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Dedes Dessert, Dedes, Abbostford

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event hosted by Dedes Restaurant and Gourmet Rabbit. Thanks Denea and Dedes Restaurant for inviting me and a big thank you to Kelly Payne, Restaurant Manager for looking after us.

Dedes Restaurant is part of the Dedes Group, who also owns Flying Fish and the Deckhouse. It is located in Abbotsford, on the waterfront in the Sydney Rowing Club, and has beautiful views and perfect for wedding, birthday, and even work conference. It has been family owned for 30 years by Con and Kerrie Dedes, and the service was definitely very friendly and you can sense the family-ness in the air.

Upon arrival, we were presented with drinks – sparkling white, and as I am allergic to white, opted for something non alcoholic – lemon lime and bitters, my favourite.

It was a dessert degustation, however, we started with seafood platters – hot and cold. It is usually served separately but on this special occassion it was together. I was in awe at how big each of the platters were. Thank goodness there were nine of us that day, I don’t think we would have been able to finish it all.

The cold: marinated octopus, oysters, prawns and smoked salmon. The Sydney rock oysters from Wallis Lake were deliciously creamy and plump. Served with lemon and vinaigrette sauce it was magnificient. It was just too good to stop at one and to be honest, I had more!

The marinated octopus served with olives and feta were also wonderful, tender and full of flavour. The smoked salmon were nice, nothing special, but I do love smoked salmon. The prawns were fresh and huge and were absolutely divine!

Now I probably should have done something like this, but thankfully, I sat next to S and he beautifully presented the different type of food on his plate. Thanks S!

The hot: baked barramundi, bbq prawns, salt and pepper calamari, crayfish tail, scampi, horseback prawns with hand cut chips. Now I didn’t try everything as I wanted to save room for dessert. However, my favourite would have to be the crayfish tail. Lightly coated, it was incredibly juicy and succulent, it was excellent. The Horseback prawns were deep-fried balls of prawn wrapped in bacon; it was so good that one was simply not enough. By the time I got to the salt and pepper calamari the coating was not crispy, however, they were still wonderful. The baked barramundi was flavoursome and cooked to perfection.

Yaya (owner’s mum) prepared two beautiful side dishes of green beans and chicory dressed in lemon and olive oil – all made with love. She said we couldn’t have seafood without veggies, and she was right! I think these two veggies, should be on the menu! The green beans served cold were wonderful and the chicory was excellent.

Now what we have come here for, created all by the pastry chef Jason Langthorne, ex Flying Fish. We started with strawberry crème brulee and vanilla bean shortbread matched with Moet and Chandon Brut, which I didn’t have. The creme brulee was amazingly good. It was creamy and wonderful and the shortbread a wonderful complement. I thought it lacked a little in the presentation, but the creaminess and sweetness and flavour made up for it.

The chocolate truffle dacquoise, almond praline and Turkish delight ice cream was S’s favourite. This was DIVINE! The chocolate truffle was deliciously rich, and the Turkish delight ice cream was incredible. I loved the peanut praline at the top, crunchy, gooey and so very yummy! I have to admit though, I probably couldn’t have eaten the whole thing on my own!

This lovely chocolate truffle dacquoise was matched with frangelico frappe – it complemented it well and I think should be offered as a menu option instead of dessert wine.

The flourless citrus cake, lemon semi freddo and orange caramel were a favourite amongst the diners. It had an wonderful citrus flavour, and the lemon curd in the middle was absolutely delightful.

It was matched with piccolo latte – cinque stele espresso by victtoria which I loved! Served in a shot glass, it certainly wasn’t enough.

Lastly, my dessert of the day – baked rhubarb tart, cinnamon crumble and toffee apple ice cream. I loved the presentation, it was just too pretty to eat. Sweet pastry base, the rhubarb was cooked to perfection, and topped with cinnamon crumbs – it was a winner for me!

The matching port, nv galway pipe complemented the dessert, and as much as I wanted to finish the port, I couldn’t, as I was driving.

Yaya made some homemade pumpkin pie, her own filo pastry which was very sweet of her and a nice surprise for all of us. I love pumpkin pie, and probably should have taken some home!

The petite fours definitely tipped me over the edge, I was in the upper end of full and served with peppermint tea, it was definitely the perfect way to end the wonderful sugar hit!

It was one of the best afternoons I have had in a while – dessert, good company, great conversation – what more can a girl want! I loved the matching beverages for dessert, especially the piccolo latte and the port – thanks Kelly, it was ingenious.

Many thanks again to Denea from Gourmet Rabbit and Dedes Restaurant for the sugar hit and a wonderful afternoon. It was good to have finally meet you all! I have read your blogs and was finally good to put a face behind the name. Will definitely be back for a boozie lunch!

GA dined as a guest at Dedes.

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Dedes Restaurant

613 Great North Rd

Sydney 2046

Ph: +61 2 9712 5503

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