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Allpress, Rosebery, Sydney

My brother, F, loves Allpress coffee! There is a café near his work place that uses Allpress beans so when he found out there was a café in Rosebery, he had to go and visit. He has been many times now, but this was a first for me.

The Allpress Espresso in Rosebery is not only a coffee roaster but a café also. The café was busy when we rocked up at 11am but thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long, five minutes and we were seated! Very spacious, offers diners breakfast options or ready-made sandwiches or pastries.

F started with mocha, it was very good and had the right consistency of coffee and chocolate.

I’m still off coffee, the smell doesn’t make me gag anymore but I don’t have the desire to drink it. It’s a real shame, as you all know how much I love my coffee. So opt for the raspberry soda.

I couldn’t go past the breakfast mixed plate – avocado, tomato, boiled egg, and provolone cheese with toast. Everything was fresh and tasty and I sure do like the idea of making my own breakfast! Aren’t you proud I didn’t order the pork belly sandwich?

F couldn’t go past the veal sandwich which was toasted, it looked absolutely fantastic!

O had the jamon with egg, and it was GOOD!!!!

We couldn’t help but get some chocolate croissants, slightly toasted, it was warm and oozed with chocolate – just the way we like it!

It can get rather rowdy here, but very friendly service. Food and coffee came out relatively quickly. It is very child friendly, I saw lots of mothers with friends and their babies and prams.

Definitely a great café, and no doubt we will be back for some scrumptious food and good coffee!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Allpress Espresso

58 Epsom Road

Sydney NSW 2017

Ph: +61 2 9662 8288

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Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Uncle sent me a link last week, saying ‘we should go here!’ He found a tweet from Pat Nourse, who mentioned a new opening on the weekend just down the road from where he lived. A warehouse-y café / dining place and found the video which he sent to me.

Unfortunately Uncle didn’t wait for me, his excuse was that he got up at 5am because Boo (his adorable son) was up and they were hungry by 8am, so they headed to Kitchen by Mike. Here’s what he had to say about the place “so bright and early on a Sunday morning, the 3 of us roll down the main road and find ourselves at 85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery! These days, the places we eat at are always with the consideration of whether it will accommodate Boo’s bug. Thankfully, the clever people at this place have thought that through – they had a ramp! Perfect. We later find a more direct entry point on the side! Joy!

First impressions on entry! My word! So spacious, great light, so airy. So pretty! Lala wanders straight to the area where small goods are for sale. At 8am, we had the choice of seats. Like Goldilocks searching for the best bed, we were somewhat spoilt with choice. I wanted good light and a view of the pass.

Fast forward to the food. The concept is simple. Specials are written on the ‘board’. And the day’s offering is presented on a concrete pass. Very cool. You tell the person what you want and food is prepared and brought out.

So, the humans with teeth (sorry, Boo) order the day’s brekkie special: sourdough pancakes with lemon curd

a bacon butt (Iggy’s bread roll with bacon),

house baked bread with butter and jam

and of course coffee. Soy lovers: at Mike’s place, they serve Bonsoy. Oh yeah!

I received an SMS from Uncle, apologising that he couldn’t wait and after looking at his photos on Istragram, I knew I had to check it out. So that same day at lunch, I dragged ‘The Mother’ to Roseberry for a drive and some yummy food.

First reaction was exactly the same as Uncle’s. It was SOOOOOOO spacious and so bright and I loved the warehouse feel, ‘Very New York’ says ‘The Mother’.

There were no menu insight, on the long counter, food was placed before us. The lady at the counter said, you pick whatever you want and then pay at the register. ‘The Mother’ said ‘oh it’s like subway’ – you really can’t take him anyway! Embarrassed, I walked away and found a chair whilst I admire the open space.

Different types of salads are available at $3.50 a scoop and it’s a ‘decent’ scoop, and choice of sandwiches, pizza and they had a lamb roast of the day. Menu changes daily, it’s whatever the chef feels like cooking and everything, I mean EVERYTHING is FRESH!

I couldn’t resist the pork belly sandwich with mango chutney. Fresh bread, delicious tender pork and the mango chutney really gave it a nice touch! I asked ‘the mother’ if he wanted a bite, his reply ‘I wouldn’t get in the way of you and pork belly’ – if that’s not true love I don’t know what is! So I sat there, happily eating my pork belly sandwich!

‘The Mother’ wasn’t overly too hungry, so he ordered some salad – a scoop of the couscous with squash salad and rocket, pear and walnut salad. The ingredients were incredibly fresh, and it was tasty.

I couldn’t go past dessert, plum tart, the pastry was light, crunchy which gave it a nice crunch and the plum sour and sweet at the same time! It was definitely one of the nicest tarts I have had.

The pizzas looked fantastic too but I was way too full and couldn’t fit anything else. Definitely an excuse to come back and try their other dishes.

The man behind Kitchen by Mike is Mike McEnarney, formerly head chef at Rockpool and more recently, Mike’s Table, a pop-up dinner. The head chef at Kitchen by Mike is Jeffrey De Rome, who is also ex-Rockpool.

George who is manager and previously worked at Neil Perry’s restaurant had a chat with Uncle. He explains that it’s all about the freshness and trying to minimize the impact of landfills. Bottles are recycled, straws are made of paper. There’s also a full time horticulturalist – whose task is to ensure seedlings grown on an internal vertical garden are transplanted outdoors when ready! He was also told of bees that will live onsite to help with cultivating the citrus produce.

Koskela is also on the same premises, like Uncle and Lala, ‘The Mother’ and I had a stroll around, and loved all the home furnishing, hand crafts and books! Definitely worth checking out.

The kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. There are plans to open for dinner every couple of nights each month in keeping with Mike’s pop-up dinners.

Definitely worth a visit, I really do like the open space, the ambiance, the food and of course the passion and the concept. Not to mention the location! Very spacious and ‘The Mother’ who isn’t usually too fussed about food is coming back here again on the weekend with his mates!

Like Uncle, I really couldn’t wait to check out this place – it’s definitely been a while since we were both excited about something! Food wise that is!

PS: photos unmarked is of course by my favourite Uncle! Thanks Uncle!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Kitchen by Mike

85 Dunning Avenue

Rosebery 2018

Ph: +61 2 9045 0910

Twitter: Kitchenbymike

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