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In the Annex, Forrest Lodge, Sydney

In the Annex is a newish cafe which can be located on Ross street in Forrest Lodge (which to me is really Glebe) – an area that I don’t go very often now but ‘The Mother’ and I used to live in Glebe for a couple of years and loved it! Not as much as I love Surry Hills but I would happily live in Glebe again.


One of my aim on my recent trip in Sydney was to visit as many cafes as I can. Hong Kong as I have mentioned many times lacks good cafes and I can’t tell you enough how much I miss that scene! I definitely miss my brunch sessions on the weekends – good food, good coffee and of course the company!

It has been a while since I have gone to a cafe with Dragon, when she was younger it was a lot easier, I could put her in her chariot and eat peacefully. Now that she is a lot older, it is harder as she wants to walk and look around more. In the Annex is not a very big cafe, however, it is quite cozy and I love how laid back it is, and the atmosphere was very relaxing. We rocked up just after 1.30pm and didn’t have problems getting a table at all.  The menu was a tad short I thought but I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone.

Started with the grapefruit, ginger, honey and tonic frappe – which I absolutely enjoyed. The ginger really gave it a nice kick. However, Dragon wasn’t a fan, she would usually finish my drink before I could even have a second sip but this was all mine!! (not on purpose, I seriously thought she would like it!)


I couldn’t go past the Beef 2 ways (pulled and cured) with artichoke, mushroom, and sunny side up egg. Oh my – it was beautifully plated. The beef was tender and full of flavours and the sunny side up egg was a wonderful complement.


Dragon had a bit of the beef and enjoyed it, she especially loved the bread which was soaked with all the juices from the beef. She wouldn’t let anyone take the bread away and ate it peacefully in the car on the way home.


Service was friendly and everyone loved Dragon – she was like the queen, everyone smiling and making faces at her! Secretly I am sure she loves this! HA!

I admit though, the menu might not be for everyone, I don’t think ‘The Mother’ would enjoy it as much as I do – too pretty of a dish. But I enjoyed it and would be keen to try other dishes next time, especially the breakfast items.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

In the Annex

35 Ross Street
Forest Lodge 2037
Ph: +61 415 702 730

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