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The Globe, Soho, Hong Kong

‘The Mother’ really likes this place – well he likes the beer that’s on offer at The Globe.  It is a pretty cool place for lunch on weekdays as well as weekends. They have some pretty tasty pies on offer which ‘The Mother’ really enjoyed.

Situated on Hollywood, the restaurant itself is quite big, it’s very down-to-earth and offers diners warm ‘British’ comfort food. I have been here a couple of times now, mainly for lunch. Came with my colleague and he had the set menu – two courses for HKD135.

He started with the vegetable samosa with mint chutney.


For mains, poached salmon, wasabi mash, prawns, spinach and cream. The salmon was beautifully cooked. The wasabi mash was delicious – a hint of wasabi and the prawns a wonderful complement.


I have heard a lot about their fish fingers with honey mustard dip (HKD 70) and they certainly did not disappoint. Crispy skin, the fish fingers were moist and tender and I loved the honey mustard dip!

TG_Fish Fingers

I couldn’t go past the Greek halloumi, quinoa, tabulleh, stuffed aubergine, tzatziki, pomegranate vinaigrette (HKD 90). The halloumi was lightly coated and then deep fried – I love halloumi cheese and the fact that it was fried… oh my! YUM! The tzatziki and pomegranate vinaigrette was a wonderful complement.


I came back here during the Christmas break with some friends. I had the Caesar Salad which was fresh and tasty. They didn’t have any chicken left (not sure why!) so asked if I could have it with some pork sausages – surprisingly it went well!


‘The Mother’ had the pie which he thoroughly enjoyed. I think he’s glad that he can get ‘decent’ pies here in Hong Kong.

I’d suggest you make a reservation. Sometimes it is seriously busy at lunch times! Service efficient and friendly and it is kids friendly also!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

The Globe

Shop A, G/F, Graham Street,

Soho, Hong Konh

Ph: +852 2543 1941

Duke, Darlinghurst…. Revisit

I have had many wonderful late night snacks at Duke when tipsy. ‘The Mother’ and I had date night here once and I fell in love with their chicken wings and tatter tots. They are the best hangover snacks. I haven’t had the chance to try their other dishes so was keen to go again. It is quite a funky and hip looking place, I love the décor, the interior, the cocktails and most of all, the food of course!

I met D here one evening, and the food is as good as I remembered it.

Started with the witlof tonnato ($12), fresh witlof covered with creamy mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavoured with tuna. Not only that, but the fresh witlof was covering a mountain of fresh tuna. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of what was underneath, we were too hungry and wanted to dig in. The combination of the fresh witlof, tuna and tonnato was deliciously refreshing and deliciously creamy. It was a perfect start to what was to come.

Next Kingfish gin and tonic ($18) served in a glass like the gin and tonic drink. We were instructed to dig our spoon deep so we can taste all the different mixtures and flavours. The king fish sashimi was fresh and firm, the roasted coriander seed, coriander, curled ribbons and cube size cucumber were a great complement and gave it that extra flavouring. I love the taste of the gin and the fizzy-ness of the tonic water. It was sensational!

The beef shortrib pancakes ($20) were different but ingenious. Similar to take of a Peking duck – you have the pancake, the daikon with crushed peppercorn and instead of the duck, the beef shortrib. The beef shortrib was so tender that it fell off the bone. It was succulent and eaten with the pancakes it was just magnificent. Ingenious!

Wagyu, herb dressing and baby gem lettuce ($24) was delightful. The beef was tender but not as tender as the beef shortrib. It was served medium rare, and the herb dressing was tangy which complemented the wagyu well. I have never had grilled lettuce before and my goodness, it’s a must try!

Tater tots, Duke gravy and edamame ($15) – I love! D was keen to try the Tater tots and he loved it! How can you not? How can one not like deep fried potato? Served with Duke gravy, edamame, tender braised veal and pea shoots. I really love this dish.

We were getting full by this stage, however, still wanted for dessert. So we opted for gelato ($4 for each flavour), and the flavours were dulche de leche, panna cotta and raspberry. The dulche de leche would have to be my favourite! Sweet, caramel, salty all in one – my goodness! That’s heaven in a mouthful. The panna cotta came second – the creamy vanilla flavour, it tasted so much like a panna cotta! My least favourite was definitely the raspberry, it was nice but nothing special. I couldn’t help but eat all the dulche de leche – sorry D! Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of this – was afraid the ice cream would melt and I could see D eagerly digging into the ice cream!

