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Gallery Cafe, Annandale

Gallery Cafe has been around for as long as I remember. When we lived in Annandale, this was one of the breakfast spots we went too. Back then, I didn’t really think much of it, thought the service was slow, food ok but on my recent visit, which would have to be about 3 – 5 years later, service has improved immensely and the food, generously large!

Located on Booth Street, Gallery Cafe offers diners, a large, breakfast orientated menu, lunch and now open for dinner from Thursday to Saturday. Now I haven’t been for dinner, but ‘The Mother’ went with his friends a couple of months ago, and rated it! Gallery Cafe serves pastries from Adriano Zumbo and serves Campos Coffee

I was catching up with the wonderful S and suggested this place. S wanted a salad and opt for the caesar salad with cos, garlic crouton, bacon strips, egg and shaved parmesan ($14.50) – it was definitely a generous serving.

I opt for the wrap – scrambled egg, chili beans an d avocado salsa ($14.00). Toasted, it was exactly what I needed that day, it was a tad spicy, but the combination was just perfect.

Didn’t take photos of the arts, but there were some pretty amazing paintings in there. I know some of my Annandale friends love this place, I can see why, the food is generous, food reasonably priced and service has definitely improved from what I remembered it to be. I saw someone ordered the wagyu burger, and my goodness – it was the size of my head!

Cute little spot, the coffee is pretty good and if I wasn’t so full, I wouldn’t have minded some pastries!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Gallery Cafe

43 Booth Street

Annandale 2038

Ph: +61 2 9692 8449

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Booth St Bistro, Annandale

It has been a very long time since I had dinner at 127 Booth Street. From memory, ‘The Mother’ and I had our first date here but it wasn’t Booth St Bistro, but hree Clicks West. It’s been a few years now since we have lived in Annanadale, we have brunch often as most of our friends are still there, and when I heard about Booth St Bistro, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Owned and managed by husband and wife team Wayne and Teresa Borgese-Coom. Wayne started his apprenticeship in New Zealand working at Cin Cin on Quay, GPK, Orbit Restaurant and Warakie Resort. In 2000, he relocated to Sydney and worked in Bayswater Brasserie, Level 41 and Specc in Clovely before he finally open his own restaurant.

I was catching up with two of my dearest and oldest high school friends, the doc and the accountant for brunch and I suggested this place. Booth St Bistro is open on weekend for brunch but open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm. The menu for dinner looks fantastic, Chef Wayne uses the freshest and finest Australian produce and menu is inspired by modern European cuisine.

Three hungry diners, we all had our own dish and the doc wanted to share the pancakes which we all couldn’t say no! Started with cappuccino – strong, aromatic and went down too quickly and nicely.

The accountant and I both opt for the cornfritters. A choice of bacon or avocado with poached egg, tomato capsicum chutney ($14.50). I didn’t want egg, so asked if I could have both bacon and avocado which was ‘sandwiched’ between two delicious think cornfritter topped with tomato capsicum chutney. DELISH!

The accountant had the bacon and egg, and the egg oozed with yolk and we can both safely say that it was fantastic and one of the nicest cornfritters I have had in a while.

The doct opted for eggs benedict ($14.50). Two oozy poached eggs which sat on a generous serving of house cured regal salmon, wilted spinach and toasted bread with generous hollandaise sauce. YUM!

For dessert, we shared the buttermilk pancakes with whipped honeycomb butter and strawberries. Three perfectly round pancakes, which were fluffy and airy and absolutely wonderful. The whipped honeycomb butter is to die for and a wonderful complement. I was stuffed, it was rich, filling and fringing awesome!

Deliciously full, we sat, chatted, and keen to try their dinner menu one evening. Everything on the menu just sounds fantastic – we will return!

Service friendly and welcoming, the place was busy when we arrived, but we didn’t have to wait long for a table. Can’t wait to go back.

GA’s rating: 8 / 10

Booth St Bistro

127 Booth Street

Annandale 2038

Ph: +61 2 9660 6652

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Couple of my favourite cafe’s in July!

