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Bronte Carlo Cafe, Bronte

‘The Mother’ and I wanted to go to Three Blue Ducks over the Christmas break, unfortunately, they were closed! Doh! I should have definitely checked the times. Thankfully we saw another cafe open, Bronte Carlo Cafe and thought we would check it out. Located on the busy street of McPherson Street,just a couple of metres down from Three Blue Ducks and Iggy’s bread.

The menu vast but had a slight Lebanese twist to it. We started with a couple of drinks, ‘The Mother’ had the chocolate milkshake, not the best he said, and I couldn’t go past some fresh Juice.

The bruschetta ($12.00), oven roasted tomatoes with avocado, homemade pine-nut pesto, mixed lettuce, balsamic vinegar on toasted Vienna bread had my name on it. I wanted something ‘relativel’y healthy after gorging in delicious food over Christmas.

All the ingredients were fresh and refreshing, I loved the homemade pine-nut pesto sauce and the balsamic vinegar gave it a nice touch.

‘The Mother’ wanted bacon and eggs, opt for BET ($12) – toasted turkish bread with bacon, roasted tomato and eggs of your choice – sunny side up in this case.

Perfectly fried egg which oozed with yolk, the bacon crispy, and tasty – hmhmhm bacon! I love bacon!

They had some interesting dishes on the menu, BLATA which seemed to be the popular one, and the falafel sandwich. Cute little cafe, service was relative friendly, and the owners I thought was quite lovely. Didn’t get to talk to them much but they seemed to know all the customers and orders.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad find, I was disappointed that Three Blue Ducks was closed, but we came back a week later and thankfully they were open! yay

GA’s ratings: 6 / 10

Bronte Carlo Cafe

145e McPherson Street

Bronte 2024, NSW

Ph: +61 2 9389 0335

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Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

A guest post by my favourite uncle – it’s definitely been a while! Three Blue Ducks sounds seriously awesome! It’s been on my list of places to go but have not had the chance yet, but here is what uncle has to say about Three Blue Ducks.

The weather in Sydney has been pretty ordinary lately. I can remember more days of rain since summer kicked in on 1 December than days of sunshine! Fortunately for us, the weather was great and we had the chance to check out Three Blue Ducks which has been on my mind for a long time! It is headed up by Sam and Chris – Bronte locals and Chris’ mate, Mark who is ex Tetsuya’s and also someone who established Cafe Morso at Jones Bay Wharf (another favourite). So, on this shoot-free weekend, we loaded up the car with Lala and Boo in tow and headed to Bronte. It’s really only a suburb or 2 down the road, but by the time we got there, we had just missed the breakfast menu and had to pick from the lunch one.

Originally we found some seats right on the shop front, then Lala wandered around the side and came back smiling, “let’s sit in there. you’d love the light!” – and LOVE the light, I did indeed! We found ourselves sitting in a narrow alley between Three Blue Ducks and an adjacent shop that also had an extension of their kitchen and what appears to be more seating space.

Lala usually orders better than I do. No wait, she ALWAYS orders the better dish. This time round, I think we both did well. Lala had the barramundi and I ordered the steak sandwich. The fish was by far, the best made ever! Skin was crisp and the fish was nice and moist!

My steak sandwich was also not the run of the mill bread and steak that tends to be too big for a mouthful. The one I had I could hold nicely in my hands and the toasted bread yielded to a nice crunch. Uncomplicated, simple and the way I like it.

Another highlight was having a flat white (they use Single Origin coffee) with my favourite soy milk – Bonsoy.

But also their micro herbs grown on the window ledge! I love all things miniature! The guys also have a very impressive urban garden in the backyard of their premises. Inspired, I went home and watered my chilli plants! I will have chillis.

For all you urbanites: if you feel inspired to grow something in your backyard, roof top or balcony, check out Steve’s site: lots of tips on how you too, can have your own vegetable patch patch

Written and pics taken by Uncle

Three Blue Ducks


BRONTE, 2024

Breakfast 7am-11.30am
Lunch 12midday-2.30pm
Dinner (Thurs, Fri, Sat) 6pm-11pm

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