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Tropicana Cafe, Coogee

Apologies for the lack of blog post. As some of you may know already, ‘The Mother’ and I are thrilled to announce that Dragon arrived on 10th April 2012. We are both ecstatic and looking forward to the years ahead.

This post is a little overdue, prior to arrival of Dragon, ‘The Mother’ and I went to Coogee. It was a beautiful Sunday and I wanted to get out of the house, go to the beach and have brunch. Coogee is not a place I go very often, I am not sure what possessed us to pick Tropicana, probably because it was busy and I was starving and didn’t feel like burgers at Moo – yes you heard me right!

From memory, there is another Tropicana café in Darlinghurst, but I am not sure if it’s owned by the same people. The menu is definitely different. Tropicana café can be found on the busy street of Coogee Bay Road, the place was buzzing when we arrived just a little past midday. We scored the second last table outside; it was just too nice to sit indoors.

We started with a juice and smoothie – I love a good strawberry smoothie.

‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the bacon and egg roll – there is something about bacon and egg rolls that he loves, even on weekends when we are at home, he would ask for me to make it. He said it wasn’t the best but it was still quite tasty.

I on the other hand opt for the breakfast bruschetta with tomato. It was indeed a generous serving – two pieces of toast, topped with smooth and silky scrambled eggs and diced tomatoes with feta cheese. It definitely hit the spot!

Service friendly and efficient, food felt like it was very home-made and generous serving at that. We, well I definitely left feeling very satisfied and very full.

After lunch, we had a stroll down Coogee beach, one of my favourite beaches in Sydney, and with weather as perfect as this in autumn, who can say no? I sure am going to miss days like this when we move to Hong Kong!

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Tropicana Café

207 Coogee Bay road

Coogee NSW 2034

Ph: +61 2 9665 5619

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Chish and Fips, Coogee

Easter came very late this year, better late than never right? The upside, we get a FIVE day long weekend. YAY! I heart long weekends and Easter is definitely one of my favourite holiday seasons – chocolates, hot cross buns – what’s not to like right?

‘The Mother’ and I thought we would go to Coogee, sit under the sun, read a book and eat. He had me at ‘eat’ and the rest was just a blur. He sure does know how to get me out of the house.  

I was craving for fish and chips – as you do when you are at the beach. Chish and Fips can be found in the middle of Coogee Beach, it’s a heritage tram shelter and it’s in the perfect spot for beach goers passing by. It seemed like everyone had the same idea as us that day.

We arrived just a little after midday and the place was busy! The menu is pretty basic – different types of fish and chips, calarami and chips and burgers.

The service is efficient and friendly. However, I was a little confused about the numbering system. It seems a little sporadic, which was annoying as we couldn’t figure out how long we had to wait. So after about 15 minutes, we finally got our order. There are undercover seating at Chish and Fips, however, the place was so busy that there were no spare tables available. It didn’t bother us too much, we wanted to sit in the park anyway. 

‘The Mother’ couldn’t go pass the fish of the day, John Dory with both chips and salad ($17.80). The batter was crispy and the fish fillet was firm and fresh. The chips were good but definitely have had better.

I just wanted the fish, the barramundi ($11) – again the batter was thin and crispy, the fish I thought was a little on the thin side, but it was pretty tasty.

We sat there relaxing…

It wasn’t exactly the warmest day, but there were a lot of brave souls swimming! 

I sat there reading, pity the sun wasn’t out but it was a glorious afternoon in Sydney.

I do love the name – Chish and Fips. I can see why it is quite popular, food is relatively decent, and price is fairly reasonable.

It was indeed a relaxing afternoon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a relaxing weekend.

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Chish and Fips

5 Arden St

Coogee, 2034

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