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Beef & Liberty, Admiralty, Hong Kong

I am on the hunt for the best burger in Hong Kong and I may have found it! Beef and Liberty started in Shanghai and has opened up here in Hong Kong, in Wan Chai district. The restaurant is on the second floor just above Pizza Express on Star Street and the ambience is very casual and relaxing – as should a burger joint should be!


Beef and Liberty offers diners delicious burgers, fries, wings and beers. It takes pride in serving hormone free grass fed beef. Apparently, all their beef is sourced from a small farm in Cape Grim region of Tasmania. I have been here twice now and both times it did not disappoint.


We started with the chicken wings – chili sauce on the side as it was spicy (HKD58). I really liked this wings – crispy, juicy and the chili sauce was just perfect. I have friends who did not enjoy the wings as the skin was a little thick but Dragon and I really enjoyed it.


If you are worried about eating too much carbs or are on a gluten free diet, you can try burger in a bowl which is really a gunless burger served with salad. It is an extra HKD20 but definitely worth it. I had the bacon cheese – beef, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, bacon jam in a bowl. The beef was fantastic – cooked to perfection juicy and incredibly tender!


‘The Mother’ had cheese – beef, cheddar cheese, iceberg, house bbq sauce (HKD79) and he was impressed. The bun was pretty good also but it was missing that runny sauce down your arm factor!


I love how you can order 1/2 portion of chips – french fries and pommel frites (both are HKD15) and they were good! Even Dragon couldn’t resist.


Service was fast and efficient, and the burgers awesome! On my next visit, I had the all day sets – was tempted to order the falafel but didn’t want to be disappointed so had the cheese burger and indeed it satisfied my burger cravings!


Possibly my favourite place for burger thus far. Where is your favourite burger place?

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Beef and Liberty

2/F, 23 Wing Fung Street

Admiralty, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2811 3009

Cafe Gray Deluxe, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Café Gray at The Upper House is well known for its views and is located at the Upper House on the 49th floor of the hotel. I have been to Café Gray at night for drinks but have never eaten here. The view on a clear night is stunning, even during the day if it’s a clear blue sky it’s beautiful.


I have heard wonderful things about the high tea, but we were for lunch and diners have the option of a set lunch or a la carte. 2 courses is around HKD355 and 3 courses is HKD395. We started with some bread – which was warm and fresh.


We all ordered the 2 course meal – entrée and main or main and dessert. Mixed roast vegetables topped with coriander and satay sauce (which I opt as it has nuts) was light and tasty.


W had the chicken wontons – very upmarket and facny. The skin I thought was a little too thick, it was nice but nothing special I thought. I do prefer pork wontons though.


The charred sea bass with green olive vinaigrette was a little weird. The sauce was slightly cold – not room temperature but cold which I thought was weird. The fish was also a little dry which was a little disappointing.


Most of us had the Shepherd’s pie which was served in a ceramic bowl. I was looking forward to some crust and pastry, alas, no. However, the pie had lots of creamy mashed potatoes with minced beef, it was good but seriously heavy – perfect winter comfort food.


For dessert, C opt for no entrée and ordered the apple tart which was served with ice cream. This was good but after the pie, I was over the edge and fell in a food coma!


The set lunch came with tea and coffee as well as some milk / dark chocolate.


I have to admit, lunch was OK – it wasn’t out of the world fantastic. The pie we all enjoyed but the fish was a little bit weird. For me, I prefer coming here for drinks and views. Not sure about the high tea though, but will definitely try it.

Hope you have a good weekend filled with food!

GA’s ratings: 6.5 /10

Café Gray Deluxe

L49 The Upper House,

Pacific Place, 88 Queensway,

Admiralty, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3968 1106

Lock Cha Tea House, Admiralty

We stumbled across this place when we went to Hong Kong Park to check out the aviary. Dragon LOVES birds, on our daily walk, I would point to her the birds and go ‘tweet tweet’, so thought it would be nice to check out the aviary in Hong Kong Park.

I didn’t know this place existed. We originally wanted to eat L16, but it was fully booked and one of the waitress recommended this place. It’s a tea house that serves vegetarian dim sums. The place was relatively busy when we went but we still managed to get a table which was good as we were famished! Menu changes daily and was a limited I thought.

We started with boiled vegetarian dumplings which was delicious.


I absolutely love these tofu skin stuffed with vegetables inside. The tofu skin was silky smooth and the vegetables were a wonderful complement.


Choy sum as ‘The Mother’ wanted vegetables


The turnip cake was nice without the bacon and shrimp.


Another vegetarian dumplings – I can’t for the life of me remember what’s inside.


For dessert, sesame dumplings in jasmine tea. I love black sesame dumplings and this was fantastic. It wasn’t as sweet as I had anticipated, and the jasmine tea really gave it a nice touch.


Service was friendly and polite. I love the different types of tea on offer. The menu was too limited for my liking and servings were small. But what we ordered was nice, a little on the pricey side.

Would I come back? Most likely to try their other dishes and definitely for the sesame dumplings in Jasmine tea.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Lock Cha Tea House

G/F, The K.S. Lo Gallery,

Hong Kong Park, Admiralty

Ph: +852 2801 7177

Great Cafe @ Pacific Place, Admiralty

Hubby and I had lunch here one weekend as we were in the neighbourhood and considering I was having one of those ‘I don’t know what I feel like’ days, he just picked the first restaurant he saw.. which was Great Café @ Pacific Place. It’s located inside the Great Food Hall and it’s a very casual place, with a wide variety of international foods ranging from pizza, pasta, sandwiches, to salad and even all day breakfast on weekends.

I met a friend earlier that day, so already had breakfast, whereas Hubby on the other hand, was craving for some bacon and eggs. Hubby ordered the eggs Benedict with ham and bacon. Unfortunately when the meal arrived at our table it was lukewarm, so Hubby was a little unimpressed. The eggs were great, and cooked to perfection, yolk oozing out as you cut the egg, bread toasted, however, since it was all lukewarm both the bacon and ham were a little cold for both our likings. The hollandaise sauce was a little overpowering for me, but that’s because I am not a massive fan of hollandaise sauce. It was a shame that it wasn’t hot enough, as we both would have totally and utterly enjoyed this.

I ordered the tuna nicoise salad – wanted something ‘healthy’ after my weekend of eating. The tuna was cold – not room temperature but cold – like it was just taken out of the fridge. The salad was a mixture of potatoes, olives, tomatoes, beans, egg and lots and lots of onions! It was ‘healthy’ but definitely not the best tuna nicoise salad I had.

I think their specialties are pizzas but we both didn’t feel like it. There were a lot of waiter / waitresses but the service was incredibly slow! I’m not an impatient person, but it took the waiter / waitress a good 20 mins to get our order after we were seated IS slow! They kept telling us to ‘wait a minute’ and considering how our food became lukewarm is just an indication that the food has been left on the bench for a while.

After lunch, we walked through the great food hall to buy a couple of things, and we stumbled across donuts! I don’t eat donuts often but once in a while, I do crave for it. Hubby bought 2 large plain donuts and 2 small cream donuts and ate them when we got home (well not all of it!). The donuts definitely made up for the not so great lunch. Unfortunately Hubby ate the rest of the donuts that evening, and I had to go back and buy more the next day. Probably not good for the waist line but boy, they were great donuts!

GA’s rating: 5 / 10

Great Café

Great Food Hall) Basement

LG1, Pacific Place Phrase 2, 88 Queensway

Admiralty, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2918 9606