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Jasmine @ Kowloon Tong

Was shopping at Kowloon Tong with a friend and found this place. Great for dim sum but we both thought dim sum for 2 ppl was a little much, so opted to order a la carte. We were here a little after peak lunch hour, and were seated immediately.

We were craving for suckling pig (which is their signature dish), bite size fried tofu and stir fry eggplant with mushroom.

6 generous pieces of suckling pig and a side of salad arrived. Their signature dish, crispy suckling pig, did not disappoint. The skin was indeed crispy, and it wasn’t as fatty as I heard or thought. Came with a side of salad, which I thought was a bit odd, considering the salad was very gwai lo, however, it was a nice compliment with the pig . Dipped in hoisin sauce and these little delights were gone within seconds!

The bite size fried tofu reminds me a bit like agedashi tofu without the sauce. The tofu came with dried fried onions, fried garlic and chili. The tofu was indeed very soft, and bite size, making it very easy to eat!

Last but not least, the vegetable… stir fry eggplant with mushroom. I love eggplants but this dish was nothing special. Cooked in soy sauce, I could probably replicate this dish at home. All in all – we were both quite stuffed. The suckling pig was definitely the high light.

Will definitely have to try either their dim sum or dinner one night. I tried coming back for dinner one evening with Hubby and was told it was fully booked and they could not accommodate us at all – should probably make a reservation for next time.

GA’s ratings: 6.5 – 7 /10


Shop G25, Festival Walk,

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2333 0222