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Moon Park, Redfern, Sydney

Sorry for the lack of post. As most of you know, we have been traveling, Helsinki and Prague – we ate really well and will post them in the up coming weeks. My trip to Sydney was short but sweet. Caught up with a few people and ate at some new restaurants. I was catching up with the lovely M, and she suggested Moon Park.


Moon Park is a newish Korean Restaurant opened in Redfern – the suburb has a lot of new restaurants lately! The chefs behind Moon Park is ex Claude’s chefs Ben Sears and Eun Hee An. The menu is broken into little and large dishes which are meant for sharing. There is also a four-course tasting menu but we both opt for a la carte. We started with these light crackers, which was deliciously light and melted in your mouth. It really was hard not to eat all of it on your own.


We didn’t have any anju (little dishes) and went straight to the plates. Started with whipped tofu, carrot, shiitake and buckwheat (AUD15). Not what I expected (but then again I wasn’t sure what to expect) – the row of carrots, topped with shiitake crisps which were on top of creamy whipped tofu. It was refreshingly light and absolutely delicious.


Next the imjasutang – royal summer chicken, pine nut, mushroom, date and pickled rose. (AUD17) I was told that imjasutang is usually a soup, however, this dish was soup free – the chicken was at room temperature, and the date really gave the dish that extra sweetness. I never had chicken and date combo before and I have to say, it worked well. This was another light and refreshing dish, perfect for that hot weather.


I’m still undecided about tarakjuk – braised oxtail, tendon, kkaenip kimchi and king’s congee (AUD18) The congee was in puree form but not that watery. I loved the braised oxtail and tendon, just not quite sure about the congee.


Last but not least for the mains, on a roll, bulgogi beef, kimchi and pickled onion (AUD15). We had the kimchi on the side as it has shrimp in it. I have to admit, this was pretty damn tasty. I love bulgogi beef, and it was tender. The pickled onion was a wonderful complement and who doesn’t like fries?


For dessert, we opt for patbingsu, soy flour donuts, strawberry, fig leaf shaved milk, red bean and omija (AUD13). Not too sweet and the donuts – delicious.


We wanted to order the shrimp brined fried chicken, soy and syrup, unfortunately, due to my seafood (well Dragon’s) allergy we couldn’t order this. Pity, as it looked excellent and I am pretty sure every table ordered one!

Service was friendly and polite. Food not your typical Korean food but still very good. I found out later on that my cousin is a part owner, unfortunately he wasn’t working the night we went. Congrats cousin – restaurant is pretty awesome and tasty. Will definitely be keen to try their other dishes and the little dishes also.

It’s always lovely catching up with friends, I have missed you dear friend! Looking forward to our girls trip next year!!!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Moon Park

34 Redfern Street, Level 1, 34b

Redfern, 2016

Ph: +61 2 9690 0111

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Three Williams, Redfern, Sydney

Hello from Prague! Sorry for the lack of post. We are on a family holiday in Helsinki and Prague. I have never been to either countries so am very excited to be here! ‘The Mother’ went on a boys trip – the trip of their life – dog sledding and absolutely loved it! Hopefully he will be a guest post and he can share with you all about his trip and adventures.

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Anyway, more on Helsinki and Prague later on. On my recent trip to Sydney, I was catching up with my favourite uncle, thesuzchef, M and ramenraff and thesuzchef suggested Three Williams and what an awesome suggestion it was! There has been a lot of vibe about this place and believe it! I love this cafe, the space!!! the food and of course the kids corner where kids can draw and play.


The menu is pretty awesome too, I couldn’t go past the Narnie – a sandwich  made from naan bread and opt for the beef brisket. The beef was outstanding, melt in your mouth tender and full of flavour. Even Dragon couldn’t help but have some – actually i am pretty sure she had one large slab! The slaw was a wonderful complement – it definitely wouldn’t have minded another.


Ramenraff and uncle couldn’t go past the bacon and egg roll – look at that egg!!!!


