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Jockey Club Moon Koon Restaurant, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

I’ve been to the Jockey Club in Happy Valley many times for events, especially on a Wednesday night when the races are on. It’s a fun way to gather with friends, eat and then place some bets on horses. Most of the time I lose, so it’s no fun but some friends do win which is great. I haven’t been to Moon Koon Restaurant which is located in the Jockey Club on the 2nd floor of Happy Valley Stand. The restaurant was quite spacious and the menu vast. We left all the ordering to my dear friend, the auditor and she definitely ordered well!

We started with these delicious pork belly – the skin was so crispy that it made a lovely ‘crunch’ sound and the pork belly itself was deliciously tender that it just melted in your mouth!


Next came the chicken liver – seriously sinful but seriously tasty. One each, even if i wanted another there were none!


We were so hungry that we ordered two different types of chicken – mind you both were half each. First being steam chicken with lots of condiments (shallots, ginger, onion) and it was SOO GOOD! The chicken incredibly tender and the condiments really gave it that extra flavouring. Even Dragon who is particularly fussy with condiments really enjoyed it.


Next the fried chicken – crispy skin, tender meat, it received a two thumbs up from Dragon.


My favourite dish would have to be the fatty pork belly with preserved vegetables. Cooked to perfection – the fatty pork, preserved vegetables, more please!


The fish in clay pot was good – slightly panfried the skin was crispy and fish was fresh and tasty.


We ordered a plate of vegetables which was also good. For dessert, we ordered a variety of things, mango pudding, and sago mango dessert. It was the perfect way to end for a good meal. Food I was pleasantly surprised (other restaurants at the Jockey Club I thought was so so) and service was good. Definitely want more of the fatty pork belly!

Reservations highly recommended, especially on Wednesday evening when the races are on!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Jockey Club Moon Koon Restaurant

2/F, Happy Valley Stand,

Happy Valley Racecourse,

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852

Hong Kong Cuisine, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

September 11, 2013 4 comments

Once in a while ‘The Mother’ would suggest a restaurant and I would be utterly impressed with his recommendations. Of course there has been time when I wonder why I ask him as our tastes are very different. However, Hong Kong Cuisine which can be located in Happy Valley was one good recommendation. He came here a year ago when he came to Hong Kong looking for a place before Dragon and I moved over.


The restaurant was a lot fancier than I had imagined, but it could be due to the lighting and the setting. Ipads were used for the menu which I thought was uber cool and there were pictures for each individual dish which looked delicious.


We started with the smoked tea eggs with coffee – I couldn’t really taste the coffee but they were absolutely delicious. It was hard not to eat the whole thing myself.

HKC_smoked eggs

‘The Mother’ absolutely loves pickles cucumbers.


We couldn’t go past the delicious smoked chicken – tender and smoky!

HKC_chicken (2)

The truffle mushrooms were excellent, even Dragon couldn’t stop eating it.

HKC_truffle mush

For dessert, I couldn’t go past the jelly – I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called but it had some goji berries. It wasn’t too sweet and perfect way to end the meal.


Service was extremely polite and friendly and food was delicious. Definitely keen to go back and try other dishes.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Hong Kong Cuisine

1/F, 2-4Tsoi Tak Street,

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2893 3788

Derby Restaurant and Bar, Happy Valley

I don’t go to the Happy Valley Clubhouse very often, in fact this is the first time that I have been. From memory, you have to become a member – Hong Kong is a bit like that, you have to become a member for everything! It was our work Christmas party and this is where we had it. It is a ‘sophisticated restaurant’ and gents aren’t allowed to go in wearing jeans. A colleague of mine wore jeans and they lent him a pair of pants to wear – I kid you not! On the website, they mentioned that ‘business casual with special arrangement’ is the attire and the minimum standard is a blazer or sport jackets over shirts, sports shirt with collars or turtle necks. Ladies are required to dress to a comparable standard and blue denim jeans are unacceptable!

The restaurant was dark – dim lighting, perfect for a date or a special occasion. Diners had the option to have a la carte or set menu, most of us except for two had the a la carte. We started with some warm bread – choices of multigrain, sundried tomato, whole wheat baguette and sourdough. From memory I had the sourdough.

Started with the tomato consommé, this was light and surprisingly tasty, fresh tomato pieces and ravioli.


‘The Mother’ had the potato and leek soup which was deliciously creamy.


