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Jackie M Masterclass, Sydney

I have seen posts and pictures of the Jackie M class, if I was in Sydney I would have loved to attend. Learn her secrets on the BEST Char Kway Teow (“CKT”) in Sydney and of course, pandan crepes and roti. Thankfully, my favourite Uncle was invited and he was kind enough to write a post and share some of the photos that he took. I certainly wouldn’t mind having some CKT right now. Here’s what Uncle had to say about the class…..

Where does the time go! I can’t believe 2012 has zoomed by and it’s less than 3 weeks before we roll into yet, another new year. With all the xmas goodies, long lunches (no one has invited me yet) and dinners (see previous point), I know I will be rolling into 2013 for sure (hint, hint!).

Step back into the weekend just gone past, I was fortunate enough to be a guest of Jackie M’s ‘Street Food 1’ masterclass. I had the option to choose from other classes, but I could not go past the one that taught you how to make Lala’s favourite stir fried rice noodle: CKT. We’ve tried lots of CKT here in Sydney. And yeah, I know everyone has different expectation of what a good CKT should be like, but we (Lala, Boo and I) have found Jackie M’s to be the one we rate most highly. So when the opportunity came up to learn from Sydney’s best, I could not say no.

Fast forward to the class: I put on my best pair of summer shorts (the one with no holes) and also my cooking boxers (fire-proof and the one with the good elastic still). I figured, if it’s street food, I should really get into my zone. I also put on shoes for a change. Didn’t want to “drop it like it’s hot…” onto my girlie toes. The event was held at the Grace Hotel – a really pretty art deco hotel with a neo-gothic exterior. All that is missing are some gargoyles and it would be really awesome. Not sure if the Graces Bros who originally built it will agree though. Anyway, here are some pics from the day. I made oyster omelette, the KL Hokkien Mee, CKT and also helped out with some of the pandan crepes for the Kuih / Kueh Dadar. Not DADAH. That has a completely different meaning and if you took some into Malaysia, you’d find yourself in big trouble. So take note when asking for ‘dadar’ in Malaysia. You have been warned.

General tips form Jackie:

–          Malaysian cooking is not an exact science

–          Taste and moderate salt / spice according to your liking: AGAK AGAK (sorta, kinda, approximately, bit of this, bit of that)

Tips for CKT:

–          you need heat to char the ‘K-T’ – > Kway Teow…rice noodles.

–          don’t scramble the egg into the noodles. fold it in gently once it’s cooked a bit.

Tips for oyster omelette:

–          you want to achieve a consistency that is gooey and also crispy

–          be vigilant with how much ‘fire’ you have going…you’d need to up it and reduce as needed to cook the components

It was a fun day for everyone. I had entertaining cooking neighbours: my Instagram buddies: theheardoffood, theveryhungrykaterpilla & aloosh, ramenraff who made it fun and also Vani and Iza from Jackie’s team just making sure everyone had everything they needed.

Here’s some photos from the day. Sorry, once my hands got dirty (cos my sous chef was busy running around distracting people…bad boo), there are no step by step photos.

Jackie M








What does Boo think? APPROVED!


If you are lucky enough to live in Sydney, guess what? You can visit Jackie at her restaurant or at one of her many market stalls over the weekend

Jackie M

85 Majors Bay Road



Ph: 02-9743 0390 

Fax: 02-9012 0058

Jackie M, Concord

I’m always on the hunt for good Malaysian restaurants. Jackie M has been on my radar for a while now, not sure why it has taken us this long to go, considering Concord is not that far from my parents place. The restaurant is not open every day, from Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. Reservations is highly recommended as the place does get extremely busy.

Everything on the menu sounded wonderful. We started with Nasi Lemak ($15, add $5 for chicken / lamb / beef / dhal) – fragrant coconut rice accompanied with dried anchovy sambal, peanuts, egg, cucumber and acar (mixed vegetable pickle). I have always enjoyed eating nasi lemak, the different accompaniments, and the mixtures here are very good. It was accompanied with coconut rice which was deliciously fragrant and delicious.

We opt for the beef rending, and oh my, it was GOOD! Even Mum was impressed, and I have to say, it was right up there with Mums! The beef was incredibly tender, and the gravy delicious, complete with kerisik, which is toasted coconut for extra flavouring.

Chicken curry ($17) – mild and delicious Malay curry with chicken fillets and potatoes were excellent. Tender chicken fillets, the curry was thick, spicy and absolutely wonderful.

Eaten with these roti canai they were magnificent. Jackie makes her own roti from scratch and I have to say, they are definitely better than Mamak and the best I have eaten thus far! They were fluffy, buttery, and oh so delicious! These roti can be ordered with a selection of dips but we just ordered two serve on its own as we wanted to dip it in our chicken curry and beef rendang.

I have eaten Jackie’s Char Kway Teow ($14, add $4 chicken, add $6 for prawns, calamari, and fishcake) at noodle markets and knew we had to get a serving. I think it is one of the best CKT in Sydney – I love the strong work aroma, it doesn’t get better than this!

My brother, F, loves Wat Tan Hor ($22) – stir fried fresh rice noodles with a runny egg sauce with prawns, scallops and baby bok choy. Again not for everyone but this was also good. Similar to the CKT, it has a very strong wok aroma, the prawns and scallops were big and juicy and the egg sauce a wonderful complement.

We were getting full by this stage but I couldn’t go past the ais campur durian ($9.50), shaved ice with red beans, corn and glass jelly topped with sweetened milk, rose syrup and durian! Hmhmh DURIAN!!!! Ais campur is one of my favourites, and in Indonesia you usually get a long more ‘stuff’ in it, including, coconut jelly, avocado, jackfruit, and many more.

The durian was fragrantly STRONG – which I love! It was fantastic and I couldn’t stop eating it by the mouthful! Definitely could have done with more durian!

We also got Ais Cendol ($7) – shaved ice drink with mung bean noodles, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. It was deliciously sweet, not my favourite drink but a little bit is ok.

Dinner was superb! No complaints from Mum which was good – she was highly impressed and definitely keen to go back to try Jackie’s other dishes! My favourite would have to be the CKT and the roti. I wanted to try the Rojak that evening, but they ran out. Not quite sure why we didn’t order the popiah either, supposed to be the best in Sydney. Nevertheless, another reason to go back!

Thanks Jackie for a lovely meal, Jackie even came out to say hi which was very nice of her! We’ll definitely be back soon!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Jackie M

85 Majors Bay Road

Concord 2137

Ph: +61 2 9743 0390

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