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Mama San, Central, Hong Kong

Mama San is the newish venture by Dining Concept which is headed by Will Meyrick who has a Scottich heritage, Australian accent and an Indonesian home. Like its older sister restaurant in Bali, MaMa San offers diners Southeast Asian dishes and a whole list of delicious cocktails. The restaurant is located in on Wyndham Street – I can’t remember what was here before, however, I love the lay out, the relaxed vibe, the wooden tables and the bold and striking mural of the ‘mama san’ looking at everyone!


We were her for lunch and the set lunch was quite interesting. I had originally thought that you pick one dish from the set, however, that wasn’t the case. There are 3 different set menus and we opt to try all of them.


Makanan Siang set is the smallest set and perfect for one which includes vietnamese duck salad with carrot, green mango, coriander and dressing, green curry of clams or chicken with baby corn, long beans, coconut and thai basil served with rice (HKD118). I was rather surprised when everything came out in a bucket! It was definitely an interesting way of eating lunch. The duck salad was a little spicy but the duck was tender and the mango was a wonderful complement. We opt for the chicken green curry and the curry had a wonderful aroma and it wasn’t as thick as I had anticipated.


Next the Khao Gang Set (HKD138) – the crispy salmon with green mango and sweet fish sauce was a little disappointing. The salmon was a little dry and there was only ONE tiny piece? The salad itself was a little on the spicy side but gave it a nice kick. The cambodian duck curry with lemon grass, ginger, turmeric and yellow dahl was good. Generous pieces of shredded duck and the curry was excellent. The stir-fried baby choi sum was good but nothing special I thought.


The Mam San Treat Set (HKD158) – the biggest of the lot. The slow cooked crispy pork belly with green papaya and green mango salad was good. The pork belly was tender and I loved the crispy skin – but again, only one pieces?!?!?!?


The chili harbour prawns with deep fried garlic, iceberg lettuce and lemon was a hit amongst the diners. So was the southern Goan snapper with okra, fenugreek, curry leaves, yogurt and coconut.


For dessert, we thought we would share the Vietnamese creme caramel with coffee granite, tapioca, herbal jelly and palm sugar. This was refreshingly good and a perfect way to end the meal. The creme caramel was soft and wobbly – it was perfect and the palm sugar was a wonderful addition!


Majority of the dishes for the set lunch, including the salads were spicy. Thought there were some good dishes, some misses, overall it was ok. I am keen to try their dinner, however it was good to try a bit of everything for lunch

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Mama San by Will Meryrick

1/F, 46 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2881 8901