Eateries in Australia (ex Syd)

Places out of Sydney that I would like to go or worth going too! I have a list of places I want to eat here and there, so thought I would combine it and hopefully won’t forget. It’s a working in progress list.



Gingerboy: really enjoyed this place. Mix of Thai and Modern Australian, can’t wait to go back.

Golden Fields: not really ‘Asian’ – pseudo Asian. Have seen quite a few reviews and looks good!

Breakfast / Cafe:

Birdman Eating: really enjoyed my pulled pork with roasted pineapple sorbet. Post to come.

Cafe Vue: loved the duck egg, bacon and hollandaise jaffle. Coffee was good but pity it was lukewarm.

Cumulus Inc: also open for dinner, went for breakfast. Their baked eggs are excellent, and so is the pain d’epices with whipped maple butter and candied walnuts. Excellent coffee and wonderful ambiance.

Earl Canteen: lunch venue, the famous crisp skin otway pork belly, apple, cabbage and fennel coleslaw, wilted silverbeet, baguette is beyond excellent!

Eat Drink Man woman

Lorca: excellent coffee, the apple strudel excellent, eggs nice but wasn’t as creamy as I had hoped.

LuxeBite: love their bakery and macaroons.

St Ali: loved the corn fritters here. The guys are very serious about their coffee and it was GOOD!

The Hardware Societe: on my list to go, have heard wonderful things about this place.


Crystal Jade: not to be confused with the Crystal Jade in Asia. Good yumcha.

Flower Drum: serves Cantonese food, excellent, high end Chinese restaurant.

Lau’s Kitchen: a friend runs / owns this restaurant – definitely keen to go.


Coda: on my list to go!


Bistro Vue: sister restaurant of Vue de Monde.  A little more casual and not too bad.

Circa, The Prince: was one of my favourite places to dine. It has been a while since my last visit, about 2 – 3 years now.

Embrasse: can’t wait to go back! Went pre blog days and loved it.


Helenic Republic: Greek fare, have heard mix reviews though.

The Press Club: George Calombaris restaurant. Nice but didn’t blow me away unfortunately.


Satay bar: just serves satay only – an interesting concept!


Vue de Monde: had the degustation, marathon dinner that lasted for 4 – 5 hours.


Café Di Stasio

Grossi Florentino: opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have had many business lunches here, and love it! Great Italian fare.


Yu U: have heard wonderful things about this place! Some says the soba is better than Ju Ge Mu & Shimbashi’s.

Modern Australian:

Attica: have heard wonderful things about this place – can’t wait to try it.

Becco: another popular business lunch venue. Must visit again for dinner without clients!

Cutler and Co: AMAZING food! Each course was consistently good from entree to dessert. It was one of the best meals of 2011.

Ezard: been around for a while now, service and food excellent.

Huxtable: have heard wonderful things about this place – can’t wait to try it!

Jacques Reymond: went pre-blog days, amazingly good food! Must visit again soon.

Rockpool bar and grill: I do prefer the Melbourne venue than the Sydney, but since it opened in Sydney, I have not gone to the Melbourne one.


Momo: have heard wonderful things, another must visit!


Mamasita: another tapas place, on my list for next time.

Movida: great tapas, unfortunately couldn’t get a booking last time we were in Melbourne. Definitely on the list of places to go!

Movida Aqui: couldn’t get into Movida, so tried Aqui – loved it! Bomba was awesome!

Naked for Satan: tapas.


Chin Chin: haven’t been yet but most talked about restaurant!

Out of Melbourne City

Great Ocean Road Restaurant and Deli: one of the better restaurants along that strip.


Considering I have been traveling to  Canberra, thought I would ‘dedicate’ a page to it. It’s a list of places I have been and a list of places I would like to go so I won’t forget. If you have any suggestions on where I should go, please let me know.


Milk and Honey: opens all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Casual dining, food not too shabby.

Silo Bakery: one of the best bakeries in Canberra. Must visit soon.


The Chairman Yip: where East meet West.

The Scholar:

Portia’s Place: high market Asian restaurant.


Aubergine: two courses for $60 or three courses for $70. Wonderful meal, the confit ocean trout is excellent. So is the mustard pork loin, black pudding, pork croquette, braised fennel and crackle!

Sage Restaurant: a HIDDEN GEM! Two courses for $55 or three courses for $65. The 12 hour braised wagyu 9+ brisket is a hearty meal and wonderful!


Dieci e Mezzo: James Kidman ex Otto is the chef behind this place.

Italian and Sons: excellent Italian fare and the tira mi su is TO DIE FOR! The best I have had.


Baan Latsamy: have heard wonderful things about this place. Can’t wait to try.


Abell’s Kopi Tiam: serves Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian food.

Lanterne Room: team behind the Chairman Yip, loved the baked pumpkin with garam masala emulsion and chocolate and coconut panna cotta served with pandan pearls.

Sammy Kitchen: have heard wonderful things about this place.


Ottoman Cuisine: Turkish food.

Modern Australian

Courgette: one hatter, delicious food.

Pulp Kitchen: stand out dessert was the white chocolate panna cotta with strawberries romanoff, Chef Christian Hauberg used to work with Dietmar Sawyere at Forty One Restaurant in Sydney.

Rubicon: have heard wonderful things about this place!

The Artisan Restaurant: have heard wonderful things about this restaurant.

Watersedge: similar to Courgette, owned by the same group of people.


Griffith Vietnamese Restaurant: quite authentic I have heard. Will definitely check it out.

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