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Mie Kocok Bandung, Maroubra

Indonesian cuisine is probably my favourite, a little bias as I grew up with it. However, it’s so hard to find good and authentic Indonesian food, unless I ask Mum to make it for me! Yes, I should probably learn, but she makes all the spices herself and there are a zillion ingredients that I just can’t be bothered! One day though – I will get the secret recipe from Mum.

I was in Maroubra and thought I would check out Mie Kocok Bandung, which is located on Maroubra Road, just near Pacific Place.

It’s a very casual place, not so ghetto as Ayam Goreng 99. Pretty much self service in terms of drinks, you order at the counter, and food will then be delivered to your table.

I have been craving for Indonesian food, I am so due for my annual visit back ‘home’ – not long now! I was craving noodles, Pinangsia Noodles used to be quite good, however, I may have found a new love!

I couldn’t go past the mie kocok campur ($10.50), beef flavoured soup with the lot, that is, beef tendon, beef tendon ball, beef ball, beef tripe. YUM! Noodles cooked to perfection, it was soft and so hard not to slurp and make a mess! The beef soup was very flavoursome and I love all the combination of beef tendon, ball and tripe!

The fried wontons with spicy sauce. Crispy wontons, it was so hard to stop at just one and clearly we didn’t!

The avocado juice was too good to past as I have not had one in such a long time. Had to ask for it to be less sweet as it can be sickly sweet at times and this was just perfect. Avocado, milk, bit of sugary syrup and chocolate. YUM!!

Apparently, I was told the special is the Yamien noodles, the savoury one – will definitely have to go back to try that. Thanks S for dropping by for an hour or so and accompany me eat for a bit. Will give you more notice next time I’m in your ‘hood’, which will be soon!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Mie Kocok Bandung

108 Maroubra Road

Maroubra 2025

Ph: +61 2 8347 2322

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