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Kin by Us, Macquarie Park

My goodness, it seems forever since we were in Sydney! At the rate I am going, I will be back from my Sydney trip in June and I am still writing about my last visit! Whoopsie! Now, Kin By Us, is run by My Kitchen Rules 2014 couple – Uel and Shannelle – I have heard wonderful things about this place, especially the menu which has a Chinese and Korean influence. But best of all, it was in my old hood where I grew up!

2015-03-14 08.37.24 copy

The place was incredibly busy when we rocked up at 11, we waited for a good 35 mins before finally seated but it was worth it! We started with this cool fretting water-my-melon drink. It had a combination of watermelon and all the different types of melon in it. It was definitely refreshing and Dragon couldn’t help but drink most of it – there is no sharing in her vocabulary!

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I couldn’t go past the Snap Crackle Plop (AUD10) – only available after 11.30. Chicken rice, chicken skin and a slow cooked onsen egg! My goodness, this was AMAZING – and who doesn’t like chicken skin right? My only gripe, wish there was more chicken skins!!! The chicken rice was definitely legit, Dragon demolished this and I am pretty sure I only had one piece whilst Dragon had the rest!

2015-03-14 09.00.13 copy

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The congee (AUD17) was beautifully presented. There was way too much shallots for my liking, but I did enjoy the pork floss and not to mention the fried bread dough. There was mix reviews on this congee, one absolutely enjoyed it, the other wasn’t a big fan of pork floss. I thought it was nice, but I am not much of a congees person, except for when I am sick, and I would definitely eat this if i was sick!

2015-03-14 09.02.57 copy

Another favourite of mine is the Waffle Belly (AUD17) – delicious succulent pork belly and onsen egg on top of potato waffle! My goodness, that pork belly was just too die for and the perfect gooey onsen egg was a wonderful complement. This was definitely my favourite!

2015-03-14 09.05.17 copy

Oh and those who likes Durian, they have durian affogato and my goodness – this was excellent. I would come back just to have the waffle belly and durian affogato!

Service was excellent and friendly. Come early, as it does get extremely busy. Also, parking around the hood is NOT easy. I went here twice and the first time I drove and ended up parking in Macquarie Shopping Centre, the second walked! Definitely a good addition to Macquarie Park and can’t wait to go back and try it!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Kin By Us

2 Saunders Close

Macquarie Park, Sydney, Australia

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Sambal, Macqaurie Park

If your friends are all the same age, you go through spurt of phases together. Birthdays, graduations, engagements and weddings. I’ve gone through all of those with all of my friends and now at the stage where they are all having babies. Not one, but some have just recently given birth to their second child – YIKES! I know its no competition, we are all at different stages in our lives – mine is still rediscovering me and spending time with me (sadly, its all just about me!)

I was catching up with some friends for dinner. There were four couples that evening, and believe it or not, they ALL had kids except for ‘The Mother’ and I. S suggested we have dinner at her place, as there were a couple of babies around and she can get takeaway from Sambal.

Now I haven’t been to Sambal, I have heard mix reviews about the restaurant, but was extremely keen to try. We left the ordering to the expert, S and she did not disappoint!

We started with the loh bak (2 rolls for $8.80) – lean shredded pork seasoned with 5 spice powder and leek wrapped into a roll with bean curd sheets and deep fried. Generous pork wrapped in a thin bean curd sheets. It wasn’t fatty or oily at all, it was quite delicious.

Hainan Chicken Rice ($17.80) – boneless chicken steamed to perfection served with rice cooked in aromatic chicken stock. Tender and succulent chicken, the chicken stock was deliciously aromatic and flavoursome and the chicken rice which came with it was outstanding.

Beef rendang ($18.80) – bite size pieces of beef cooked in curry spices till dry and topped with fried shredded coconut. The beef rendang was very different to Mum’s. It wasn’t as tender as I had hoped and the curry I thought was overpowering.

I love Mamak Rojak (Nonya salad – $17.80) – freshly shredded cucumber and bangkwang tossed with fried bean curd, prawn fritters and eggs covered with thick spicy sauce. This was probably my favourite dish. I love the freshness of the cucumber, the crunchiness from the prawn fitters and the peanut sauce which was thick had a nice spicy kick. It was light and not sickly. I have to say, that this is infinitely better than the one at Mamak’s.

The Sar Hor Fun ($15.80) – combination of meat, seafood and vegetables served on a base of flat rice noodles with gravy was possibly ‘The Mother’s’ favourite. I loved the wok aroma and flavour – I can never get my sar hor fun as aromatic. The ‘gravy’ was thick and creamy and you can never go wrong with the combination of meat and seafood.

Inchee Kabin ($16.80) – deep fried chicken marinated in Nonya spices served with our chef’s special dipping sauce. The deep fried chicken was lightly battered, however, some were over cooked, a little dry but some were moist and tender. I enjoyed the dipping sauce which I reminded me a little of Worcestershire sauce.

The baby bok choy stir fried with garlic ($13.80) was good but nothing special and at $13.80 it’s a little steep!

Unfortunately I didn’t get the ‘proper’ feel of the restaurant, but I thought the food was reasonably good. The flavours were excellent and I loved the mamak rojak. Price wise, I thought it was a little pricey for what it is, but the servings were reasonable and we even had leftovers!

I didn’t have any of the ice chendol ($5) – a shaved ice dessert mixed with pandan flavoured green jelly-like strips, coconut milk and gula melaka syrup but ‘The Mother’ definitely had a couple of bowls! One of his favourite dessert – the sweeter the better he claims!

It was so wonderful to catch up with friends, even so to finally meet their children.


285 Lane Cove Rd Shop 7

Macquarie Park 2113

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