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West Juliett, Marrickville, Sydney

September 13, 2013 7 comments

Nothing makes me happier than brunch with friends at an awesome cafe. I have wanted to try West Juliett for a while now, so I suggested this place to the gorgeous Suzchef and her beautiful baby A – oh how our lives have changed? Gone are the days where we leisurely go out and eat on our own, now we have a baby in tow. How time has changed! However, it is a good change, and I got to see what life would be like in Sydney with one of my dearest friends as a MUM! OH boy – it was definitely enjoyable and very VERY appealing!

West Juliett can be found in Marrickville, on the 30 Llewellyn Street, you can’t miss it, it’s a relatively large cafe and there are people outside waiting to get a table. The cafe was relatively packed when we rocked up on Friday at 1130am


Everything on the menu sounded wonderful. Started with a kids drink – blueberry smoothie which was served in a very cute cup! Dragon loved this, I am pretty sure she drank the whole thing again, so I had to order another – the normal size!


I couldn’t go past the poached eggs, avocado, feta, parsley, cress, lemon, dukkah on toast. Everything I wanted on a plate and oh my – it was delicious. Gooey egg, and who doesn’t like avocado and feta? Dragon ate the bread again, she loved it and wouldn’t let me take it away.


S had the haloumi egg roll, aioli, wilted greens, chill marmalade and she demolished this! Very good she said.


S bought the pink salt chocolate chip cookie – unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of this, but believe me when I say that it is absolutely fantastic! Apparently they only make 30 or so a day, and they were deliciously gooey and soft – just the way I like it.

As always, it was lovely catching up with S and A – how I have missed them both! Looking forward to catching up with them in Hong Kong later this year.

Service was polite, food was yummy, and I can’t wait to go back and try their other breakfast items.

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

West Juliett

30 Llewellyn St

Marrickville, 2204


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Beejays, Marrickville

It was my last weekend in Sydney and I was catching up with the lovely Suzchef and suggested this place. It was the promise of crispy pork belly for brunch that attracted me to this place!

Beejyas is owned by 19 year old local BJ – one of the youngest café owners in Sydney. The décor is quite retro, lots of quirky gadgets around the café. Apparently there are two dining areas, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the open courtyard out the back as we sat in the front room.

They serve all day breakfast which I LOVE! And another thing I love about the menu is that they have fried pork belly on the big breakfast! Now how can I not say yes to that? Two poached eggs with mushrooms, hash brown, avocado and PORK BELLY!

The pork belly was incredible tasty, crispy and absolutely delicious. I could have definitely eaten another serving or two. The eggs oozed with yolk and to me, it was a breakfast of champions!

S wanted something lighter, avocado on toast.

However, in saying that, she did order chicken wings with chips to share and it was delicious! Love a good chicken wings!

Service friendly and I love the vibe of the café. Would definitely be back, even if its for the pork belly! Missing you my friend, can’t wait to see you again soon!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


395 Illawarra Road

Marrickville 2204

Ph: +61 2 9558 8860

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Kelby’s Marrickville

I didn’t realise how many cafés were in Marrickville until just recently! A bit late I know but better late than never I say! I was catching up with the lovely E and her son Boo and suggested this place. Kelby’s was established in 2004 and can be found in Marrickville. It’s a quirky café, very relaxed atmosphere, groovy music and has a rustic charm to it. They even have mother’s room with comfy sofas that can booked in advance for up to 8 people! Will have to suggest this next time for my mothers group!

Menu is vast and has a slight Mediterranean twist. They have daily specials written on the wall.

Started with the chai latte, it was good but I thought it lacked a little flavour, not enough chai or cinnamon!

I couldn’t go past the garlic mushrooms on toast ($8) and added avocado and sausage, which was chorizo at $3 each. The garlic mushrooms were scrumptious and the chorizo cooked to perfection. It was indeed the breakfast that I needed and wanted.

