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Oddies Foodies, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Firstly, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family, friends and your loved ones. Hope Santa was very kind to all of you!

I have seen photos of this wonderful dessert on instagram that I had to give it ago.

2014-12-27 15.17.08

It took a while, but finally made it and it did not disappoint. Oddies can be found in Wan Chai, just off Wan Chai Road. The shop itself was pretty small, no sitting area and you could probably fit about 3 people in there.\

2014-12-27 15.11.48

They offer either a normal cone with their signature 2 flavours (dark chocolate / original) or a mix or you can go something more elaborate (and expensive) option which includes night wolf, dr.oddie or mont blanc or just fusion eggettes.

2014-12-27 15.10.05

We opt for the night wolf (HKD49) – italian low fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate served with buttery crumbles, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chips eggettes and crunchy flakes. ohhh eeemmm geeeeee. My goodness – this was definitely for two people, I doubt I could finish it on my own. The brownie and chocolate chips eggettes were too die for, it was served warm and absolutely fantastic. The mix soft gelato of vanilla and dark chocolate was a little on the rich side but it was good. Everything worked, including the caramelised banana, and passion fruit panna cotta.

2014-12-27 15.17.12

Dragon and I shared the mix – milk and dark chocolate, large cone (HKD27) and it was good. Again i thought the chocolate itself was on the rich side, but the blend of both was seriously tasty.

2014-12-27 15.17.52

Great dessert place, pity there’s nowhere to sit but we managed to find a park where we could sit and eat our ice cream. It was seriously good and definitely worth going back to try their other desserts!

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Oddies Foodies

Shop 1F, G/F, 149 Wan Chai Road,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 9155 5185

Shanghai Lo, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I was catching up with the auditor, M, for lunch and she suggested Shanghai Lo, which is located on 1/F of a building called Tonno at Tonnochy Road. It is apparently the sister of the upmarket cha chaan teng, Loyal Dining on Wellington Street (which believe it or not I have not yet been!).

I left all the ordering to M, and she definitely ordered well – as always! We started with these little babies, xiao long bao (had to order 2 servings) which Dragon absolutely loved! She finished 4 (or was it 5) by herself.

2014-07-22 13.01.51

I absolutely loved these smoked tea eggs – very smokey and the yolk was deliciously soft.

2014-07-22 13.01.55

M knows Dragon well – she loves chicken and opt for the deep fried chicken topped with scallion soya sauce and this was superb. Skin was deliciously crispy and chicken tender. Dragon definitely ate her share of portion!!!

2014-07-22 13.06.55

We couldn’t go past the tender braised pork with preserved vegetables with Shanghainese buns. Definitely the highlight of lunch! The pork had the right amount of fat to meat ratio and the bun was delicious – definitely a winner!

2014-07-22 13.07.46

The menu is definitely vast and we didn’t even order half the menu! Definitely keen for dinner to try their other dishes. We were too full for dessert, next time will have to remind myself to save room!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Shanghai Lo

1/F, 5 Tonnochy Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3125 3232

The Butchers Club Burgers, Wan Chai

I am always on the hunt for good burgers. The Butchers Club Burgers is the new addition of burger joints in Wan Chai – there’s Beef and Liberty, CaliBurger, Burger King, and Ted’s Lookout – a lot of options if you are in the area. The Butchers Club Burgers can be found on Landale Street, it is not a big place, but turnover is quite quick


The Butchers Cub’s uses dry-aged black ague beef from New South Wales, Australia, however, patties are minced fresh to order in front of the customer before being thrown back to the kitchen and grilled to the customer’s requested ‘doneness’. We were here on Sunday afternoon, just a little after midday and the place was pumping already – you order at the counter, find a table and food will be served to your table.

The menu simple – burgers and fries. On the menu it only says BURGER (HKD100) which are served on a freshly baked floured scotch bap and topped with mature cheddar cheese, glazed bacon, tomatoes, pickles and onion spread. It isn’t the sexiest looking burger but it was pretty tasty. The pattie was saltier than expected but it was cooked well. I especially loved the spicy mayo and cheese and the Damper bun was pretty decent.



