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Egg tarts and many more… Macau

Macau is no Vegas, but it does have its cheesiness just like Vegas! The Venetian Hotel / Resort is in Taipa and like all the other hotels in Macau, it has a 24 hour Casino! However, the Venetian Hotel has one of the biggest indoor shopping mall – I spent HOURS in there wondering and looking! But alas – did not buy anything. Believe it or not, I wasn’t in the mood for shopping, was happy to just look… I think the aim of this holiday was to relax and EAT! So….

It was way pass lunch time by the time we checked in and wandered and I was starved! Found the food court, and I personally did 3 laps and finally settled on Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak as we all know, widely eaten in Malaysia / Singapore which consists of rice (soaked in coconut milk) with sambal, fried ikan bilis, chicken, cucumber slices and egg). My Nasi Lemak came with all that (egg on the bottom of rice) PLUS deep fried prawn. The prawn was a little cold so it wasn’t the best, however, the chicken was crispy on the outside and tender inside. The ikan bilis was also crunchy and salty, however, the sambal I found was not hot enough. This was good enough to satisfy my Indonesian / Malaysian food cravings.

Hubby on the other hand went for something more traditional – Macanese / Portugese food. He got Portoguese chicken curry – it was definitely a generous serving. It was served on a hot clay pot – so it wouldn’t go cold quick. The chicken was tender, however, the curry had too much coconut milk for my liking – served with potatoes and was chilli hot – just the way I like it!

The one must thing you must eat in Macau is the egg tarts. They are known for their famous egg tarts and as predicted, the Portugese Egg Tarts were delicious! The flaky and crisp pastry crust held together a warm baked egg custard that was lightly caramalized… one of these egg tarts are never enough so we bought FOUR! 2 each!

Dinner that night was at Mortons – we both wanted a ‘good’ steak. Morton’s steak house is quite famous, they opened a branch in Sydney and I remember going there for a friends’ 21st. However, it didn’t last very long, it is quite expensive, and I am sure you can get cheaper steak elsewhere. Our hostess was a little cheesy – but great value! She recommended that we got the New York Strip steak to share, and will cut into two for us (hence the half cut steak!) with boulonnaise sauce, French fries and some beans. We weren’t disappointed with the steak – asked for medium rare and it was indeed medium rare. It was still slightly red on the inside (no blood oozing!), and was tender and juicy. The boulonnaise sauce was creamy (as it should be) and was a great compliment to the steak. The French fries were thick cut and crispy and not too oily. It was bit on the exy side, but it was definitely worth it (especially when you are craving for a ‘good’ steak!)

We didn’t do much else besides walk around the gaming room, hubby played on the roulette and won back what we spent on food that day – which was not too shabby. You can definitely do a day trip to Macau – which I am sure we will do again when we have visitors.

The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel / Mortons Restaurant
Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n,
Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Ph: +853 2882 8888

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