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Panino Gusto, Central, Hong Kong

I love a good sandwich – the bread is important, then the filling! However,it has been difficult to find a good sandwich in Hong Kong. Panino Giusto has been opened for a while now, it offers diners authentic Italian panini, desserts, espresso and wine. It is located on the 3rd floor of the IFC shopping mall, and although it’s small and busy around lunch time, it is quite a cool hang-out spot, especially the view overlooking the harbour.


Menu is well all panini with different types of fillings ranging from beef, ham, proscuitto, turkey and even vegetarian. ‘The Mother’ started with the coffee and it was a pretty decent coffee which was served with a nice little block of ice cream coated with chocolate!


We shared the tartufo – parma ham, brie, tomato, rocket, alba truffle oil (HKD98) – everything I really love in a sandwich! The truffle oil really gave it a nice rich flavour and loved the combination of parma ham and brie (although I think the brie could have been melted a little more!). The bread itself I thought was ok though, definitely had better bread in Sydney!


The montage – rosemary and sage roast beef, tomato, rocket, lemon, extra-virgin olive oil (HKD88). ‘The Mother’ really enjoyed the roast beef, but I definitely prefer the ham, especially with the truffle oil!


Overall I thought it was ok. It’s better than most places I have tried but considering I don’t work nearby, I don’t think I would make the trek.  I know ‘The Mother’ has been a couple of times and really enjoy it, especially the apollo – roast turkey breast, tomato, mozzarella, and mustard sauce! I have definitely been utterly spoilt by the choices of bread in Sydney, nothing really compares it in Hong Kong unfortunately and I am indeed looking forward to indulging when I am back later in the year!

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Panino Gusto

Shop 3077, Podium Level Three

ifc mall, 8 Finance Street,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2564 7000

The Sandwich Shop, Surry Hills

The Sandwich Shop which opened just recently on Reservoir Street, near Single Origin is a very cute and tiny place, not a lot of seating area, mostly for takeaways. However, ‘The Mother’ and I managed to grab the last two tables inside.

As the name suggests, it sells freshly made sandwiches (from memory the bread is from Brasserie bread) ranging from chicken schnitzel, to rare roast beef, pulled pork and I was even told that it has one of the nicest Reuben sandwiches in town!

‘The Mother’ couldn’t resist the rare roast beef ($8.90) – seasoned rare roast beef, horseradish, fontina cheese, tomato and leaf lettuce. Oh my, it was a relatively large serving, and incredibly fresh and absolutely delicious.

I would usually order either the pulled pork or the Reuben sandwich, however, on this day, thought I would try something different – something a little healthier, like a salad! Yes, I myself couldn’t believe I passed on slow cooked pulled pork and house made bbq sauce, coleslaw on sourdough roll! I will be back for this pulled pork sandwich!

The quinoa salad with roasted pumpkin, haloumi, which I added chicken was fresh and delicious ($9.50, a little bit extra for the chicken!). All the salads are served in a takeaway container and it was the ‘healthy’ kick that I needed that day.

The breakfast menu isn’t large, there’s the breakfast sliders ($4 each) which looked good but small, spelt and honey banana bread and croissants. Sandwiches are definitely their specialty and I am definitely keen to go back and try the New York Reuben sandwich!  I’m so glad that this is just around the corner, I have been looking for a ‘good’ sandwich place.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

The Sandwich Shop

44 Reservoir Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2 9211 8710

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