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Lunch at Commodore Hotel, North Sydney

It was the day of S and T’s wedding, after the beautiful ceremony, the crew (P1, C, P2, D, A and I) thought we would catch up, have a drink, and grab something to eat, as we were all ravenous. C suggested we go somewhere on Blues Point Road, in North Sydney. I wouldn’t have a clue where to eat, so was happy for whatever was suggested!

I haven’t been to the Commodore Hotel for a while now. When I used to work in North Sydney, this was a place we would go too, the outside terrace beer garden with its alfresco setting was something my old colleagues used to enjoy, especially on a warm Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was a little over cast that day, so we opted to sit inside.

There are two menus offered at the Commodore, the Bar food and the main Bistro food.

I opted for the free range chicken schnitzel with chips, salad and lemon aioli. For once, it wasn’t the aioli that caught my eye. I love ordering chicken schnitzel at pubs, it’s like my standard comfort pub food. The chicken schnitzel was gigantic! It was lightly crumbed and tender. Dipped in lemon aioli, it was exactly what I needed that day! The serving was just too generous that I wasn’t able to finish it. I also wanted to save some room for the feast that evening.

‘The Mother’ ordered the rump steak (250grams), served with salad, fries and café de paris butter. ‘The Mother’ always has his steak medium rare and it was deliciously juicy. He seemed quite happy with his steak, he didn’t really offer me any, I had to steal a piece whilst he was busy talking!

P1 had the Wagyu beef and cheese burger, layered with lettuce, beetroot relish, tomato and sweet pickled cucumber and served with fries. It looked good, but it was just too hard to ask for some. P1 demolished his burger, he said it was the combination of hunger and goodness! It did look good.

C had the redspot whiting fillets served with fries, salad and sauce remoulade. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of this, it was again a very generous serving. C didn’t finish it, but she did say it was ordinary.

Both P2 and A had the pot pie (baked with pastry lid and served with potato puree on the side). I was too hungry to even take a photo of their dish! They both seemed to have enjoyed it.

It was great catching up with the crew again, it’s definitely been a while! I love how weddings or birthdays brings us all together.

North Sydney is truly a ghost town on the weekend! Nothing is open, it is a lot more buzzing during the weekdays that’s for sure.

It was truly great catching up with you all!

GA’s Ratings: 6.5 / 10

Commodore Hotel

265 Blues Point Road

North Sydney 2060

Ph: +61 2 9922 5098

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Birthday lunch @ Rags and Famish, North Sydney

September 10, 2010 3 comments

Rags and Famish (“RnF”) has been around for a while now, 150 years to be exact, and is one of North Sydneys oldest pub. I don’t go to North Sydney very often; there is really nothing there to be honest. I used to work in North Sydney, many many years ago, and it’s busy during the weekdays but weekends, it’s like a ghost town.

I came here one lunch time for my brother’s birthday, as he works in North Sydney. Unfortunately he didn’t want anything too fancy as we were going out for a stupendous feast that night (with the family) which consists of peking duck! My brother, F, and I are quite close, in age and friendship. He’s not only a brother to me but also one of my dearest friends.

So anyway, I met F at North Sydney for a birthday lunch and he suggested RnF. We walked in and perused the bar menu which can be found on the wall above the door towards the back, near the kitchen. I was craving for something ‘comforting’. You order the food at the bar, and they will give you a buzzer. Once food is ready, they will buzz you and you collect your food.

My ‘comfort’ food was fish and chips, only because I was craving it; it’s been a while since I had good fish and chips! I was quite impressed with the serving, TWO generous fish fillets, beer battered and then deep fried. The batter was relatively thin and the fish, thick, succulent and incredibly fresh. It was GOOD! It was exactly what I wanted on a cold day. The chips were moderately thick, and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was deliciously good!

F had the Beef n Guinness pie with mash, peas and gravy. Believe it or not, he asked if he could have some chips also – talk about carb overload! The pie was also generous, crust crispy and overflowing.

The beef was tender with Guinness flavour. I wasn’t really a fan to be honest, the Guinness flavour was a little too overpowering for me, but F seemed to have enjoyed it which is the main thing! The mash was creamy, and the peas and gravy was a great compliment.

RnF, is a very ‘blokey’ pub, but one that I enjoy going to once in a while. I do remember coming here for drinks after work (when I was working in North Sydney), and it was filled with suits! It has been refurbished but still an old-school pub. They serve a wide range of beers and ale on tap. Food is not bad and the service is quite friendly. Bit out of the way now that I don’t work in North Sydney, but it is a very casual pub and has good pub grub.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Rags and Famish

199 Miller Street (Cnr Berry Street)

North Sydney, 2060

Ph: +61 2 9955 1257

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