Eateries in Hong Kong

I have been asked by friends and family about places to eat in Hong Kong. I am no expert in eating in Hong Kong, I was only there for eleven or so months but it was an INCREDIBLE and ate more than my stomach could handle. Below is a list of my favourite place to eat, places I would like to try, and will update if and when I return / holiday to Hong Kong.

If you need more information also, please don’t hesitate to email me or go to openrice for more details. I am sure there are others, and happy to add the suggested list to it.

Chinese – Peking Duck:

Shatin 18: Peking Duck served in 3 ways! Not only their Peking Duck, but also their steamed crab with pork and egg and their noodles. Bit out of the way, but well worth it.

Ye Shanghai: Peking Duck was fantastic, also their dumplings and other dishes.

Peking Garden: Had a wonderful meal here with family. Great peking duck

Spring Deer: good old school Chinese restaurant. Peking Duck is good but thought pancake was a little too thick. Other dishes were good also.

Chinese – hot pot:

Little Sheep: all you can eat beef – who can say no to that?

Ming Kee: Lamb stewed hot pot, however, they do have seafood, which are sensational. Love the fact that you get to eat on the streets.

Roast Pot: loved the different types of beef.

Chinese – Noodles and Dumplings

Nam Kee: cheap and nasty noodles, the pork brisket noodles with spring rolls is their specialty.

Sam Tor: delicious, juicy, moist dumplings.

Maks: not the one on Wellington Street, in Sheung wan – again I can’t believe I didn’t do a post on this!

Chinese – Sichuan

Yellow Door Kitchen: Private kitchen. ‘The Mother’ really liked this place, think this was his favourite.

Da Ping Hou: private kitchen, extremely spicy food. Be prepared for some tears, and sweat dripping down your forehead. The chef’s wife will come out and sing.

Chinese – Dim Sum

Man Wah: fancy dim sum but it is delectably fantastic, on the top floor of the mandarin Oriental, it is an ‘experience’. Fluffiest, bbq pork  bun and biggest har gao. Well worth it.

Tim Ho Wan: cheapest dim sum in the world. Be prepared to wait for a very very long time!

Jasmine Place: Best deep fried beef brisket and char siu (bbq pork). The other dishes are very delicate and consistently good.

Metropol: I didn’t do a review on this, think its one of the few places in Hong Kong that has trolleys.

Manor: really enjoyed my meal here. Especially the suckling pig.

Maxim’s city hall: great dim sum place. Come early to avoid long queues.

Other Chinese

Asian Family: Singaporean-Malaysian, the hainan chicken rice looks great!

Ball Kee: Dai Pai Dong – cheap and cheerful! post to come!

Bowrington Street: food hall above wet market, had a very yummy frog legs dish here. Definitely keen to come back to try other dishes.

Celebrity Cuisine: in hotel Lan Kwai Fong on Kau U Fong Street – supposed to be very good Chinese restaurant.

Crystal Jade: another favourite of ‘The Mother’s’. Very consistent and love the variety as they don’t just serve dumplings.

Din Tai Fung: a chain, but it is SO much cheaper in Hong Kong than in Sydney. ‘The Mother’s favourite dumpling place.

Fu Sing Shark Fin: must visit on next trip!

Gi Kee Seafood: another seafood restaurant above the wet market, great fun way to eat.

Hakka Ye Ye: I only went here fonce but LOVED the braised pork with preserved vegetables.

Hang Zhou Restaurant: Loved the food here. The braised pork with man to is excellent and the fish head soup deliciously spicy.

Hunan Garden: another Chinese Restaurant, not too shabby.

Kimberley Chinese Restaurant: have heard wonderful things about the piggy here.

Lang Fong Yuen: one of my favourite quick and ‘dirty’ Chinese foods. Love the noodles here, not to mention the milk tea.

Lei’s Garden: had yumcha in one of the branches (Elements) and it wasn’t too bad. Dinner is supposed to be good.

Kin’s Kitchen: hearty and old school food. Loved the sweet and sour pork.

