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Jazz City Diner, Surry Hills

Jazz city diner was opened in December 2010, a New Orleans-inspired burger joint. The diner is small but yet cozy, I love the obligatory booths, the retro looking tables and chairs. The jazz posters, the mini screens at each booth playing old jazz clips gave it a really nice touch.

I was catching up with one of my dearest friend, M for lunch and she suggested this place which is located on the busy street of Crown street. As the name suggests, the menu had a nice American touch to it, burgers, and lots of it, ribs, chicken and waffles and desserts! I recall eating so many burgers in America! Trying to figure out what was the best.

We both couldn’t resist getting a float – soda and ice cream. I had the lime float, whilst M had the root beer float. It brought back to my childhood.

The chicken and waffles sounded interesting but wrong at the same time – belgium waffle, southern fried chicken pieces. But we were here for burgers, so opt for egg and bacon burger ($16) – ground beef patty, egg over easy, smoked bacon, tomato, mayo and lettuce, which was served with sweet potato fries.

The burger was surprisingly good – tender beef patty, the bacon cooked to perfection and who can say no to egg on a burger? It was a simple burger, no wagyu meet, or brioche bun, but it was tasty.

The sweet potato fries though were excellent! Crunchy but yet soft on the inside. Diners can substitute the sweet potato fries for onion rings for an extra $3.

M on the other hand ordered the Southern fried chicken burger ($16) – fried chicken burger with tabasco mayo, corn salsa, lettuce and tomatoes.

I loved the crunchiness of the fried chicken, and the corn salsa, it was a little messy to eat though, the corn kept falling out of the burger, but it was good, she definitely enjoyed it more than the bacon and egg burger.

Unfortunately, we were both too full for dessert, but I was told that the banana cream pie is a must order! NEXT time! We asked if they do take away, and thankfully they do! YAY!

Service was friendly, and welcoming. I thought the burgers were tasty, I actually do prefer them too Grill’d. Is it the best burger in Sydney? Unfortunately not, but I wouldn’t hesitate coming back to try their other burgers.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Jazz City Diner

238 Crown St

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2 9332 2903

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The Eathouse, Redfern

I don’t venture out to Redfern very often. I was catching up with M for dinner one Friday evening, and thought we would get out of our ‘local’ areas. She suggested The Eathouse, which is a block down from Baffi & Mo. It’s an American style diner, with a slick curved bar that leads to the open kitchen. It is not a big restaurant, quite cozy and seating area is big enough to fit ten or so tables.

It was a very busy Friday evening, we arrived at about 7.30pm and took the last seats available which were by the window – bar style. If we wanted at able, it would be a 45 mins wait! It was a rather warm evening and were more than happy to sit by the window. It was busy and buzzing with lots of people queuing for a table.

The menu is written on a board which is hung on a wall – I think this was the only menu in the restaurant!

We were both famished! Started with deep fried white bait with aioli – it had me at ‘aioli’. The white bait was a little soggy for our liking, it didn’t have that ‘crunch’ but drenched in aioli it was very satisfying! It was good, but wasn’t the best deep fried white bait I have had.

We also shared the duck liver pate with sweet and sour onions. We both love duck liver pate! The duck liver pate was deliciously creamy and tasty, and the sweet and sour onions were a great complement. Unfortunately, M doesn’t like sweet and sour onions, so more for me! Eaten with crunchy crust and moist bread it was awesomely good! Have to admit though, Porteno’s duck liver pate is still slightly better!

We were getting a tad full by this stage, I think our eyes were bigger than our stomach. M opted for the pan fried barramundi with kipler chips and zucchini herb salad. The zucchini herb salad was amazing – thinly cut zucchini with parsley and dressing, it was refreshing and absolutely delicious. The fish was a pan fried, a little bland for my liking but still very simple and nice. The kipler chips I didn’t have but M demolished this – she loves potatoes!

No guessing what I had! As soon as I saw it on the menu I knew I had to have it! Crispy caramel pork with radish pear and watercress. Three words, OH MY GOD! Delicious pork goodness served in a bowl tossed with water cress. Cut into bite size, the crispy caramel pork was just incredible, slightly sweet with a slitter of fat. It was a little gooey from the caramel but it was seriously tender and seriously succulent. I was full but couldn’t help but eat more and more, each mouthful was better than the next! The next thing I knew, the bowl was empty! Gone! I couldn’t help but demolished the whole thing – clean! If no one was looking, I would have probably licked the bowl too!

I was stuffed! Think M looked at me in awe as she saw how empty my bowl was! Don’t think she finished her main, however, it was crispy caramel pork M, crispy caramel pork! We were both stuffed, and as much as we wanted to share the banana split, we just couldn’t. With Christmas coming up and all the eating, we thought we should refrain, and I am glad that we did.

The Eathouse is only open for dinner now, they had previously opened for lunch but wanted to concentrate on just dinner. When we left a few hours later, the place was still buzzing. People were still queuing to get in for a late night snack. The service was friendly albeit a little bit slow at times, however still a delight. Will definitely be back to try the banana split.

As always, it was great catching up with M. Never a dull moment or conversation, and I look forward to our next catch up!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

The Eathouse

306 Chalmers Street

Redfern, 2016

Ph: +61 2 8084 9479 (no reservations)

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