It was great catching up with D, and of course coming back to Duke! Mitch Orr and Thomas Lim are awesome! It was good to try other things than my two ‘usual’ – Tater tots and fried chicken wings. The watermelon, zucchini flowers, fresh herbs looked fantastic, so did the egg, seasonal mushrooms, almonds – can’t wait to go back to try others.

Open till 2ish on both Friday and Saturday, so great for a late night snack! Love it!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Duke Bistro

65 Flinders Street

Darlinghurst 2010

Ph: +61 2 9332 3180

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Duke Bistro, Darlinghurst

Date night – yes, ‘The Mother’ and I still have date nights. A night where we go out, just the two of us, where we sit, drink, eat and catch up on our busy week. Topics NOT to be discussed during date night are finances, my shopping habits and chores!

Duke bistro had only been opened for a week, but I have been on the lookout for a while now. Mitchell Orr, 2010 Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year and ex-Sepia is the head behind it along side Thomas Lim, ex-Tetsuya. Charles Aidnsbury, Andy Penney and Joel Amos are behind the bars and take care of the liquid refreshments.

We were famished, rocked up at 6.30pm only to realize that they don’t open till 7pm! So ‘The Mother’ and I had a couple of quite drinks at the Flinders Hotel bar. It was happy hour until 7 pm so that was a bonus!

The restaurant is located above the Flinders Hotel; it’s a very rustic, the décor, the star case, the ambience, ‘The Mother’ loved it! It reminded him of a house that he used to live in with the boys in Annandale call Planet B – yes the boys named their house Planet B!

The restaurant wasn’t as big as I thought, the bar was one side of the corner, and the kitchen behind it. We didn’t have a reservation, however, were seated immediately.

We perused the menu and started with the Octopus, Hops, Chili, Orange – “Octy” as the Waitress called it. We were tossing up between the Octy and the anchovies – well ‘The Mother’ was, I knew I wanted the Octy and I am glad we got that! The octopus was tender and succulent. The orange and hops were a great combination, the tang, the creaminess and the bitterness all mixed together was delicious. The chili was subtle, it wasn’t strong at all, and really gave it a nice kick and flavouring. ‘The Mother’ really enjoyed it.

The fried chicken wings, coleslaw milk and hot sauce were fantastic. The chicken wings were cooked to perfection, juicy and succulent. Did I mention how much I love fried chicken wings? The hot sauce incredible, it wasn’t home made, it came from a bottle which was seriously spicy (didn’t take a photo of the bottle sorry, as I was fixated on my chicken wings)! The fried chicken wings were Finger. Licking. Good. I could have easily eaten half a dozen of these finger licking chicken wings on my own! The coleslaw milk I thought was bland, either that or I didn’t have enough of it.

‘The Mother’ loves sardines, so we ordered a serve of sardines, which was served with baby globe artichokes with radish. The sardines were served warm and surprisingly tasty! The crunchiness from both the artichokes and radish was fantastic. I found a new ‘love’ for sardines!

The tater tots, duke gravy and edamame were scrumptiously good! Perfectly deep fried crisp potatoes, similar to that of rosti were crunchy on the outside and soft, tender on the inside. The house-made gravy was delectable good, and the edamame a great accompaniment.

‘The Mother’ wanted to try Lamb Belly, cumin, eggplant and pearl onion. The lamb belly was incredibly tender and succulent, I didn’t enjoy this dish as much as ‘The Mother’. I am not a fan of lamb, the smell, the texture, its just not for me. However, ‘The Mother’ really enjoyed it and demolished my share.

As we were eating, I mentioned to ‘The Mother’ how many restaurants are becoming ‘tapas’ like (Berta, Cotton Duck, Lotus to name a few) where dishes are not overly big (in terms of serving) but enough to be shared. I love the idea of sharing food, Asian Style, which means more dishes to try.

Unfortunately I was a little full for dessert, and well ‘The Mother’ doesn’t always want dessert. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised when we asked the waitress for a bill and were given two pistachio macaroons!

If you are vegetarian, let the Chef know. They will accommodate. I almost ordered the egg, seasonal mushrooms, almonds. It looked incredible!

The service was great, our waitress superb! The servings were a little on the small side, but food excellent. It was reasonably priced, ‘The Mother’ certainly enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

Date night, its one night of the week that I look forward to! Do you still have date night?

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Duke Bistro

63 Flinders Street

Darlinghurst, 2010

Ph: +61 2 9332 3180

Duke Bistro on Urbanspoon