Maxim’s Place City Hall: great dim sum, however, great dinner and I love the winter melon soup.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant: came here with clients, very good chiu chow food I thought.

Sheung Hing Chiu Chow Restaurant: my first Chiu Chow food experience, love the braised goose with tofu and the Chinese pancake.

The Chairman: had a business lunch here a couple of times and enjoyed.

Tim’s Kitchen: Love this restaurant – the crab claw with winter melon was excellent. Also enjoyed the goose and garouppa fish.

Tung Po Kitchen: A great fun way to eat, wet market – great and cheap seafood.

Tsui Wah: ghetto food, love how its open quite late and I love the milk tea here.

Under bridge spicy crab: specialties are crab – all sorts of different types at reasonable prices.

Yung Kee: some people think the goose is over rated, but I have had wonderful goose here.


Mc Sorleys: a pub. I had one of the nicest burgers here, however, it is a bit of a miss as friends had pretty crappy burger here too.

Big Bite: a tower of mouth watering goodness. BEST burger in Hong Kong when I was there.


Australian Diary Company: LOVE the scrambled eggs with corned beef.

Bo-lo’GNE: fluffiest and richest bread. I love the pork cutlet sandwich.

Green Waffle Diner: where else can you get chicken wings and waffles? Love the chicken wings, and the waffles!

Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant: visited many times for breakfast. The eggs aren’t as fluffy as those from Australian Dairy Company but considering it is in Central and CWB, it is easier to get too.

Tsui Wah: love the milk tea and the bread with condense milk. YUM!


18 Grams: the owners are from Australia and they do proper Flat Whites

Coffee Assembly: one of my favourite cafes in Hong Kong. Very homely, friendly and owner makes wonderful coffee and desserts.

Fuel Espresso: at IFC, one of the bette coffe places in Central, except for Coffee Assembly.


Auntie Sweets: my favourite in Hong Kong. I love the durian desserts.

Honeymoon Desserts: ‘The Mother’s’ favourtie – he loves the mango, sago dessert.

Holly Brown: loves the ice cream and coffee is not too shabby.

Lucky Dessert: another lovely dessert place for durian and sago or mango and sago.

Riquiqui: 3 courses of desserts, I love the concept that it is a dessert bar.

Sift Bakery: has one of the nicest red velvet cupcakes.

Tai Cheong Bakery: BEST EGG TARTS in Hong Kong!

Tin Hau Dessert: great for durian and mango dessert, but Auntie Sweets is still the best.

Yuen Kee: in Western District. NO English menu from memory. Signature dish is Taxillus Chinensis Herbal Tea with Lotus Seeds and Egg. It was GOOD!


Amber: another wonderful business lunch here. Great food, great atmosphere, great for anniversaries.

Caprice: came for a work dinner – one of my favourite French restaurant in Hong Kong – definitely keen to go back.. with camera this time!

Gingko House: run by group of senior citizen. Not fine dining, but it does serve good French / Italian food.

L’atelier, Joel Robuchon: the suckling pig was excellent and not to mention the dessert trolley.

Pierre: on my list to go!

Spoon by Alain Duccase: ok I thought. Caprice definitely better in my humble opinion.

High Tea

Four Seasons: ‘The Mother’ loved the high tea here, but he has superior sweet tooth and it was that, superior sweet!

Le Salon de The de Joel Robuchon: loved the high tea here, it’s very small portion but delish. Unfortunately, the scones weren’t the best. The desserts are AMAZING!

Peninsula Hotel: great location and venue. Ambience wonderful, unfortunately the high tea did not live up to its standards.


Padang Restaurant: love the snacks that are sold here. However, chicken noodles (bakmi ayam) is supposed to be very good here.

Warung Malang: one of the better Indonesian restaurants. I love the bakso, ketoprak and fried snacks including jagung goreng (corn fritters).


ABC Kitchen: loved the suckling pig, soft shell crab, pasta. The banana banofee pie was definitely my favourite.

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo: pricey but I do like their pasta. It’s a bit of a hit and miss but my last meal there was memorable and wonderful.

