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SeaChange Cafe, Deewhy, Sydney

I’m not sure how my brother, F, discovered this cafe but it is indeed one of their favourites. Located in Dee Why – not an area that I go very often but this place is definitely worth the trek! It’s reasonably cheap, food is quite decent and the portions are unbelievably satisfying. We came on a weekday and the place was busy! We waited for 15 minutes before seated and even then, we tried to squeeze 5 people with 2 kids to a 4 seater! It was so busy and we were hungry so took the first table that was available.


The menu was vast but we were here for one thing – their local favourites which is basically breakfast – choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs. Toasted turkish, wholemeal sourdough or gluten free bread. All benedicts topped with hollandaise sauce. Everyone started with either a mocha or coffee and the mocha i really enjoyed. I don’t usually order mocha’s but this was perfect –  not too sweet.


F and I couldn’t go past the local – eggs, chicken sausage, bacon, tomato and potato rosti (AUD18.90) OMG! When I saw the plate in front of me, I almost fainted! SO MUCH FOOD! I didn’t know where to start.


O and Mum had the Californian (AUD19.90) – grilled salmon on potato rosti with eggs and rocket and tomato toss! Generous serving of salmon and potato rosti! Not sure how they finished it but they did!


The English taster (AUD 19.90) was also very good – eggs, lamb cutlet, beef sausage, mushrooms and potato rosti! OMG! I can see why the family likes this place – good value and food is pretty good! Service was friendly and polite. Would definitely come back next time – bit far but definitely worth the drive, especially if it’s a nice and sunny day!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

SeaChange Cafe

20 The Strand

Dee Why, Sydney

Ph: +61 2 9971 9692

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