For mains I couldn’t go past the loin and belly of sabaguta pork, pork knuckle ravioli, cider and marjoram jus, celeriac puree, and sautéed apple – my goodness what a mouthful! I didn’t know where to start! So much pork cooked in different ways. The loin and belly were incredibly tender that it just melted in your mouth. I didn’t enjoy the ravioli so much – thought the pork was a little tough but the loin and belly – to die for!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the grilled Australian wagyu beef tenderloin sauce béarnaise, sautéed spinach, and French fries. The steak was cooked to perfection, medium rare and the French fries, thick and crispy just the way I like it.


One of my colleagues had the slow cooked black truffled free range chicken breast with sauce albufera, petit pois a la francasiuse, aromatic pilaf rice. I didn’t have any of this but was told that it was good, very good in fact.


I was getting a little full by now, however, we couldn’t go past the strawberry cheesecake semifreddo with mango and strawberry compote. It was too pretty to eat, the cheesecake was tasty and the mango and strawberries a wonderful complement.


The hazelnut soufflé, valrhona chocolate sauce and praline ice cream I was told was excellent. The hazelnut soufflé was incredibly light and fluffy and the praline ice cream delightful. I was a little sad that I couldn’t try this – silly nut allergy!


We shared another dessert, as one of my colleagues wanted to try the apple and blueberry crumble with ginger scented ice cream. It wasn’t what we expected – the crumble was just on the top and not much of it. Unfortunately I didn’t like this dessert, the semifreddo was definitely better!


We also had some petite fours which I didn’t have, as I was beyond full! To be honest, I don’t even remember what they are! SORRY! Service tentative, food I thought was pretty good, especially the pork (surprise surprise). The steak and the French fries were pretty enjoyable also.


This was a combined Christmas party and farewell. One of my dearest colleague was leaving to go back home. You will be missed my dear friend, I have missed you already but I do have this gorgeous scarf to remind you off! Thanks for all your help and most importantly, thanks for the scarf! GORGEOUS!


GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Derby Restaurant and Bar

B1/F&1/F Happy Valley Clubhouse, Shan Kwong Road

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2966 1310

Gi Kee Seafoood Restaurant

I wouldn’t have found this place if our friend J1 hadn’t recommended. Situated above a wet market in Happy Valley, Gee Kee Seafood Restaurant is like a food court. Run by award winning Chef Chan Chung Fai this place is reasonably cheap and relaxing.

‘The Mother’ and I came here with three other friends, J1, J2 and N (who has the coolest job in the world! She buys shoes and travels to Paris and Milan regularly. Quick low down, she has an amazing shoe collection and we are the same size! *hint*). Anyway, we left the ordering to N and as always, she ordered well!

We started with the pipis in black bean sauce. The pipis were fantastic and black bean sauce was absolutely delicious, however, rather disappointing that there were so many empty shells and no meat!

The spinach cooked in garlic was beautifully cooked. It had that ‘wok’ aroma and taste which I loved!

The fried chicken cooked in garlic and fried onions were one of the best I have ever eaten. Tender, succulent chicken with added ‘crunch’. The fried onions really gave it that extra flavoring.

The scallops with vermicelli with spring onions is a favourite of mine. Juicy and relatively large scallop steamed to perfection. However, too much spring onions for my liking.

Fried pork neck was incredible! It was incredibly tender, incredibly succulent and absolutely frigging fantastic! I could not stop eating it, it was that good and the highlight for me that evening.

Deep fried prawn cooked in egg was good but there’s something about peeling prawns at restaurants. I’m too lazy but you had to eat the shells anyway with this which I didn’t enjoy. It was nice but not a favourite of mine.

The abalone with broccoli was divine! I love good abalone and this was just that. It was so soft that it required no chewing.

Of course there were more food! N couldn’t let us go hungry at night. Fried rice – I was getting really full by this stage so had a mouthful. Like the spinach, it had that wonderful ‘wok’ aroma. It was tasty but I was stuffed!

It was a wonderful meal with friends, we talked, we laughed and reminisced. We didn’t have any beer though, we were all a little seedy from drinking beer and playing darts from the previous night. I even got a couple of bulls eye in a row! It was totally sweet and no, it wasn’t beginners luck!

The total meal came to HKD1300 for five people which was reasonably cheap. We definitely ate well and thanks N for ordering! Compare to North Point wet market I think I prefer this one. The fried chicken and pork neck won me over!

Of course the meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert. We all waddled down to Causeway Bay for dessert at Lucky Dessert. No guessing what I had – durian and sago and WOW! Awesome!

Delightfully full, ‘The Mother’ and I waddled back to our hotel. Great evening!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Gi Kee Seafood Restaurant
2/F, CSF4, UC Wong Nai Chung Municipal Service Building
2 Yuk Sau Steeet
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2574 9937

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Lucky Dessert
G/F, Lee Theatre Plaza
99 Percival Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2808 2728