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Excelsior Jones, Ashfield

So we are back in Sydney for a bit and there is nothing I miss than a good café and a good breakfast! The last time we were back was last November and I made sure I went to a lot of café, and ate good food, and no doubt I will do the same this time round!

Excelsior Jones has been open for a few months now, Anthony Svilicich and James Naylor (both ex Le Monde) co-owns this place. It’s always nice to find nice cafes in residential streets in suburbs outside of Surry Hills – although, I really do miss my hood!


The coffee here is pretty good – latte


I couldn’t go pas the butterscotch milkshake – asked for half sweet and it was perfect.


The breakfast menu was vast, there is something from everyone and it ranged from muesli, to eggs, to pancakes. Lunch menu doesn’t start till 12 and they won’t take your order until it is 12!

I couldn’t go past the pork hock with pearl shallots, fried buckwheat, poached eggs and fresh herbs. The shredded pork was tender, the perfectly cut, crisp potatoes were soft and melted in your mouth. The poached egg was definitely a wonderful complement.


The classic eggs benedict with black forest gypsy ham, hollandaise celery salt was also excellent. The hollandaise sauce was one of the nicest I have had this year – that’s not saying much as I have yet to find a good one in Hong Kong.


The grass-fed Angus beef cheeseburger did not disappoint. The patty was juicy and cooked to perfection, the melted Gruyere cheese was a wonderful complement. Not to mention the crispy fried potato wedges – this would be a perfect hangover food!

EJ_burger (2)

I didn’t have any of the slow roasted lamb, kumera, watercress, salsa verde sandwich – but I was told that it was excellent.


How can one say no to crinkle cut fries with tomatoes and aioli? Definitely not me!


Service was good, it does get extremely busy around peak hour but we didn’t have to wait long. We were told 15 – 20 mins and we were seated in about 5 minutes which was fantastic. Lots of space, they have a high chair for kids and food is pretty excellent. Will definitely be back and try the pancakes – they looked good!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Excelsior Jones

139a Queen Street

Ashfield, NSW 2131

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New Shanghai, Ashfield

It has certainly has been a very long time since my last visit to New Shanghai, which is right next door to the Shanghai Nights – one of my favourite dumpling places in Sydney. It was a family dinner and I suggested this place. It was a busy Saturday evening, thankfully it wasn’t a long wait – 5 minutes or so, which isn’t too bad.

We started with the steamed oysters with vermicelli, fried onions, shallots and XO sauce ($3.80 each). I love XO sauce and I love steamed oysters so these were superb! The oysters are deliciously huge, plump and oh so wonderful.

New Shanghai pan-fried pork bun ($8.80). Slightly pan-fried and sprinkled with black sesame seed, these pork bun are absolutely fantastic! I forgot how ‘juicy’ they were! Explosive and hazardous! I think we all squirted the juice across the table.

The shallots pancake ($4.80) I thought was a major disappointment. A little dry, thick and too doughy!

The famous xiao long boa ($6.80), my favourite. I had to make sure that they were cool before popping the whole thing in my mouth. The broth sweet and flavoursome and eaten with vinegar and chili – scrumptiously good!

Fujian rice ($12.80) was a favourite amongst the diners. Pork, mushroom, carrots, peas on a bed of rice.

The deep fried yellow croaker with sweet and sour sauce ($22.80) with generous servings of prawns was another favourite of ours. The crispy skin, the fish was tender and succulent and I love the sweet and sour sauce.

My brother F couldn’t go past the deep fried crab with yolk of salt egg. I love yolk of salt egg, the saltiness, the creaminess, oh so addictive! The crab itself I thought was ordinary, a little dry and not so juicy, but its the sauce that I love.

We did order all that, however, we didn’t manage to finish it all, we took the fujian rice home which the family ate the next day.

Can you believe that the week after, my brother, F, wanted to go back? So we did… Round two!

We had originally wanted to try Shanghai Night but that was uber busy that we went back to New Shanghai.

Deep fried dumplings pork and coriander ($8.80) were good but I definitely prefer the xiao long bau or the pan-fried dumplings. The skin I thought was a little thick and not so very juicy.

Special spice crispy duck ($15.80) was scrumptiously tasty. Luscious duck meat with crispy skin – we fought for every single piece.

Deep fried crispy skin chicken with special sauce ($13.80) was another favourite amongst the diners. Crispy thin skin, succulent chicken meat with slightly sweet sauce.

Sweet and sour pork ($13.80) was definitely my favourite! The pork tender and juicy, the sweet and sour sauce delish! Not too sweet and sickly, which meant that Dad could eat a little more of it.

Deep fried bean curd coated with salted duck egg yolk ($13.80), similar to the crab, I think we can all safely say that this was probably better than the crab. More enjoyable and easier to eat. The pastry crispy and the tofu, soft and melted in your mouth. Not only that, but salted duck egg yolk – doubly YUM!

Stir fried handmade noodles with pork and vegetables ($8.80) was good but lacked a little something – vinegar and chili! F thinks that the handmade noodles at Sea Bay is probably tastier.

It just occurred to me that we ordered everything deep fried! It was good though and I have to say, we did order well! Two weeks in a row, can we make it three weeks in a row? F probably could, but I definitely need something different!

I love family gathering, family dinner, no doubt I really enjoyed this one!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

New Shanghai

273 Liverpool Road

Ashfield 2131

Ph: +61 2 9797 7274

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