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Tsuru food truck pop-up, Waterloo

I was fortunate enough to attend the Tsuru pop-up which was held at Bocata in Waterloo. Tickets sold out the week that of the event, and a dear friend, H, had a spare ticket as her husband couldn’t make it and I couldn’t help but said yes! Tickets were $35 per person for unlimited Tsuru grub and Sangria, beer, wine and other beverages were by the Bocata team available for purchase on the night.

As most of you know, the food truck phenomenon is rolling into Sydney! There will be 10 different trucks, two are already on the streets on Sydney and I have not yet been to either of them. The first being Cantina Mobil, Mexican food, pick your style of soft or hard taco, burrito, or chilli corn and the filling of slow roasted shredded chipotle beef, marinated and slow cooked chicken or traditional pinto beans. The second being Eat Art Truck (which I have been stalking and dying to try!) – the specialty being twice cooked steak ssam, pulled pork buns – yum!

Tsuru which means paper crane in Japanese will serve Asian street food including chicken satay skewers, pork belly buns and onigiris.

Now the event, I have to say, I was really looking forward to trying the pork belly buns! When H and I rocked up at 7 ish, the place was packed. Food were slowly coming out, every time a tray of buns were served, it was gone within seconds.

You had to be quick and you had to stand near the kitchen otherwise, you will definitely miss out. The execution I thought was poorly done, too many people and the kitchen wasn’t big enough BUT the food definitely made up for it – especially the buns and the satay and not to mention my favourite, martabak manis, which is a rich-flavoured pancake like sweet dish which has toppings including chocolate, cheese or nuts.

I have been looking forward to the pork belly buns, the buns were incredibly soft and fluffy. The pork belly tender, but it was missing something, sauce! The buns I thought were a little big, making it very filling.

The fried chicken buns were probably my favourite for the evening. Crunchy fried chicken, pickled carrots and mayo – OMG! It was absolutely delicious. I probably ate two or three of these scrumptious buns, however, I would have happily eaten just the fried chicken on its own.

Here’s a close up of the inside….

The tender bbq beef was good but the fried chicken was definitely a winner for me. The youtiao – which are fried dough stick eaten with congee was served with prawn and pork and sweet chilli sauce were also good! I was getting a little full by then, I think I had about four buns!

I was dying to eat the satay, they were making it outside – charcoaled Indonesian style and they were fabulous! It reminded me like home, the chicken satay tender, although a little burnt and the peanut sauce – perfection!

Dessert was martabak manis – it wasn’t any ordinary martabak manis, it was pandan flavoured which I have never had. The pandan flavour was subtle and the filing peanuts, I have to admit, it was pretty frigging tasty! I took both home, hoping to give one to ‘The Mother’, but I couldn’t stop eating it and the next thing I knew, GONE!

We got a goodie bag to take home, inside, was a steamed bun with butter and nutella for breakfast!

It was definitely a fun event, I am looking forward for the Tsuru truck to be on the Streets of Sydney, the fried chicken bun is definitely worth the wait! So is the pandan martabak manis.

The chef / proprietor behind the Tsuru truck are Ellyn Tse. Elaine is also the girl behind the non-profit organisation called Eat.Drink.Give – an organisation that helps the less fortunate in the community.  The truck is almost ready, and Ellyn said they should be on the road in the next few weeks! I can’t wait!

Thanks H for thinking of me.

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