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Huxtable, Fitzroy, Melbourne

December 11, 2012 1 comment

A trip to Melbourne for work meant that I get to eat at some of the restaurants I have wanted to try and Huxtable has been on the list for a while now. Located at Fitzroy, the restaurant is quite tiny, and reservations are highly recommended. Daniel Wilson is the owner and chef behind this great restaurant, and I have to say, I had high expectations and it did not disappoint.


I had made reservations at 7pm and the place was already busy at the time. I had perused the menu a week before so knew exactly what I wanted but let ‘The Mother’ have a quick look before ordering. He couldn’t go past the olives, green and brown and they were delicious and fresh.


‘The Mother’ couldn’t resist ordering the chilli smoked mussels, pickled shallots, aioli (g) ($9.50). They were deliciously smokey and plump and the aioli gave it a nice touch.


The jalapeno and cheddar croquette ($3.50) was excellent – the combination of the jalapeno and cheese was a match in heaven! Who would have thought? It was amazing!


The tempura eggplant and prawn fritter ($5.50) was lightly battered, I love the eggplant and the prawn was moreish.


For something more substantial, ‘The Mother’ opt for sashimi of ocean trout, finger lime & sesame ponzu, seaweed ($23). Beautifully presented, I love the redness of the ocean trout! It was fresh and absolutely delicious and I love the ponzu sauce.


I couldn’t go past the korean bbq pork ribs, spicy slaw, chilli gherkin ($24) – OMG! The ribs were amazingly good – tender, succulent and lots of flavour! It was a little spicy and the spicy slaw and chili gherkin a wonderful complement. Probably the highlight dish that evening.


For dessert, we ordered the warm banana bread, caramelised white chocolate, espresso ice cream ($12). Loved the espresso ice cream and the banana bread was soft and fluffy.


We really enjoyed our meal at Huxtable and would definitely come back to try their other dishes. However in saying that, it would be difficult to resist ordering the kimchi ribs! Service was very friendly and they really looked after us and Dragon which was nice. Loved the ambiance, the fit out and especially the food!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10



131 Smith Street

Fitzroy, 3065


Ph: +61 3 9419 5101

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Birdman Eating, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Gertrude Street is becoming quite trendy with cafes and shops popping up. I don’t know Melbourne very well but I do remember coming to Gertrude Street many years ago and it has definitely changed!

I was looking for somewhere to eat before shopping whilst ‘The Mother’ and Brother in law was at the cricket and thought I would give this place ago. The menu is quite vast, different types of egg dishes, baked eggs, porridge, toast, crumpets and many more.

Started with freshly orange juice….

I couldn’t decide, everything sounded wonderful, house made crumpets with leatherwood sounded tempting, so did the baked eggs but it was the smoked pulled pork, shredded lettuce and mint open sandwich with roast pineapple sorbet ($16.50) that won my heart.

OH MY – what a LARGE serving! TWO thick toast, one with lettuce and onions, the other a generous serving of pulled pork and roasted pineapple sorbet. The pulled pork was tender and a although a bit of the sweet side was WONDERFUL and the sorbet, sweet and melted quite quickly. It was quite a rich dish but definitely hit the spot. It was exactly what I wanted.

I was hoping to return the next day with ‘The Mother’ and BiL, however, we got up too late and didn’t have time as we had to go back to Sydney. Service quick and friendly, the place was buzzing but didn’t have any trouble getting a table. Got a take away coffee, didn’t think I wanted one but I needed something to start the shopping journey!

Till next time Birdman… there will be a next time!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Birdman Eating

238 Gertrude St

Fitzroy, VIC3065

Ph: +61 3 9416 4747

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EPIC meal at Cutler and Co, Fitzroy, Melbourne

This was one place I had to dine and as soon as we booked our flights, I made a reservation at Cutler and co. Three weeks in advance, and they said they were fully booked! However, I was persistent and called two days later and they had a cancellation and we were IN!

I was beyond excited, Cutler and Co can be found on Fitzroy Street. Décor was hip, light was dim and even before we were seated I was already loving the ambiance and the service!

We were seated to our table, and presented with the menu.

Whilst perusing the menu, we were offered some bread and creamy butter and pink salt flakes.

Quartered brown sourdough roll….

Or ‘muffin’ looking bread which were soft and fluffy. The boys loved the bread that they kept ordering more.

