bar menu offers some delicious drinks with Brazilian twists on the classics. The boys couldn’t help but order a couple of glasses of Brazilian Mojitos.

The food at Churrasco were beautiful cooked. I was a little disappointed that not all the meat were on skewers though and the variety I thought weren’t as astounding as in Braza Churrascaria. It was definitely a fun way to eat, however, it is not great for vegetarians though. So many meat options and not enough vegetables. Be prepared to stuff yourself silly, I certainly did! Thank goodness I wore my fat pants; otherwise I don’t think I could have eaten as much as I did!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10


60 – 70 William Street

Woolloomooloo 2010

Ph: +61 2 9360 6070

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