Thesuzchef and E had the french toast with nuts, blueberry and yogurt. This looked fantastic and my diners companions said it was superb. Unfortunately i couldn’t try any as there were LOTS OF NUTS!


M had the avocado with beans on toast with a slab of hash brown! I had some of the avocado and it was fresh, creamy and oh so wonderful.


There’s so much love about this place and i can see why! I fell in love with this cafe also. The chips – which we ordered first and did not take a picture off was outstanding! Crispy and moist and it was so hard to stop at one.

We also had some soda water, pineapple juice and mint and my goodness it was refreshing and delicious – definitely perfect for summer! Service was friendly and polite and did i mention how much I love the space?!?!?!?

Thanks for organizing S, have really missed you guys!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Three Williams

613a Elizabeth St

Redfern, 2016

Ph: +61 2 9698 1111

Three Williams on Urbanspoon

Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

I really enjoyed my first visit to Kepos. Even though my zucchini fritters were on the salty side, I still really enjoyed it and have wanted to come back to try more of their menu.

It was a Sunday and we went after the lunch time rush, at 2pm and even then, we waited for a good 30 minutes before seated. Any longer, I would have walked away but I am glad that I did wait a bit longer as the food was absolutely fantastic!

The apple and cherry cooler strawberry rosewater fizz was absolutely refreshing.


So was the pomegranate virgin mojito – I have to say, it is my favourite drink here.


I couldn’t go past the falafel, hummus, tabouleh, mint, schiacciata bread ($16) – oh my, exceptionally tasty! The falafel were deep fried, very herby and crisp on the outside and deliciously moist inside. The tabouleh was a wonderful complement that I wanted more.


My brother really enjoyed the steak sandwich, caramelised onion jam, wilted spinach, aioli, and roasted tomatoes ($19). He said that the steak was tender and cooked to perfection.


The wagyu beef burger, pickled eggplant, walnuts, watercress, harissa ($18) was also wonderful. Tender wagyu beef, the pickled eggplant was a wonderful complement.


Once we ordered, food came out relatively quickly! It is the waiting for a table that took a while. We also got some desserts to take away, the brownies were deliciously chocolate-y and moist.

Hoping to come back one more time before we head back to try their other dishes, but the falafel were pretty darn tasty that I actually want some more!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Kepos Street Kitchen

96 Kepos Street

Redfern 2016

Ph: +61 2 9319 3919

Kepos Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

I was sad when I learnt that Josh, owner of Cafe Ish was closing his café in Surry Hills. Thankfully, he wasn’t leaving the industry, he was just relocating. He wanted to do something simpler, no dinners and a lot more ‘fun’ and this is what he has done with the Milk Bar by Café Ish.

The Milk Bar by Café Ish can be found on the busy street of Regents Street in Redfern, on the other side of Redfern Station. I first thought that the café was a lot bigger than his previous Surry Hills café, but was informed that it was the same size, only one level. It’s a lot more spacious, open kitchen, there is an arcade game which I didn’t get to play but will definitely give it a wizz next time I am there.

and there is also a pretty cool juke box!

The menu is a lot simpler – thank goodness the soft shell crab omelette is still on the menu! I would be devastated if he took it off! There are three different types of burgers – cheeseburger simple one is only $5 but can be double or triple sized! Then there is the bacon cheeseburger which again can be double or triple sized and the Hawaiian burger or you can make your own burger. There are also chicken wings, and breakfast dishes such as bacon and egg roll, bake eggs, porridge and salads.

I couldn’t go past Ai’s freaking awesome chicken wings ($13) basket of free range fried chicken wings with a choice of vinegar and shallots sauce, hot sauce or crab sauce. The chicken wings were definitely freaking awesome – crispy and deliciously moist on the inside and the hot sauce – frigging hot! I was told that the crab sauce was to die for! Will definitely have to try that next time.

