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Lunch at Dune Kiosk, Palm Beach

‘The Mother’ and I went for a drive to Palm Beach during the break. It wasn’t the best weather unfortunately. It was raining, cold and a little miserable, however, we were eager to go for a drive somewhere for lunch. Unfortunately, on public holidays, most places aren’t open. We wanted to go to Palm Beach and check out Dunes. The restaurant wasn’t open but the kiosk was. Apparently Dune has added a kiosk which is right next to the restaurant and it is a more relax atmospher and family friendly.

Considering how I have been deprived from coffee, I had to order not two but three coffee! Yes – caffeine over doze! They use Campos coffee, one of my favourites, and it was exactly what I needed! Amazing how the headache immediately went away.

‘The Mother’ ordered what I wanted, Salt and Pepper squid with mixed leaf salad, and chips and chili lime mayo ($10). The salt and pepper squid looked a little over cooked I thought, but it was incredibly tender and not chewy at all. The batter was a little heavy, but it was still absolutely delicious. My only gripe would be that there were only eight salt and pepper squid! The servings of the chips were generous, but it would have been better if there were more squid.

I opted for the Chicken Schnitzel meal with garden salad and chips ($12). It looked a little over cooked and it was! The chicken and batter were hard and extremely dry. It was hard rock solid! Even when drenched with mayonnaise it was still dry. The chips and salad was probably the best thing, it was a little disappointing. I saw a couple having the beer battered fish and chips and it looked so much more appetizing.

Even though it was cloudy and raining, the kiosk was still relatively full. The kiosk is very casual, communal table on the informal terrace and there was a lawn nearby for those who want to have a picnic. On a gorgeous sunny day, it would be quite a wonderful venue. There is a beach just a couple of metres away and great for families, friends or if you just want to chill.

Regardless, it was great to get away and ‘The Mother’ and I drove around Palm Beach and was in awe with all the wonderful beach houses! One day he says, one day.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10 (I gave an extra one for the delicious coffee!)

Dune Kiosk

1193 Barrenjoey Road

Palm Beach inside Governor Phillip Park

Palm Beach, 2108

Ph: +61 2 9974 3332

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