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Billu’s and Sweetland Patisserie, Harris Park

I am no expert on Indian food and for a very long time in my life, I really wasn’t a huge a fan of Indian food. Last year I went to India twice! Once for a friend’s wedding in Chennai and the second time with ‘The Mother’ to Mumbai and Sri Lanka. I thought I would struggle and I have to admit, the first couple of days yes, but afterwards wasn’t so bad. I had my real first taste of Indian food and surprisingly enjoyed it more than I thought.

Billu’s originally opened up in Harris Park, however, they have ventured out and opened a another branch in Epping. I remember going to Epping a while back and enjoyed it but both my parents and brother, F, informed me that the original Billu’s in Harris Park is infinitely better.

I love the bright lit restaurant, it was so colourful and pretty. I love the cricket memorabilia on the walls, cricket bats, balls, and photos. ‘The Mother’ could spend hours just staring and looking at each thing. Billu’s Harris Park is highly spacious, lots of large and small tables, there’s takeaway and also sweets for those who have a sweet tooth.

We started with the mix platter for two ($21.90) – two pieces of lamb chops, saffron chicken, seekh kebab, and cocktail samosa. The saffron chicken deliciously tender and succulent. The seekh kebab I loved, made of minced meat with spices and then grilled on skewers, served with mint sauce it is deliciously yummy!

The lamb chops were surprisingly juicy and the cocktail samosa filled with potato and peas were wonderful.

I love eggplant so ordered the punjabi baigan ($11.90) – dry eggplant with potatoes cooked in punjabi tarka. The eggplant was roughly mashed, I love the tenderness that it just melted in my mouth and I loved the spiciness, the flavours and definitely one of my favourite curries.

My parents wanted the goat masala ($14.90) – succulent pieces of goat sautéed with onion pepper and fresh herbs and indeed it was succulent! Large tender chunks of goats and who doesn’t like masala? The curry was rich and flavourful and we all couldn’t help but get our naan and mop up all the curry.

The chicken tikka masala ($14.90) – boneless chicken roasted in tandoor cooked with chopped onions, capsicum tomato sauce with herbs and spices was also a favourite amongst the diners. In hindsight, we probably should have ordered the butter chicken but this was just as good!

F wanted the masala dosa ($9.90) – rice pan cake stuffed with potatoes cooked on a hot plate. Crispy, paper then rice cake, rolled into a tube with potato filling and dipping sauce. It was scrumptiously good!

Here’s a view of what’s inside… YUM!

Of course you can’t have Indian food without naan ($3.00 each)! Ordered two servings of butter naan – deliciously buttery and fluffy – probably our favourite.

Garlic naan and cheese naan, F loved the garlicky naan, I didn’t think it was garlicky enough, however, the cheese naan was good but more cheese would definitely have been better.

We didn’t have any desserts here, but we did all have a mango lassi, which was made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It was thick, creamy and deliciously mango-y (if that’s a word!).

We had a stroll on Wigram Street, every second house was an Indian restaurant. I have never seen anything quite like it – it reminded me a little of Little India in Singapore! Whilst strolling, we noticed Sweet Land Patisserie – a delicious Lebanese patisserie selling baklava, polenta cake, sweet filo-wrapped and lots and lots of other sweets including cakes, profiteroles, eclairs and cookies.

We were STUFFED but couldn’t help but buy some sweets to take home. We had the baklava the next day and OMG – super sweet filled with chopped nuts and then sweetened with syrup and honey. Sugar overload!

The cookies, 70c each or $10 for half a kilo, $20 for a kilo, Mum couldn’t help but get half a kilo – so pretty much one of each. Biscuits are sweet, some were flaky, some were chewy but overall, awesome! Definitely worth going back to get more biscuits if we are in the area.

The man behind this lovely patisserie is El-Kadi, service super friendly and staff lovely. Diners can definitely dine here and have coffee, but we were all just too full! Next time.

GA’s rating Billu’s: 7 / 10


64 Wigram St

Harris Park 2150

Ph: +61 2 9687 7785

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GA’s rating Sweetland Patisserie: 7 / 10

Sweetland Patisserie

55 Wigram Street

Harris Park 2150

Ph: +61 2 9891 6048

Sweet Land Patisserie on Urbanspoon