S had the cheeseburger ($5) – beef pattie, cheese, pickles, ketchup, grilled onions. I didn’t have any of this but was told that it was more than just ‘good’. It was simple but delicious. Size was also perfect – no messing about, it was a good simple cheeseburger!

We also ordered some fries to share which was served with tomato sauce or mayo ($4)

House salads – choice of three – classic, Japanese, Italian (all for $5) and we opt for the Italian – rocket, tomato, balsamic and parmesan. I couldn’t just eat the chicken wings without salad – it felt wrong!

R was there also, and he ordered the chocolate milkshake – it was thick and deliciously chocolate-y (yes, I couldn’t help but have a sip). I personally wouldn’t be able to finish it all and was very impressed that he finished it after demolishing a cheeseburger and chicken wings – yes he ate both!

Just opened on Thursday, this place is giving McDonalds a run for its money in terms of burgers and I can see this place being extremely popular! If you do visit this weekend, be gentle / patient – the first weekend is always the hardest! Josh is definitely great and imaginative with his food, and if you have to wait, the food is definitely worth waiting for! No doubt we will be returning and I will definitely be having the freaking awesome chicken wings again this time with crab sauce and perhaps a cheeseburger too!

There are also cakes and lollies available for purchase, the coffee is good and there are three different types of milkshake – chocolate, from memory raspberry and miso caramel which sounds interesting!

Surry Hills may have lost Café Ish but Redfern has definitely gained a wonderful Milk Bar!

16th July – Came back again on the weekend as I was craving the awesome chicken wings!

This time though, I had it with the crab sauce, which is the same as the sauce on the soft shell crab omelette and oh my… it was absolutely delicious! Loved it that we had to get TWO serving! Ok there were three of us, my brother and sis-in-law and we can ALL EAT!

Also got a side of Japanese salad – pickled daikon, carrot, cabbage and wasabi mayo – YUM!

F, my brother, couldn’t go past the bacon cheese burger and fries. He loved the burger – one of the nicest he has had for a while!

and of course, the soft shell crab omelette is still there and as good as ever! Thank goodness its still on the menu!

Get your burger fix and the awesome chicken wings! oh YEAH!

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Milk Bar by Café Ish

1 / 105 Regents Street

Redfern 2016

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Fernside Coffee Shoppe, Redfern

Opened just three weeks ago, Fernside Coffee Shoppe can be found in Surry Hills / Redfern, on the corner of Crown and Cleveland Street. Abe and Arthur are the gents behind this cute little place, open kitchen, with a couple of tables at the front and back.

The menu is quite simple, cafe standard of eggs, bacon and muesli which is available all day, and lunch features pre-made sandwiches and salads which are made to order. We were told that there are going to be new items on the menu, but they wouldn’t say what!

The coffee here is superb, they use campos coffee. It was too hot for me to have coffee, but B, had her special, a short black, with a dash of milk and a bit of chocolate on top. Not quite sure where she got this from, but its her ‘special’ coffee!

B couldn’t go past the bircher muesli ($8), served with yogurt and berry compote. Generous serving, we were told the bircher muesli is actually from Farmer Jo (one of my fav brand of muesli!). It was so good that I had to go back a couple of days later and have the bircher myself!

I opt for the bacon and egg roll with tomato, baby and relish ($7) which was served with focaccia bread. You can add haloumi for an extra $3. The bacon and egg roll was good but incredibly messy – a little hard to eat with hands, but it was simple, had that ‘homemade’ feel to it and absolutely tasty!

The spelt and honey banana bread was also fantastic, I had this take-away, and although it was me who ordered it, ‘The Mother’ demolished it before I could even take a second bite!

Cute little cafe, it does get extremely busy on weekends, so come early to beat the rush. The owners are super duper friendly, they seem to know everyone who drops by and if they haven’t met you before, they will make the effort to sit, stand and chat.

A great addition to the Surry Hills / Redfern area!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Fernside Cafe

401b Cleveland Street,

Redfern, 2016

Ph: +61 4 3153 5251

Fernside Coffee Shoppe on Urbanspoon