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AJ’s Sri Lankan Restaurant, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

I have wanted to come to AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine for a while now. It is located close to the pier in  Sai Kung, it is not an area that ‘The Mother’ and I go very often but it is an area that we do like to go. We have probably gone once or twice in the last year.


As you may recall, ‘The Mother’ and I went to Sri Lanka about 2 – 3 years ago now and absolutely loved it. The food was amazing and we stayed in Galle, which is a fortress and I didn’t want to leave at all. So when our dear friends S and J asked if we wanted to go to Sai Kung for lunch we couldn’t say no.

The place was smaller than I thought, it can fit about 30 people. We left all the ordering to S and J as they have been here numerous times and knew we were in great hands!

Started with papadams – they were crispy and I love the pineapple chutney.


I love corn cakes, and these were deliciously sweet (from the corn) and quite tasty. Even Dragon had a bite or two.


The fish cutlets I didn’t have but my fellow diners seemed to have enjoyed it. It wasn’t what I expected, they were small golf-ball sized lightly breaded and deep fried. I was told that RJ’s used mackerel and an even mix of pepper, spices, and finely sliced vegetables.


The coconut pancakes (I can’t for the life remember what the name is) were a little dry for my liking. I was hoping it was soft and fluffy.


We ordered the eggplant moju – Fried eggplant, onions and green chilies mixed in authentic mustard vinaigrette and it was delicious! A little on the spicy but which gave it a nice kick.


The barley curry was good – a little too much coconut for my liking but it was good to dip the coconut pancakes in it.


We couldn’t go past the string beans – a little spicy which gave it a nice kick.


I didn’t have any of the salmon yellow curry – salmon chunks cooked in a blend of traditional Sri Lankan spices, herbs with coconut milk to seal in the unique flavours, but it was a hit amongst the diners.


I absolutely loved the hoppas – plain and egg, which is simply an egg cracked into the middle and I have to say they are absolutely amazing and potentially my favourite kind of hoppas! It was hard not to over indulge and eat 2 or 3, they are definitely filling!


I was insanely full so didn’t have dessert, but we managed to find an ice cream store and some ice cream which was nice.

Service was friendly, S knew the owners quite well! It’s always lovely to catch up with S and J, I’m looking forward to our next meal together! Definitely worth the visit, we will definitely be back, and for me, definitely those egg hoppas! S claims it is the best Sri Lankan cuisine in Hong Kong!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine

G/F, 14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Street,

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2792 2555