E couldn’t go past the Egyptian sauté of sweet potato, fetta and dukkah served on chunky hommus toast with poached eggs ($13). It looked fabulous, however, E informed me that it sounded and looked better than it tastes. She thought the flavours didn’t quite work but it did look good though!

Service is friendly and definitely baby friendly! I would happily go back again to try their French toast or even their sandwiches – they sound delish!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Kelby’s Cafe

293 Marrickville Road

Marrickville 2204

Ph: +61 2 9564 5165

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Petty Cash Cafe, Marrickville

Cute café in Marrickville with an extensive all day breakfast and lunch menu at reasonable prices. We were here for breakfast one Sunday morning and the place was already buzzing with locals at 9.30am. You order and pay at the counter and delicious food is then delivered to you.

Menu vast and more importantly, breakfast all day and they have lunch items all day also if you don’t feel like having eggs!

I was meeting with a few people and suggested this place. S started with the chai latte – it was a relatively cold morning and even the tea pot got something warm over it!

I was told the coffee here is good.

S couldn’t go past the poached eggs with haloumi and potato rosti.

T had the big breakfast which consisted of eggs, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms, haloumi and potato rosti.

I had the corn fritters with bacon, sour cream and spinach and this was fantastic! Who can say no to corn fritters and bacon?


Uncle had the bacon and egg roll which he thoroughly enjoyed.

E had the mushroom omelette which was a relatively large serving.

Service was friendly, and definitely child friendly. It was lovely to catch up with all of you. It’s a great find , and I am loving all the café in Marrickville at the moment!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Petty Cash Cafe

68 Victoria Road

Marrickville 2204

Ph: +61 2 9557 2377

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Cornersmith, Marrickville

I have heard wonderful things about Cornersmith. It took a while to get there, but finally one Saturday morning, ‘The Mother’ and I were catching up with one of our friends, M, and I suggested this place. The place was packed on Saturday at 10.30am – they have a self-managed queue system. Write your name and the number of people on the board that’s hung on the door and wait. It took us a good 30 – 35 minutes to be seated. ‘The Mother’ is not fond of waiting, but considering there were no other cafes nearby and he had M to keep him company, he didn’t complain so much! Not that he is a complainer – just that he doesn’t like waiting much!

The menu which was written on the board was vast! I couldn’t decide what I wanted, as everything sounded wonderful. The bircher muesli, the eggs, the sandwiches – I really could have ordered one of each!

I couldn’t go past the poached eggs on toast with red pepper relish ($9) with a side of avocado ($4). Perfectly poached egg, the avocado and red pepper relish fresh and absolutely tasty all served with a sour dough bread drizzled with olive oil. It was the perfect breakfast that I needed that day.

‘The Mother’ loved his poached egg, garlic aioli, rocket, free range ham and red pepper relish ($10). He didn’t exactly offer me any, but he was going to lick the plate if the waitress didn’t take the plate away. He said the serving was a tad small but everything was so fresh and complemented each other well.

M had the apple bircher with natural yogurt, plum compote and poached pear ($10) – I almost ordered this and it looked as good as it tasted. It was divine! The apple bircher was soaked perfectly, the plum compote and poached pear wonderful complement. I could happily eat this on a daily basis!

Cornersmith can be found on the busy street of Illawarra Road and it is very close to Marrickville station and a couple of shops down form PhD. I didn’t get to try the coffee, as I am still on a coffee ban, but I am a definite fan of the food and the vibe. Getting a table for more than two is a bit of a pain I thought – those that came in twos got seated quicker.  As whether or not its baby friendly? It’s tight, the place is small and if you have a massive pram it could ‘get in the way’ but doable.

The menu is simple. They have many things made on site – honey, pickles, chutneys and jam. I bought a muffin to take on the go, for the movies and I have to say it was one the fluffiest, and nicest muffin I have had – I can’t remember what it was sorry! But it was good.

Would happily come back – if it was closer I would be there right now!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10


314 Illawarra Road

Marrickville NSW 2204

Ph: +61 2 8065 0844

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