Linguini Fini: haven’t been yet. Have heard mix reviews, but the pasta is supposed to be good.

Posto Pubblico: had brunch here, and it wasn’t too bad. The roast pork with pesto was delicious.


Agehan: place is continuously busy, mainly with people in suits, so make sure you make a reservation. I do enjoy their pork katsu don here.

Bicho: yakitori, very tasty. The sashimi are cut in chunks and are satisfying.

Butagumi Tonkatsu: LOVE the tonkatsu here – crispy and succulent!

Iroha: great Japanese food, the eel here is also very good.

Kiku: a little fancy Japanese. Good for business lunches.

Mist: high end ramen.

Nobu: ‘The Mother’s’ favourite Japanese restaurant, he fell in love with it when we first tried it in New York. Love the Tuna Tataki Sashimi salad with matsuhisa dressing and black miso cod.

Sushi Kuu: i LOVE the unagi here – rich and full of flavour, and the rice fantastic.

Sushi Sase: ‘high end’ Japanese – still haven’t been. Hopefully soon.

Sushi U: good Japanese food. Love the unagi here.

The Mon: I love how the tamagoyaki comes in a slab! The sashimi and crab croquette is also wonderful but it’s the slab of tamagoyaki that makes me want to come back.

Yardbird: neck-to-feet chicken yakitori amongst other things. Thought it lacked sustenance. Understand the ‘hype’ but didn’t really love it.

Zuma: their Sunday all you can eat buffet is the best. Dinner is good, similar to Nobu but the Sunday lunch – EPIC.

Japanese – Ramen

Butao Ramen: friends have queued at 1 hour plus to eat at this little ramen place. Have heard mix reviews.

Hakata Ippudo: another ramen place in CWB. Haven’t been but again have heard mix reviews.

Sapporo: I quite like the ramen here, their eel is pretty good too.

Yachiyo: supposedly good ramen place in Sheung wan.

Molecular Gastronomy

Bo Innovation: very different, and can be a bit of a hit and miss. Loved the molecular xiao long bao though – it just exploded with flavours.


Habibi Restaurant: Egyptian food – not too bad. Set lunches are reasonably priced.

Heirloom:  a mix of Mexican, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese – the taco’s are quite tasty.


Bistecca: best steak in Hong Kong (IMO) – loved the burger and not to mention the salad and dessert buffet at lunch time.

BLT Steak: steak is not bad but the popovers – AWESOME!

Lardos Steak House: haven’t been yet but supposed to be very good. In Tseung Kwan O.


Nha Trang: thought this was one of the better Vietnamese restaurants. They don’t do pho well but loved the pomelo salad and prawn skewers.


Applegreen: good brunch venue. Great salads and other Western food. A couple of branches, CWB, TST and Mongkok.

Lily and Bloom: not so new now, didn’t get a chance to try this on my last visit to Hong Kong but have had many friends.

Limehouse: British fare

Bubba Gump: this place really requires no introduction, if you love Forest Gump come visit the restaurant. Great for kids also.

Cafe Landmark: loved the lobster pasta

Frites: Belgium restaurant, serves Belgium beer. I love their mussels and fries.

H One: a little expensive for what it is but did enjoy the slow cooked wild salmon, chopped organic egg, watercress and herring caviar.

Jimmy’s Kitchen: have been around for a while, very old fashion, seems like an old men club but they have great lunch specials and on Tuesdays suckling roast pork with apple puree.

Liberty Exchange: have been here a couple of times now, mostly for business lunch and have been consistently good. I do enjoy the burger and not to mention the watermelon salad.

Sevva: great for drinks and view of Hong Kong. Bar food ok, expensive.

TBLS: have heard raving reviews about this place, will visit when I go back to Hong Kong, hopefully soon!

Tai Ping Koon: their souffle is supposed to be outstanding, unfortunately I didn’t get to try it. Its your typical Chinese Western food.

The Mirror: have heard a couple of things about this place.

The Press Room: great British fare.

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