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Fish and Meat, Central, Hong Kong

I have heard wonderful reviews about Fish and Meat, the latest venture from Maximal Concepts who are also behind Blue Butcher and Brickhouse. From memory, it is where Sal Curioso used to be. The restaurant is very cozy and welcoming; I love the polished concrete floors, white-washed walls and rustic wood tables.


Fish and Meat focuses ‘on the best produce and techniques, to deliver fresh seafood, homemade pasta and farm-to-table cooking’. We were here for lunch and the lunch menu consisted of small and large dishes as well as sides and sweets.

We started with some crispy whitebait with lemon aioli. The whitebait was deliciously crispy and the lemon aioli was a wonderful addition. It was so hard to stop at one.


I couldn’t go past the slow cooked Spanish Teruel pork belly porchetta ciabatta / pork fennel sausage stuffing / gremolata. Oh my, one of the nicest sandwich I have had in a long time – the pork belly were incredibly tender, the rocket and the gremolata was a wonderful complement – the lemon zest gave it a nice kick!


The saffron risotto / crispy sea bream / scallop / squid / prawn were deliciously creamy! I loved the colour of the saffron risotto – so vibrant!


The free range warm French chicken salad / pancetta / arugula / cherry tomato / cherry tomato / basil were deliciously light and refreshing. Dragon absolutely loved the chicken and not to mention the croutons!


The cedar prime sirloin steak was cooked to perfection. It was served with celery truffle salad and roasted tomatoes.


We were quite stuffed so didn’t order any desserts, however, I am definitely keen to come back for the dinner menu. I have heard wonderful things about the slow cooked Spanish Teruel pork belly porchetta that I really need to get some in my belly!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Fish and Meat

2/F, 32 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2565 6788

American Restaurant, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

This restaurant has nothing to do with America, or the flavours. It is actually a Chinese restaurant that serves old school Pekingese food. The restaurant is not flash, décor is pretty much non-existent but food is definitely satisfying! The American Restaurant is quite famous for their Peking duck, beggar’s chicken, crispy fried beef that is served with doughy pockets and prawns in sweet and sour sauce served on a black cast-iron plate.


I was here with my high school buddy, the accountant, M. I have wanted to try this place for a while now and luckily we were both craving for Peking duck! I left all the ordering to M, she never disappoints and knows exactly what I want.

The pickled cucumber was a hit – both Dragon and I enjoyed it. It was slightly spicy which gave it a nice kick.


The serving for Peking duck was definitely more for two people, but we managed to demolish at least a quarter of it! The duck was meaty and juicy and the skin crispy. The pancakes were a little thick for my liking – it’s the old school way – but the duck definitely made up for it.


We also got a serving of smoked chicken and oh my, it was indeed a large serving. The chicken was full of flavour and extremely tender. Thankfully I got to take the rest home and had leftovers for the next evening.


A meal is not a meal without vegetables in M’s case. We ordered some braised cabbage and cured ham – the ham was incredibly salty but the braised cabbage wasn’t too bed.


We also ordered a serving of man tau – probably should have it fried, but we thought we would be ‘healthy’.


I was beyond full, so didn’t order any dessert but both the Peking duck and smoked chicken was definitely delicious! I’m definitely keen to go back to try their other dishes! It is always hard to order a lot of food at a Chinese restaurant, especially if there are only 2.5 of us (including Dragon!). Dragon ate her fair share of chicken and duck! She definitely preferred the chicken over the duck!

Service was polite and friendly. Food came relatively quickly and they were all very smiley and kept Dragon entertained which was nice.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

American Restaurant

G/F, 20 Lockhart Road,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2527 1000

The Woods, Sydney

The Woods is Hamish Ingham’s latest restaurant which can be found inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. It is on the ground floor and the restaurant was a lot bigger than I had anticipated. For a week night, the restaurant was relatively full and I love the open kitchen where you can see the chef in action. The menu is vast, and centred around good quality and fresh produce. I was here with some uni friends, our last meal together and it was definitely wonderful.


I started with the crispy chicken wing, Jerusalem artichokes and pickled shallots. The chicken wings were excellent, crispy and incredibly tender and the Jerusalem artichokes and pickled shallots a wonderful complement.


T had the soup, from memory it was cauliflower soup. I didn’t have any of this but T seemed to have enjoyed it.


C had the Ash seasoned ocean trout, smoked trout roe & parsley salad – this looked superb but unfortunately I didn’t have any of it either. He did say that it was pretty good, he didn’t like the parsley salad, but then again, he is not really a vegetable kind of guy! The brioche was tasty he said.


For mains, I couldn’t go past the slow cooked beef short rib, pickled shallots and pepperberry sauce. The ribs are deboned and it was incredibly tender that it just fell apart. The sauce was a little rich for my liking but the beef was definitely excellent.


