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Chautari Restaurant, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

February 24, 2012 1 comment

I am no expert when it comes to Indian food, I know what I like and don’t like but wouldn’t be able to say if it’s the ‘best’ I have eaten! I was catching up with the lovely N and Z in Hong Kong. We have dined at some wonderful places in Hong Kong but thought we’d do something simpler this time round.

Chautari can be found in Hong Kong cooked food market in Sheung Wan. It is the same place where ABC Kitchen is – a favourite of ours. There were so many choices, Chinese, Thai but considering I haven’t had any Indian food in Hong Kong, thought we would give it ago.

A special set dinner for HKD 115 (AUD14) was on offer – appetizers (samosa, chicken tikka and pappadam) and a choice of main course and either naan or rice. Z and I thought this was an awesome deal and ordered the special set dinner for 3.

The appetizers, the vegetables samosa was good, not too heavy or oily or sickly.

The pappadam which was served with homemade mint sauce was crispy and deliciously yummy.

The chicken tikka – relatively large serve was tender and succulent.

For the mains, we opt for each of the curry – seafood curry, succulent fish pieces in creamy curry sauce. I think a hint of chili would be nice but it was good.

The chicken curry which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And lamb curry didn’t have that lamb-y taste was surprisingly delightful.

All eaten with fluffy roti was excellent.

Servings were definitely generous, and it was good – better than I had anticipated. Unfortunately, we didn’t finish it all and N took it home for lunch the next day. They do have a la carte, different types of curries, vegetables, satay stick (which I thought was odd) but overall it was good – didn’t feel sick or bloated, I find some Indian cuisine can make me feel extremely bloated.

If I wanted an Indian fix, I know where to go and it is quite reasonable, price wise.

The company of course was excellent, it’s always lovely to catch up with both N and Z.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Chautari Restaurant

Shop CF6, The Food Market

1 Queen’s Road, Queen Street

Sheung Wan Cooked Food Market

Ph: +852 26004 4408

Lunch at Bells, Killcare

‘The Mother’ took me to Bells at Killcare for my birthday lunch. We originally wanted to go for dinner, and stay for the weekend, however, we had a pretty busy and intense weekend that the only option was lunch. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it was a lovely day, and drove mid-morning (still managed to get a sleep in) in time for lunch.

The drive to killcare took less than two hours, and Bells at Killcare is situated high on the tip of the Bouddi Peninsula National Park. I’m sure we would have gotten there earlier if my direction skills were up to scratch! Yes, I managed to get ourselves lost – I am a little directionally challenged! Bells is actually a boutique hotel, a retreat and a place that ‘The Mother’ and I would like to stay one day.

I have wanted to try this restaurant for a while now, so was excited when ‘The Mother’ suggested it. The restaurant faces a beautiful garden, it would have been lovely to sit outside on the deck, however, they had a function so we sat inside.

We started with the complimentary olives and parmesan crisps. I love the different types of olives – I wouldn’t have been able to name them all, but they were an absolutely delight and a great starter.

The complimentary bread was wonderful, it was slightly warm, and moist, and dipped in olive oil was just lovely – I love fresh bread.

‘The Mother’ and I couldn’t really do a three course meal for lunch, so thought we would just have a main each and share a dessert. Considering I was still a little full from the wonderful feast at Four in Hand, I really didn’t need a three course meal.

‘The Mother’ opted for grilled grass – fed beef loin with roast garlic, red wine sauce ($39). The beef was superb – it was extremely tender, and cooked to perfection, just the way ‘The Mother’ wanted it. The broccolini was delicious and the red wine sauce a great complement, but the beef – WOW!

I opted for the pan fried Hiramasa kingfish with eggplant salad, dried tomato and caper salsa. The Hiramasa kingfish was beautifully cooked, and well executed. Crispy skin and moist tender fish. I love the braised eggplant, so soft that you didn’t need to chew it at all, and the caper salsa gave it that extra nice touch! It was a very light and delicious dish.

We ordered a side of roast rosemary potatoes which ‘The Mother’ absolutely loved! Think he ate all of it, bar two! The potatoes were soft, with crunchy skin. It was absolutely perfect!

For dessert, we shared the strawberry semifreddo with rhubarb, grapefruit and strawberry jellies. I love how the jellies wobbled, rhubarb, strawberry and grapefruit jelly – they were light and their flavours were distinct. My favourite was definitely the rhubarb jelly, followed by the strawberry jelly, the grapefruit was a little sour for my liking. The thin biscuit on top of the frosty semifreddo was amazing and the strawberry semifreddo was stupendous. It was indeed the perfect way to end a fantastic meal.

Deliciously full, we wondered around the beautiful garden and decided that we will be back for a weekend to say at this lovely venue.

Thank you to ‘The Mother’ for a lovely lunch and for a weekend full of eating, entertainment and laughter! I have been totally and utterly spoilt!

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Bells at Killcare

107 The Scenic Road

Box Head, 2257

Ph: +61 2 4360 2411

Manfredi at Bells on Urbanspoon

Palki Indian Restaurant, Tin Hau

I am not a huge fan of Indian food, I would eat it once every six or twelve months. I was in India earlier this year and I think I reached my quota when I was there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like Indian food; it’s just not my first choice of cuisine. I would rather eat something else.  I was a little surprised when Hubby suggested Indian food one evening, but considering I couldn’t come up with an alternative, Indian it was.

We have walked pass this restaurant a couple of times, and would peak to see how busy and authentic the food is. It’s always filled with diners and the décor is like most Indian restaurants I’ve been too – beading and embroided cloth piled neatly and hung from the ceiling. It wasn’t busy that night we went and we were seated immediately.

Started off with chicken tikka – which is Hubby’s favourite. The chicken tikka was served in a hot plate, it was smokey and the aroma was wonderful. However, it wasn’t as good as it smelt. The chicken was dry and the taste a little bland. It was rather disappointing.

We ordered a serving of goa fish curry. I love good fish curry, however, the fish was over cooked and dry. The curry was over powered with coconut milk – that was all I could really taste unfortunately.

The garlic naan was good! It was fresh, hot, garlicky and fantastic. This was definitely better than the chicken tikka and curry. It was a little oily but tasty.

When in India, my friend, R, introduced me to poori – which is deep fried Indian bread. It’s usually the size of your palm, but the poori served that evening was as big as the garlic naan. The poori was crispy, light, and although oily it was as good as I remembered it!

Hubby ordered a glass of mango lassi, it wasn’t the best mango lassi – it was really sweet and I couldn’t really taste the mango to be honest.

The garlic naan and the poori were the two things I enjoyed most. The service was good, and waiters tentative, however, the meal overall was extremely disappointing. I think the food in India was definitely better (of course!) and the best Indian restaurant I’ve been too is Surjit’s Indian Restaurant in Annandale, Sydney.

Where is your favourite Indian restaurant? So I know where to go if and when Hubby craves for it again!

GA’s rating: 5 / 10

Palki Indian Restaurant

G/F, Fook Wah Mansion, 2 Tsing Fung Street

Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2566 8411