There’s never really a shortage of cafe’s in Sydney. However there are a couple of places that I have gone back regularly in July and thought it was worth mentioning again. In no particular order…

Clover – a favourite of ours, we have been here numerous times since my last visit in November 2010. I love the friendly atmosphere, the food stupendous and consistently good! ‘The Mother’ and I were catching up with a couple of our friends who lives in the area. I won’t go into too much detail of each food, the picture pretty much speaks for itself.

‘The Mother’ had the lamb eight eggplant, couscous, spinach eggplant – full of flavour and the lamb incredibly tender.

The special of the day was the lamb shanks served with figs and yogurt and wow! This was my first encounter with lamb shanks and I LOVED it! It didn’t have that smell or after taste, the lamb incredible succulent and just fall off the bone. The figs, a wonderful complement. I came back about two weeks later and had the exact lamb shanks again!

The salmon salad served with poached egg was also good. Thought the salmon was a little on the dry side, but loved the oozie egg!

Last time we were there, we got these wonderful complimentary brownies with walnuts served with ice cream and berry compote.

Cafe Ish – a local, just around the corner! They have a new-ish menu and a new-ish website – pretty cool website!

Breakfast / Lunch: can’t start the day with macchiato coffee – love coffee art, and this was superb!
The breakfast trifle is one of my favourites – muesli, yogurt and berry compote – in my mind its ‘healthy’ and frigging tasty.

If you haven’t had Josh’s brioche – you are missing out! Brioche with Jam – loved the texture of the brioche, so smooth and creamy and the jam… fantastic!

You can’t go wrong with the wagyu burger – I know Uncle loves the burger here.

However, that day he ordered the Ai’s frigging awesome chicken – lots of flavour, lots of garlic and comes with miso soup.

You can now order the famous and my favourite ribs of all time, beef ribs for lunch. Serves with rice and miso soup. Because I love the rib so much – I could definitely have two servings!

Here’s another close up of the magnificent ribs!

And of course, the famous soft shell crab omelette – need i say more?

For dessert, if you want something sweet – sponge cake – fluffy, moist, check out the cream and jam!

Dinner: Lamb cutlets with panko crumbs – LOVE! The crumbs deliciously crispy and lamb cutlets deliciously tender.

Fried chicken wings – crispy skin and finger.licking.good! (damn I lost the frigging photo!)

Ai’s frigging awesome fried chicken – again lots of flavours with garlic – I still do prefer the fried chicken wings though!

My favourite – the dinner version of the beef ribs! I went with three other people, so four of us, we had TWO SERVINGS! yes… greedy much?

Le Monde: another favourite of mine! The daily specials changes… daily! I have been waiting for the pork belly to resurface but it hasn’t. The salads here are amazingly tasty, light but yet filling. The breakfast divine. However, one of the standouts I had is the zucchini fritters with smoked salmon and spinach – DELICIOUS! Make sure you wait for it to cool before putting a large chunk in your mouth! Burnt the top of my mouth as I was hungry and it looked stupendous, and it was!

The veal osso bucco pasta was good, although we both agreed that the pasta can be cooked a little bit longer! Otherwise, excellent!

I was curious to see how many cafes I keep returning, and the above three got loads of love in July! Will do a August next month and see. Is there a cafe that you keep going back too?


78 Booth Street

Annandale 2038

Ph: +61 433 258 252

Cafe Ish

82 Campbell Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2 9281 1688

Le Monde

83 Foveaux Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2 9211 3568

Revolver, Annandale

‘The Mother’ used to live in Annandale with his friends. Planet B was what they called the house of shenanighans and I used to ‘crash’ quite often. I love Annandale, and I would have happily stayed at Planet B, however, the owners were coming back from their travels and wanted to move back in. The corner store was where we would get some of our ingredients if we couldn’t be bothered driving to coles and local paper on the weekends. It has certainly been a while since we moved away from Planet B, that I didn’t even realise the corner store has been converted to a café – Revolver.

Apparently, the building was bought in 2006 by Rodney Jones who renovated the terrace by hand. I love the décor of the café, especially the feature wall with antique shelving complete with trundling library ladder. Café Niki in SurryHills was his earlier successor which I used to visit regularly but think has closed now.

