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Tropical Beach Cafe and Oh Mexico, Miami, Florida

One of the mornings I had free, ‘The Mother’ and I went for breakfast at Tropical Beach Café. This place was recommended by the staff at the hotel where we stayed. It’s a Cuban restaurant, family run and offers great breakfast at terrific prices, compare to hotel breakfast.

I wanted something relatively healthy, have been eating quite a lot of bad food, as you do when you are on a work trip, so opt for Clara Salchicha (USD5.99) – egg white, sausage and toast. Generous serving of egg white, the sausage was a little oily for my liking and the fries, well so much for me being healthy! I’m not used to having fries in the morning, so it was a little weird but no doubt I had some. Who can say no to fries?

‘The Mother’s’ meal was SO much better and I had serious food envy! He ordered the chorizo toasted sandwich and it was divine! Toasted focaccia, it burst with flavours and I couldn’t help but keep asking for another bite. I am pretty sure I ate half of his sandwich… Whoops.

Service was friendly, and I think total bill came to USD12 which I thought was very reasonable! Food wasn’t too bad, but I think their toasted sandwiches are infinitely better than the eggs.

Later that day, after I sat on the beach whilst my work colleagues played beach volleyball, we went to Sunset beach for a stroll and some lunch.

‘The Mother’ had walked past Espanola Way and thought it was cool, so we went there had a stroll and stopped for some Mexican food at Oh Mexico. Again, not sure why we picked this place, I would have liked some Cuban food but there weren’t any Cuban restaurant in sight.

We weren’t overly hungry but wanted something to nibble on. Started with complimentary corn chips with guacamole and salsa dip. I love corn chips with guacamole so this was a winner.

We started with Quesadillas (USD 9), tortilla filled with queso fresco, pasilla roasted, and add chorizo for an extra USD 3. I love quesadillas, but this was extremely salty – the chorizo was uber salty. However, eaten with salad and guacamole, it made it slightly better. Shame though, as I really do like a ‘good’ quesadillas.

Also ordered a serve of the chicken taquitos (USD 9), chicken rolled in tortillas, shaved lettuce, onions, queso fresco, japaneo, tomatillo-avocado salsa. These I thoroughly enjoyed, the taquitos were crunchy and the chicken pieces were wonderful and fresh. Probably my favourite out of the two.

Service was friendly, food was good – if only the quesadillas weren’t so salty!

Miami reminded me a little bit of the Gold Coast, where the night life is a must. Unfortunately, considering it was a work junket, what happens in Miami will stay in Miami! We had fun though… that’s all I am going to say and that’s pretty much it on Miami. Next stop… HAWAII! Yay!

GA’s ratings: Tropical Beach Café: 6.5 / 10

2891 Collins Street

Miami Beach, Florida, 33140


Ph: +1 (305) 538 0359

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GA’s ratings: Oh Mexico: 6 / 10

1440 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL, 33139


Ph: +1 (305) 532 0490

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