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Best Eggs in HK? Australia Dairy Co

This little place is not what you think it is! Just because it has the name ‘Australia Dairy Company’ (ADC) it doesn’t mean its from Australia nor does it serve Australian food. Quite the contrary actually… no gwai lo insight!

We were lucky that we came here ‘early’-ish as 15 – 20 mins later, there was a long queue of people waiting to eat here. The place was buzzing with customers and the waiters work SO fast to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible. The turnover for this place is unbelievably! The whole process is – they seat you where ever vacant, you order and within 5 – 10 mins food arrives. As soon as you are done, they give you the bill and you are sent out the door! The whole shebang is an adventure in itself.

There are no English menus and the waiters do not speak English either. Thankfully, I was here with a friend, and she spoke perfect Cantonese – all I had to do was tell her what I want! Their ‘speciality’ is their scrambled and fried eggs. She overheard a conversationa nd told me that they have 2 – 3 full time staff dedicated on cooking eggs on a daily basis – their role is to just cook eggs. They use Hokkaido Milk in their cooking, which enhances the sweetness in flavour and the smoothness of the texture of the egg

I asked J to order me scramble eggs with ham toasted. The scrambled egg did not disappoint – It was so fluffy and soft! The fluffiest scrambled eggs I have eaten… ever! And they were so so so moist. Not too salty and was perfectly seasoned, placed in between the bread which was toasted to perfection. It’s definitely one of the best scrambled eggs I have eaten in Hong Kong!

J ordered the scrambled eggs with corned beef. I have to admit – the corned beef was definitely better – it had a lot more flavouring than the ham…. so if you like corned beef, definitely go for this one! Unfortunately, they forgot to put the scramble eggs in J’s .. (she politely sent it back and asked for the eggs!)

Their milk tea and steamed milk puddings are also very popular here. We ordered the cold steamed egg (or was it milk) puddings.. whichever it was, it was definitelycreamy…. hmhmhmh! It wasn’t too sweet either which was just the perfect ending for a great meal.

They are also famous for their macaroni or spaghetti with barbecued pork in clear broth, and other egg dishes. This is a must go to place. It’s simple / quick and ultra delicious! Just make sure that you get here bit early so you won’t have to wait in line! Even if you do – the turnover is very quick so you don’t have to wait TOO long! Definitely a favourite of mine! *sigh* if only this place wasn’t so far… would be good right now!

GA’s ratings: 7.5/10

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong
Ph: +852  2730-1356