I was here with B one weekday and for a weekday it was surprisingly busy! We rocked up at midday and there was a mini queue but thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to be seated.

We started with coffee and it came fast and was excellent.

I was undecided between the revolver vegie big breakfast and the tasmanian smoked trout on sweetcorn rosti so asked our lovely waiter for his suggestions. He suggested I get the big breakfast as ‘it is different and you won’t get it like this anywhere else’.

So with that, I opted for the Revolver vegie big breakfast ($16) which consisted of two baked eggs, in housemade beans, buttered mushrooms, roast tomato, avocado, danish fetta, hummus and toast served in a cast iron pan. The food was amazingly good – the housemade beans and buttered mushrooms topped with fetta and eaten with hummus and bread was outstanding! I demolished it and probably would have licked the cast iron pan if it wasn’t so hot and considered not classy! B couldn’t believe I demolished the whole thing. I have to say, it is one of the best ‘baked eggs’ I have had in Sydney.

B opted for something ‘healthier’. She had the granola with berries and poached peaches served with yogurt ($10). I felt bad eating something so fullfiling but it was good! Besides, B is on the hunt for the best muesli in Sydney – don’t think she has found it yet tough!

Their lunch option is supposed to be even better than breakfast, but it was my first meal of the day and couldn’t really stomach a cheeseburger. I have heard their cheeseburger is fantastic and saw a couple of people eating it. It looked incredibly delicious. The pepper beef sambo with aioli, rocket and sweet onion is supposed to be a hit also. Will definitely have to come back for their lunch.

The food is all organic and I love how its served on mismatching old school china and crockery. The service was quick and friendly. They also sell cakes, muffins and other sweets which are displayed on the counter. Check out this cute hello kitty sandwich – from memory its nutella? I didn’t buy any but remember regretting it as it would have been nice to have for an afternoon snack.

There are so many wonderful cafes in Annandale. I have missed living there and thankfully Revolver is not too far away, so it can still be a ‘local’. This won’t be the last time I visit, will take ‘The Mother’ here and I am sure he will want to walk pass Planet B!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10


291 Annandale Street

Sydney 2038

Ph: +61 2 9555 4727

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Breakfast at the ‘Tea House’

I never really know the name of this café – however, to ‘us’ it’s called the ‘Tea House’. We call it the ‘Tea House’ because of all the different types of teas behind the counter, and the name ‘La Buena Mesa Café & Providore’ is just way too long to remember!! I do remember the name of it prior to the new owners, Hopscotch, and even then, we still called the ‘Tea House’.

This place can get extremely busy on Sundays for brunch and going there with a big group is just a complete nightmare! There have a few tables outside if you want to sit under the sun, which is highly recommended during the cooler period, otherwise, a communal table inside in the middle and table for twos closer to the window.

It was a gorgeous but slightly chill morning and it’s been a while since my last visit. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for long, otherwise, I would have suggested somewhere else. I wasn’t really in the mood for coffee (yes, shoot me for saying that!) so I opted for the berry smoothie which consisted of all the ‘berry’ type fruit you can imagine. It was milky, smooth, consists of all sorts of berries and was absolutely delicious.

I opted for the scrambled eggs with spinach and a chicken sausage. The eggs were creamy and moist – just the way I like it, and the spinach gave a very nice touch to it. The chicken sausage was a little salty for my liking, but it was a nice compliment to the eggs and spinach.

Hubby ordered eggs with bacon (which was rolled up) and roasted tomatoes. This was a little plain I thought, the eggs were good, but the bacon wasn’t crispy and the tomato was a little overcooked for my liking. Hubby seemed to have enjoyed it though.

If you want a relaxing, casual café on a lazy Sunday with friends, or even during the weekdays, go to the Tea House (aka La Buena Mesa Cafe) but expect to wait, unless you come during non-peak hour. Service is a bit up and down, pending on how busy they are but food and ambiance is pretty good.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

La Buena Mesa Café & Providore

61 Annandale Street,

Annandale, Sydney

Ph: +61 2 950 2698