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Indonesian 1968, Central, Hong Kong

I am really liking this Indonesian Restaurant. I came here for lunch for the first time since they moved location and came back again for dinner about a few weeks later. This time though, we got to try more dishes on their menu.


We started with the pork satay – tender and full of spices. I had to ask them specifically not to put the peanut sauce on the satay as I am still allergic to nuts. Satay with no peanut sauce is just not the same I tell you – not the same, but it is still quite tasty.


The beef satay was nice but I still prefer the pork.


However, my favourite would have to be the tendons satay – deliciously tender and incredibly tasty.


The corn fritters were sweet, and I grew up with this snack and absolutely loved it!


The perkedel was ok, I still think Mum makes the best perkedel!


The roast chicken was excellent, incredibly tender with crispy skin.


The chicken curry was slightly on the spicy side but who could resist chicken and potatoes? Definitely not ‘The Mother’ – his favourite dish!


Beef rendang is one of my favourite dish, and although I am bias with Mum’s rendang, this was actually not bad. Not as good but I would happily eat this if Mum’s not around.


Service was efficient, and I would happily return and get my Indonesian fix. I have to say the food at this location is infinitely better than the one at Causeway Bay.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Indonesian Restaurant 1968

5/F, The L Place

139 Queen’s Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2577 9981

Tambuah Mas, Singapore

‘The Mother’, Dragon and I went to Singapore for a quick weekend trip. I wanted to catch up with my brother who was there for a wedding and of course for me to eat also! I didn’t get to eat as much as I’d like too or could have but did manage to eat a few snacks and went to a few restaurants.


We landed in Singapore about 1pm and by the time we got to the hotel it was almost 2.30pm so thought we’d check out Paragon mall and see if they have any good restaurant. I have been craving Indonesian food – think a trip back is definitely required! I suggested Tambuah Mas which is located in the basement.


I couldn’t go past the chicken satay, thankfully the peanut sauce was served separately. The chicken weren’t as tender as I had hoped but I do like the charcoal taste and the sauce – kecap manis wasn’t overly powering.


I also ordered oxtail soup – my favourite! It was about 6SGD which is reasonably cheap but quite exy for Indonesian standard. The soup was delicious with lots of flavours and the oxtail was incredible tender! It was pretty damn tasty I have to say and definitely could have had more!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the daily special which was mie rebus in clear both. It didn’t look very Indonesian but he seemed to have enjoyed it.


The es teler – coconut milk, young coconut, jack fruit and avocado was a must order.


‘The Mother’ had the es cendol which he thoroughly enjoyed – it was a little too sweet for my liking but he definitely enjoyed it!


Service was efficient and food was quite tasty and authentic. Did see other diners ordering different dishes and it looked fantastic! Will definitely be back next time.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Tambuah Mas

Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #B1-44

Orchard, 238859

Ph: +65 6733 2220

Indonesian Restaurant 1968, Central, Hong Kong

I have previously gone to 1968 when it was opened in Causeway Bay about two – three years ago. It was the first time I met my dear friend Jasonbonvivant and mochachocolatarita – how time flies! The Causeway Bay branch has now closed and they have recently opened at the L Place in Central. I was craving Indonesian food one day and suggested this place to my colleague who has never ever had Indonesian food before!


Like all restaurants in Hong Kong, there are always lunch time specials during lunch time. The menu at 1968 is vast, it looks more appealing and more variety than their old branch – mind you this was a while ago so I don’t exactly remember. I recommended that my colleague get the teh botol, which he absolutely loved. It is slightly on the sweet side for me but I really do enjoy it.


We started with an appetizer, salad – which isn’t very Indonesian at all!


J couldn’t go past the nasi goreng special which is served with sunny side up egg, prawn crackers and two chicken satays. The nasi goreng was delicious – there is that wok smell which I love. He didn’t want it spicy which is a shame as I think the chili would give it a nice kick.


I couldn’t go past the tumpeng which consists of rice cakes in coconut, braised chicken, fried chicken, perkedel (mashed potatoes with spices and meat), egg and beef rendang. This was SUPERB and if you wanted to try a bit of everything then this is perfect!


The fried chicken had a very crispy skin and the meat extremely tender. It was seriously delicious!


I also wanted to try some beef brisket satay which was absolutely delightful! The brisket was so tender it just melted in my mouth! Definitely could have eaten a dozen of this on my own!

R1_brisket sate

Overall I thought the meal was a lot better than the one in Causeway Bay. I can’t for the life remember if the menu has changed or if it’s actually better! Regardless, I really enjoyed my lunch here and can’t wait to try their other dishes next time.

Service efficient, I do recommend that you make a reservation as the place was PACKED when we went!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Indonesian Restaurant 1968

5/F, The L Place,

139 Queen’s Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2577 9981

One Month Celebration

I can’t believe that a month has gone since I gave birth to Dragon (Ms E). Which meant that both our confinements are over (earlier for me, as I couldn’t stand being at home for 30 days, 21 days was more than enough for me!)

