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Boston Restaurant, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Nothing more I like about Hong Kong than food and catching up with friends and family (and of course shopping!). I’m back again in Hong Kong, for a week only this time, and although it will be a busy week at work, I was excited to go as I get to eat and catch up with some friends and family.

Miss Mochacholatarita asked if I have ever had ‘HK style steak’. What’s that I asked and after a few messages back and forth, we decided to go to Boston Restaurant, which can be found in Wan Chai opposite to The Pawn.

Boston Restaurant has been around for over 40 years, it was probably one of the first Western dining spots. The place was packed for a Saturday night. Oddly, I was expecting it would be full of Westerners (not sure why I thought that!) but not one in sight.

They are known for their sizzling steak, if beef is not your thing, then you can get sizzling garoupa, or chicken or a combo of things, like garoupa and beef, beef and prawns or pork and steak and many more combination.

As we were waiting for a few people to arrive, we started with these spicy chicken wings – you can never go wrong with chicken wings and they were finger licking good! The fries were a little dry but this was about the chicken wings!

As sizzling beef is their specialty, I opt for the New Zealand Ribeye Steak (HKD105, AUD 13) which was a set and came with soup, bread and coffee or tea.

The soup, Hong Kong style Minestrone soup – it was nothing special but a nice starter, it has been quite cold in Hong Kong, so it was nice to drink something warm.

The bread was no baguette but it was still nice. Slathered in lots of butter of course!

The Ribeye steak, was slightly thinner than expected but deliciously tender and juicy which came with black pepper sauce for AUD13 is a REAL BARGAIN! Served with chips, which was soggy by the time I got to it but didn’t mind and some vegetables. It was a pretty large serving and it was delicious.

Miss Rita had the flambé steak – New Zealand Ribeye steak also, with pepper sauce (HKD139, AUD17) . The steak was placed at the table and voila… flambé – the meat was on fire! It was quite a show, and almost every single table ordered this flambé steak.

The steak was definitely thicker and tastier, it had that crispy exterior and was deliciously succulent.

J had the king prawn and tenderloin (HKD107, AUD14) – which was a smaller serving, one small steak and 2 king prawns.

We sat, we laughed, and enjoyed the flames and show. So what did I think about the Hong Kong Style Steak? DELICIOUS! It’s no wagyu but it was definitely tasty and if I need a craving of Hong Kong style steak, no doubt I will be back.

Was good to catch up with you all, can’t wait to do it again on a more regular basis!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Boston Restaurant

3 Luard Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 252 776 46