Now the duck fat fries (HKD20) – yum! Thought the fries could be a little bit more crispier but it was pretty tasty. Dragon definitely enjoyed it – pretty sure she had more than either of us!


Service was quick and efficient, it was hard eating with Dragon though as there high stools and trying to juggle her and camera was too difficult hence photos with the iPhone! I definitely want to come back and try the Double Happiness – double dry-aged Australian beef patties, with double cheese, and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches holding it together… yum!! We did see someone order one and ‘The Mother’ almost had a heart attack! hehehehe

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

The Butchers Club Burgers

Rialton Building, 2 Landale Street

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2528 2083

Chili Club, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wanchai is not a place i go very often. I’ve been to the odd bar and a couple of restaurants but that’s about it. I have never heard of the Chili Club until a friend suggested we dine here for lunch for his birthday. It’s been around for many years now (his parents know the owners of the restaurant) and is his ‘go-to’ place for Thai cuisine. Can’t miss it, there is a huge sign and is located on Lockhart Road on level one.

The menu is vast, we left all the ordering to my friend and he definitely ordered well! Started with some – chicken spicy soup – i can’t for the life of me remember the name of this dish. It was rather spicy eaten on its own but with rice was just perfect.


The pork neck I love! Tender and succulent – you can never go wrong with pork neck.

CC_pork neck

The fish curry was a favourite amongst the diners. Fish was tender and moist and the curry creamy – a little creamy for my liking though.


The Thai CKT was definitely one of my favourites. Thick rice noodles with lots of flavours served with beef, egg and vegetables. I remember when I was pregnant with Dragon, all i wanted to eat was CKT!


We ordered another 5 dishes which I didn’t take photos off as I was too busy eating. The beef brisket curry was probably one of my favourites – tender beef, and the curry was not too spicy. The fried chicken is one of the best I have eaten – crispy skin, tender and succulent meat. The pad thai I thought was OK – I am not usually a big fan of pad thai’s as they are generally too sweet but this lacked a lot of flavour. It was incredibly bland. The chicken curry (Kaeng kiew sarin) was surprisely ok. Thick and not too sweet and not too spicy either. Last but not least the vegetables, stir fried morning glory – it was definitely tasty.

Unfortunately we were too full for dessert. Service was a bit of a hit and miss, it was rather slow at the beginning, but definitely picked up. I’m no expert on Thai cuisine, it’s not something I eat a lot off but really enjoyed the fried chicken and the CKT.

However, I did have a little egg tart when I got back to the office though – I couldn’t resist as it was from my favourite bakery – tae cheong bakery! YUM!


GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Chili Club

1/F, 88 Lockhart Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2527 2872

Asiania Restaurant, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I am always on the hunt for good suckling pig – whole suckling pig that is. I haven’t ventured much to the Kowloon side and I know there are many great suckling pig restaurants there, however, we decided to try Asiania which was closed for a while as they relocated to a new venue which is still in Wan Chai, Hennessy Road.

photo 3

The restaurant is quite spacious, and menu vast. There are some dishes that needs to be preordered, like the suckling pig and you can order either half or one pig. We decided on one – as we all love suckling pig. The pig was pretty tasty, crispy skin and the meat was tender. We ordered a couple of baos which were light and fluffy and a wonderful complement to the pork. Dragon couldn’t help but have a few mouthfuls. The lightbulbs eyes were a little scary I thought!


The Hainan chicken was good but not fantastic, mum’s infinitely better. The meat was not as tender as I had hoped.

photo 4

The tofu hotpot with vegetables was good – silky smooth tofu and the vegetables a wonderful complement.

photo 5

The prawn toast was a favourite amongst the diners. We ordered a few vegetables which was nice but nothing fancy.


For dessert, we thought we would try the mango, coconut roll, it definitely needed more mango but overall it was ok.


I can’t believe how much suckling pig I had (actually I can!) and it definitely satisfied our cravings. Service was good, and food was definitely decent (except the chicken). It seems like suckling pig is their specialty, seems like every table had either half or whole suckling pig. Is it my favourite? I still prefer the one at Fook Lam Moon but this wasn’t too bad.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Asiania Restaurant

Basement, 288 Hennessy Road, 

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2861 2882