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S and T’s Wedding

It’s that time of year again, weddings. This year, however, I haven’t been invited to too many. Last year I had a record of 6 weddings in 8 weeks! That’s almost one wedding every weekend!

I had the pleasure of attending a dear friends wedding, S. I have known her for a while now, I met her through indoor soccer, and our friendship developed from there. She is one of the kindest and most calm person I know!

I remember the first time I heard about T, S claimed they were just ‘friends’ but from the tone of her voice, and the way she described him, I knew that whatever they had would blossom and they will become more than just friends. I met T finally after a couple of months and I knew he was perfect for her. T is kind, friendly, incredibly intelligent and was deeply in love with my dear friend S. They had so much in common; believes, likes, and dislike, I knew they would eventually tie the knot.

So when I received an invite for their wedding, I couldn’t say no. I had to be there to share their special moment. The church wedding ceremony was held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in North Sydney. It wasn’t a big church but it was definitely a gorgeous church!

It was a wonderful ceremony, the bride gorgeous and the groom, handsome eagerly waiting for his beautiful bride-to-be to walk down that aisle. It was truly a magical ceremony.

The reception was at Curzon Hall, Marsfield, an extremely elegant function centre whose feature is a huge stand stone manor set amongst some beautiful gardens. Here is a shot from the balcony where we enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine before the delicious feasts starts.

Here is a shot of the sparkley chandeliers – if they weren’t so big, I would have taken them home!

Now the feast, to start with, smoked salmon with sour cream and chives, on top of mini pancake accompanied with king prawns and garnished with tomato and onions. The smoked salmon with sour cream and chives was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t a fan of the mini pancake, it was cold and a little tasteless. The prawns were served cold but again, deliciously fresh.

The first platter, seasoned salt ‘n’ pepper calamari on slow roasted cherry tomatoes was deliciously good. I couldn’t help but have a second serving, or was it third?

The second platter, ginger and shallot marinated scallops with shredded leek were delightful! It was steamed and served with ginger, shallot and some soy sauce.

Alternate main dish, I had the slow baked ½ grain fed baby chicken marinated in fresh herbs, served with potatoes, leeks and onion cakes, garnished with mushrooms and onions. The chicken was incredibly tender, the sauce however, was a little rich for my liking, but the potatoes, leeks and onion cakes were a great complement.

‘The Mother’ had the char grilled msa rib eye scotch fillet served with potatoes and beans. The gravy was full of flavour, the steak was a little on the cooked side. I think it’s hard to get steak right for everyone, especially if you have over 50 people at the reception.

For dessert, a trio of dessert – fresh, crunchy, cannolli filled with sweet hazelnut and vanilla bean gelato, it was fantastic. The meringue was a little too sweet for my liking, but the passionfruit brule – awesome! There is always a second stomach for dessert isn’t there?

Let’s not forget the wedding cake, it’s supposed to resemble Cradle Mountain, where T proposed to S.

The dancing started after the dessert, ‘The Mother’ and I grooved to a few songs before my feet got sore and I had to stop. The joyous of wearing super high heels!

It was a wonderful wedding. To my dear friend, S, many thanks for inviting us to celebrate your wonderful day. We had a fantastic time.

Congratulations S and T – many thanks for your support and friendship! We both wish you the very best of luck on this new existing journey, and many many happiness!

Curzon Hall

53 Agincourt Road

Marsfield 2122

Ph: +61 2 9887 1877