T had the olive wood roasted lamb, sticky carrots and pressed potato. The roasted lamb was a little gamey T thought, but nevertheless it was nice.


C had the Grasslands beef fillet, smoked eggplant, black garlic and parsnip chips. The beef was incredibly tender, and the parsnip chips were delicious.


We also ordered a side of roast pumpkin, toasted walnuts and midnight moon – wow. This was definitely my favourite! Definitely could have eaten the whole thing on my own!


I was getting full by this stage but thought we would share the earl grey tea tart which was extremely creamy and not too sweet. We really enjoyed the tart.


Service was excellent and food was delicious! Thought it would be a bit noisy but it was surprisingly ok. Will definitely be back next time.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

The Woods

199 George St

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9250 3160

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No Signboard Restaurant, Causeway bay, Hong Kong

I first heard of No Signboard Restaurant was when I was in Singapore which started as a hawker stall. Everyone who has been to Singapore has either eaten at No Signboard or has heard of it. They are famous for their white pepper crab and my other favourite the salted egg yolk crab. I was shopping in Causeway Bay with the family one day and stumbled across this restaurant. They suggested we go check it out as we haven’t been to Singapore and they wanted to eat crabs.

No Signboard Hong Kong can be found on Patterson Street in Causeway Bay. It has a very minimalistic look, plastic chairs, white walls and the menu is very simplified to include only the top 30 or so signature dish. I left all the ordering to my parents but requested that we get the sweet and sour pork!

To be honest, I find eating crab very annoying – little satisfaction for a lot of effort! Hands get dirty and for what? A little chunk of meat? I don’t enjoy eating crab outside the comfort of my own home and with Dragon… well it’s just too much of an effort!

We started with the thousand year old egg – not everyone’s cup of tea but I love these! Creamy and delicious.


They ordered the Chili Singaporean crab – it looked quite decent but my parents thought that the one in Singapore was infinitely better. This lacked something, it wasn’t bad but they’ve definitely had better. I didn’t have any as I am still not eating shellfish due to breastfeeding and what I mentioned above.


You can’t have crab without these fried man tau (bread) – they glistened with oil (there goes my diet!) but seriously good. They are crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft and fluffy on the inside. You scrape the crab sauce with these delicious man tau, or like me, dip them in condense milk! YUM!!!!


The mushroom stuffed with minced pork and vegetables was good but nothing special I thought.


I don’t know why I always order sweet and sour pork but I am on the hunt for the BEST sweet and sour pork in Hong Kong. These weren’t too bad, the pork was tender and the batter thin. My aunt and I were fighting for every single last piece!


The mix hot pot was good but again nothing special. I do like tofu but this was a little on the salty side for me.


We also ordered a serve of vegetables which wasn’t too bad.

Service was a tad slow at times. Even though there were only 4 or 5 tables it was relatively slow. It wasn’t cheap either, I think the one in Singapore is slightly cheaper. Would I go back? Probably not but will definitely go to the one in Singapore when I am there next.

GA’s rating: 5.5 / 10.

No Signboard Restaurant

66-72 Paterson Street,

Causeway Bay

Ph: +852 2398 9959

Lung Mun Seafood, Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong

Lei Yue Mun is just a boat ride away from Hong Kong island, very close from Sai Wan Ho, where we caught the boat from. It is one of Hong Kong’s most popular seafood venues, and has over a dozen seafood restaurant. My parents have been raving about Lei Yue Mun and the cheap seafood. ‘The Mother’s’ parents were in town and we thought we would take them there, walk around and have some seafood.

We rocked up at midday and ALL the restaurants were quiet! Our trick of picking the busiest restaurant did not work, we were told that dinner is probably their busiest time as everyone is still asleep during the day. Lung Mun Seafood is where we ended up, it’s been operating since 1967 and has more than 40 years of history.

We started with the razor clams which were served with vermicelli and lots of garlic. I love razor clams and these were delicious. However, in saying that, I think there was TOO much garlic for my liking!

Tender, succulent beef with shallots. It was good but nothing special I thought.

The sweet and sour pork was good but definitely not the best I have had. Thought the pork meat was a little hard, which is a shame.

The bite size salt and pepper tofu was delicious. It’s soft and pillow-y and delicious.

We also ordered steam fish which I forgot to take a photo off but it was delicious.

Service was friendly and good, however, we were the only customers. Not sure what it is like if it was busy. Thought the food was good, we didn’t order a lot of high end seafood but what we ordered was definitely tasty. I certainly wouldn’t mind going back for dinner.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

The Lung Mun Seafood

G/F, 20 Hoi Pong Road of West

Lei Yue Mun Praya Road West

Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2717 9886