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Marie Antoinette’s high tea at Westin, Sydney

I was organising my sis-in-law to be, O, hen’s day. She wanted something ‘girlie’ to do, and what better way than to have high tea? 7 of her closest friends, including myself, talking, eating, drinking tea like true ladies!

I haven’t been to the high tea at the Westin, but have heard many good things about it. As part of the SIFF event special, the high tea includes unlimited tea with a glass of rose wine from brown brothers for $45. However, if you have missed the SIFF event, don’t fear, they still do have high tea on weekends, however, prices are slightly different. There are three options, the tea / coffee option ($44), sparking rose ($51) and for the indulgent, Moet & Chandon champagne option ($61).

As we sat down, we noticed there were masks, for each and everyone one of us; it was part of their theme. We sat there, swapping masks to match the colour of our outfits and took photos – of course we didn’t eat with our masks on, I would have been happy too if everyone else did. However, no one wanted too!

Our brown brothers rose wine – delicious! I could have easily had another glass – it just went down smoothly!

The moment we have been waiting for, three tiers of towering goodness.

The bottom tier, savoury, from left to right: starting with avocado and shrimp tartar, blt and deviled egg finger sandwich, kiwi and orange croissant with mascarpone and finally, slow cooked roast beef with crème cheese stuffed with baby belle peppers.

The slow cooked roast beef with crème cheese stuffed with baby belle peppers were delightful! It was a shame the bread was a little hard.

The kiwi and orange croissant with mascarpone was not savoury I thought, but it was delicious. I loved the flavours of kiwi and orange together.

The avocado and shrimp tartar were too cute to eat, however, it was good but nothing to rave about.

I loved the blt and deviled finger sandwich which was served in a heart shaped bread – adorable!

As soon as we have finished the bottom layer, they brought out the scones as they are served warm. There were two types, plain and sultana – both awesome!

I love good scones, fluffy, and moist and they were just that! Mini warm scones with good cream and jam are just divine!

Second tier, starting from the left, lemon curd meringue tart, macaroons with fresh blue berries and beetroot cherry cup cakes.

The lemon curd meringue tart was incredibly rich. It was way too overpowering, sweet and tangy! I wasn’t a huge fan. I did like how a Marie Antoinette portrait was printed and placed on each tart. I thought that was quite clever and adorable!

The beetroot cherry cup cakes did not taste like beetroot and cherry, however, they were probably my favourite. They were seriously cute, and as unladylike as this is, I managed to ‘pop’ one in my mouth! Classy I know. It was light, fluffy and moist.

I am not a huge fan of macaroons but had a bite of this, it really didn’t do anything for me. The other girls, including my sis-in-law loved it!

Last but not least, the top tier, chocolate cream with exotic fruit caramel and candied walnuts. It had a passionfruit flavour, although I am certain there was banana in it also. The chocolate cream was quite runny, it was a tad sweet for my liking, however, underneath it all lays walnuts. Don’t think most of the girls liked this, it was definitely too sweet for all of us!

Aside from the from the food, there is unlimited tea, I lost count how many teas I had, but definitely the green tea, the white tea and lychee tea.

The high tea was served in the Westin Lobby bar and lounge, opposite the reception. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, chatting, giggling, and gossiping. It really had that ‘relax’ atmosphere. A common topic of food, shopping, jewelery, and tv shows will always bond a group of girls together, regardless whether or not they have met before.

Welcome to the family sis-in-law to be! Looking forward to the wedding – it will be a great day!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Westin The Lobby Bar and Lounge

1 Martin Place,

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 8223 1111

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SIFF: Let’s do brunch @ Café ish

This place really requires no introduction. It is one of my favourite cafés in Surry Hills and whenever anyone suggests it, I can’t say no! Josh is fantastic chef, and the food, sensational. I introduced my brother, F, to café ish and it is now one of his favourite brunch spots.

It’s that time of year again, October, which means its Sydney International Food Festival ‘SIFF’, 31 days of different food experiences ranging from brunches, lunches and dinners, night noodle markets, sugar hits, tours, show cases and many more. The program is out and the link is here for those who have yet to see it.

I was meeting F for brunch and he wanted to go to café ish, he was craving for their dish ‘little ish’. I opted for the ‘bush brekkie’ which consists of breakfast triffle with ‘’lush yogurt”, native berry compote and house-made muesli; kara-age soft shell crab omelette, garlic, chili, soy ginger dressing, avocado, shallot and lemon myrtle and their signature coffee – wattle macca-cino.

F and I started with the chalk hill sparking and fresh orange juice with rosella frower. ONE word: DELICIOUS. It was a tad early for champagne but hey, it was Saturday and who can say no to a breakfast ‘juice’.

The signature wattle macca-cino, wonderful. I can’t believe I have been to café ish half a dozen times and have not had this before! Where have I been? The wattle macca-cino was a little sweet for my liking, it was similar to that of a mocha, however, they didn’t use chocolate or cacao but it was the combination of wattle and macadamia which gave it that chocolatey, nutty flavour.

The breakfast triffle was a great start. It was light and the combination of the muesli, yogurt and native berry compote, appetizing.

The soft shell crab omelette  – SENSATIONAL! It was even better than I remembered. Omelette with soft shell crabs, avocado, served with garlic, chili, soy and ginger sauce – it was a plate of delicious mouthwatering goodness.

F, had the little ish: egg, tomatoes, bacon, shallots with bacon and roasted tomatoes. We sat near the kitchen, and as Josh was making this, he yelled out and asked if we wanted emu with it, HELL YES! I’ve eaten emu when I was younger, in a pie – emu pie in Perth. The emu gave it a nice touch and a salty flavour to the scrambled eggs. It was fantastic.

Café ish’s bush brekkie is only available on weekends during the food festival and its $25 per person. The breakfast ‘juice’ is an extra $8. You won’t be disappointed; the soft shell crab omelette is to die for.

GA’s ratings: 9 / 10

Café ish

83 Campbell Street

Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Ph: +852 9281 1312