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Sante at Crown Casino, Melbourne

I am usually not a big fan of buffet, not because of the food – I have had some fantastic buffet, however, it’s the amount of food that I can’t consume for the price. I have paid $40+ for buffet and only eat one or two plates. People, including my parents would say that I don’t eat my money’s worth of food and they are probably right. Usually after the second plate, I am done. I have been with friends, and they can eat a minimum of four plates and by four plates, I mean four MOUNTAIN of food per plate.

It was a Friday evening, I hadn’t planned anything , which was a big big mistake, as I wasn’t sure what time we would be back from our road trip. We rocked up to Warung Agung, Indonesian restaurant, apparently famous for their suckling pig but they were fully booked and could not fit us in till 9.30pm! None of us could have waited till then. We were starved. I even tried calling my friend to pull some strings at his restaurant, but it was a Friday night and rightly so, should have given him more notice.

So hungry, we drove to the casino looking for food. Mum suggested Sante, buffet, $26pp and I was surprised how good it was. Considering it was the week of Chinese New Year, they had a Chinese theme. They also had western food – roast pork – no doubt I had at least two servings of this! It was tender and succulent.

First plate: combination of everything as I was starved! Western and Chinese food on the one plate! Roast pork, chicken satay, tofu stir fry and beef brisket. The beef brisket was seriously delicious – think it was the combination of hunger and the fact that it was tasty!

So tasty that I had a second plate, and that was pretty much all I ate. See – not worth it! Quite pathetic effort huh?

The rest of the family had about three plates, which was a lot better.

I wanted to make room for dessert!

For dessert, I couldn’t go pass the apple strudel – moist, warm with sweet stewed apple. It was wonderful. The carrot cake was lovely, again very moist and served at room temperature. However, my favaourite were the mini coconut and pandan pancakes – wow! I’m not usually a huge fan of coconut but it was subtle, the pancakes were made freshly on the spot and warm. Eaten with the apple from the strudel and ice cream it was the perfect way to end the meal.

The green jelly I thought was so so. I thought at first it was kue lapis, but unfortunately it wasn’t. They had a variety of desserts, ranging from mud cakes to ice cream to brownies and many more. However, my favourite was definitely the mini pandan and coconut pancakes.

The service at Sante was good, plates were taken as soon as you were done. The food was surprisingly good and for $26pp it really isn’t too shabby. It wouldn’t be my first choice of restaurant at the casino, but we were starved, and I was getting angry. Three course meal with lots of variety, you can’t go wrong with that!

Stuffed like a chicken, we wondered down to the casino and tried our luck!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10


Crown Entertainment Complex

8 Whiteman St

Southbank 3006, Melbourne

Ph: +61 3 9292 5132

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