The menu is not huge – a la carte section or an eight course degustation. If I wasn’t with the family, I would have definitely gone for the degustation. I don’t think my family could eat that much, and more importantly, I have to uphold this ‘image’ that I am not a pig as they would be absolutely appalled.

We thought we would share the entrees. Three entrees, and we started with the ‘Salad Lyonnaise’ smoked Wagyu ox tongue, crispy pork hock, egg and tomato ($22). WOW. The combination of the flavours really worked.

I loved the tenderness of the ox tongue, the crispiness of the pork hock and the oozing egg, it was AMAZING!

Next smoked and raw tuna, octopus, avocado and pickled cucumber ($25). The presentation was incredible, the freshness of the tuna, the creaminess of the avocado which were presented like tea drops, sprinkled with sesame. It was deliciously light, refreshing and absolutely wonderful.

Finally, the poached chicken, foie gras parfait, quinoa and prune ($25). This dish had less of a wow factor, when compared to the other two. Succulent poached chicken with foie gras, beautiful combination and the prune gave it that extra sweetness. It was good but I do prefer the other two dishes.

We sat there and paused. WOW. What a start. I was definitely looking forward to our mains.

Dad, O, and I all ordered the roast suckling pig, boudin noir, plum and kohlrabi ($47) and my frigging goodness, it was the most wonderful suckling pig I have ever tasted. I still dream about the tenderness of the meat, the crispy, gooey skin that just melted in my mouth. Each mouthful was better than the next. I had a mini food orgasm, it was THAT good. So good that I had to take another pause and absorb it all. The roast suckling pig was just outstanding! The boudin noir was so delicious, it was crumbly and fell apart. I love the sweetness of the plum sauce, it really complemented the suckling pig.

Mum opted for the poached kingfish, prawn, almond and shaved celery salad ($42). The kingfish was tender, yet firm. The prawn was beautifully cooked, and the almond and shaved celery salad was light and a wonderful. It was nice but my suckling pig was magnifique.

F had the roast lamb saddle, eggplant, purslane and spiced carrots ($43). Pink tender roast lamb saddle with succulent carrots and eggplant. It was good but still too lamb-y for me, F certainly enjoyed it.

Dessert – it had both F and I at ice cream sandwich and salted caramel – Chocolate ice cream sandwich, vanilla parfait and salted caramel ($18) – a plate of delicious goodness. Everything I love for dessert on a single plate. The chocolate ice cream was light and creamy, almost mousse like. ‘Sandwiched’ between rough crumbed edges of crumbed honeycomb and almond which were layers of vanilla parfait sandwich and sat on a base layer of salted caramel.

Did it taste as good as it looked? It was INCREDIBLE, so incredible that it was o r g a s m i c – yes, a second mini food orgasm. It totally blew me away, it was the best dessert I have ever had. Not just me, but we were all fighting for every single last bit! We probably should have ordered two servings of this!

The other dessert we shared was violet ice cream, chocolate ganache, sour cherry and clove meringue ($18) – another favourite apparently. I loved the chocolate ganache and sour cherry, the clove meringue was sweet. I am not usually a fan of meringue as its usually too sweet but this was just right, the violet ice cream was lovely, however, reminded me of potpourri! It was a relatively light dessert but we all ate this quickly so we could end with the delicious goodness of chocolate and salted caramel.

We scrapped everything off the plate – I probably would have licked the plate if no one was around. I did take another pause. I know it is still early in the year, but this undoubtedly has to be the best meal thus far. It will be very hard to beat, each course was better than the next, and each mouthful made me want even more.

Lastly, petite fours, chocolate mud cake – I was full but HAD to try. It was deliciously rich and incredibly sweet.

Andrew McConnell is the chef behind this, ex head chef at Circa (another restaurant which I like but didn’t get a chance to visit) before he ventured to open the successful but short-lived Three One Two. Now, with Cumulus and Cutler and Co under his belt, he has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s culinary icons.

The whole meal was just sublime, I didn’t want it to end. I can still taste the crackle in my mouth, the tenderness of the pork meat. Not to mention the ice cream sandwich – outstanding. I have to stop here, before I have another food orgasm.

It was indeed the best meal I have had this year and thus far!

GA’s ratings: 9.5 / 10

F’s ratings: 10 / 10

Cutler and Co

57 Getrude Street

Fitzroy, 3065


Ph: +61 3 9419 4888

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