It is customary in our culture to celebrate a baby’s first month. Plenty of food involved of course and also with cakes and sweets. There were so much food that I really didn’t know where to start so without further adieu below are the pictures of food that was involved – if you are hungry I would stop reading now.

The nasi kuning (turmeric rice) shaped in a cone is called ‘tumpeng’ which is usually served with a side of vegetable and meat is a very traditional dish in Indonesia for celebration. One of my favourites actually – one of Mum’s friends kindly made this for us.

There were also noodles which is important for birthdays – long life etc. Gado-gado which was excellent – it’s SO hard to find good gado-gado in Sydney – although I am not sure why there are tomatoes in it! The sauce though was fantastic.

Not to mention these fantastic bakso goreng (fried pork balls), which was brought from Pinangsia. Mum was going to make her own bakso goreng but she ran out of time!

The MiL made glutinous nasi kuning (turmeric rice) with chicken curry as well as suckling pig – YUM!

Dyed red eggs are important part of the full month celebration as it symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life, as well as announce the arrival of a newborn baby.

Also, my favourite, Ang Ku Kueh (‘red turtle cakes’) – the dough of the cake is dyed red for good luck and the kueh also signifies longevity as turtles have long lives. These were ordered from Istana and they were delicious!

Another favourite of mine – onde-onde as they are called in Malaysia, but in Indonesia they are called ‘kelepon’ and they are infused pandan juice and filled with palm sugar and then rolled with some fresh grated coconut. The palm sugar usually burst in your mouth and it is SO hard to stop at just one! Trust me, I think I ate half a dozen or a dozen on my own!

Then these fish-shaped pudding in a puddle of condensed milk which has rockmelon inside made by one of my aunts were incredible!

There were also quiche, salad and potato salad to mix it up a bit.

People also got to take some goodies home, a box full of different types of things from top left, red egg, sepiku (one of my favourite Indonesian cakes – it’s the 30 egg cake, each layer is made with 10 eggs! Mum didn’t make this but hers would include 30 eggs!) and rissoles. Bottom left, croquet, ang ku kueh and lemper (chicken rice).

The highlight (not that the above food weren’t highlights), however, Dragon’s birthday cake which was made especially by Oni from I eat Sweet. RED VELVET CAKE! I was impatiently waiting to eat it but not after we had photos with the birthday girl! Pity she couldn’t eat any of it, as it was EPIC! Thanks Oni for making the cake in such short notice! LOVE!

To my dearest Dragon – Happy One Month! I am sure there will be many more celebrations to come!

To all my friends and family, many thanks for celebrating this special moment with us. We truly do appreciate it and look forward to many more celebrations and gatherings! x

Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk, Kuta, Bali

Whilst in Bali, we drove past this place many times, the sign of a man with funny looking hair and face that has made me wondered but it wasn’t until this place was recommended that we actually went. ‘Authentic Balinese food’ she claims, and how could we resist?

Don’t be put off by the venue, it is very simple and minimal, no air con, very ‘warung’ style but the food…. is superb! Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk is said to be the best eating spots in Bali due to its special braised chicken and duck.

We started with the bebek betutu gilimanuk (1/2 duck), Balinese braised duck, extremely spicy and mouth watering but incredible! The duck is marinated with garlic, turmeric, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, chilies, bay leaves and kaffir lime leaves. The duck was incredibly tender, that it just fell apart and full of flavour. Our eyes were watering but we couldn’t help but eat more, the sauce was just outstanding.

The bebek goreng (1/2 duck), deep fried duck was also quite tasty. We couldn’t help but dip the duck in the sauce. The duck was so tender, even the bones were tender, but I think we all preferred the bebek betutu gilimanuk.

Similar to the bebek betutu gilimanuk, the ayam betutu gilimanuk was just as good! The sauce, we just couldn’t get enough of it!

Dad opted for the soto ayam – chicken soup with vermicelli and egg. This is one of my favourite dish, the soup was tasty and refreshing. I have grown up with soto ayam and loved it, it didn’t have enough chicken though.

F couldn’t help but order a side of the soto ayam campur – mix of everything (including tendons) plus chicken soup with vermicelli and egg.

The plecing dengan sambal terasi (boiled veggie with shrimp paste chili sauce), this was quite bitter for my liking and didn’t enjoy it. The chilli was good but not as spicy as the ayam betutu gilimanuk.

Presentation not exactly their strength, but it is not that kind of place. We came here for the food and we weren’t disappointed. From memory, the above costs less than AUD30! We were keen to go back the next day but we ran out of time. Definitely one of the best meal we had in Bali and no doubt we will be back when we are in Bali!

GA’s rating: 8 / 10

Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk

Jl. Raya Tuban No 2 X

Kuta, Bali

Ph: +62 361 757 535