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El Toro Negro, Kafka Snob Food, Prague

Wow – it seems so long ago that we were in Prague – almost 3 months ago. Sorry it has taken me this long to post my eats in Prague. To be honest, I wasn’t utterly blown away by the food in Prague, the food was so so. Maybe it was my taste buds, or the fact that I didn’t really research it enough but nothing really wow’ed me unlike in Helsinki!

We arrived late afternoon in Prague. Dragon was still jet lagged so was pretty much asleep as soon as we checked in. We stayed at the Prague city apartments and I have to say, it was one of the nicest apartments I have stayed – it was bigger than our current place in Hong Kong! It was an old building but the inside was beautiful and we truly enjoyed our stay there.

We wandered around town, and stumbled across El Toro Negro – it was packed but thankfully they could fit us in. It is a steak bar and is located in the oldest part of Prague opposite the Old Town astronomical clock.


The menu was vast – diners have the option of choosing a wide range of meats and fish and there were over 120 cocktails on offer! I couldn’t go past the grilled tenderloin pork which was served with chips. The pork was tender and the chips was excellent!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the Argentinean rib-eye steak served with potatoes. The steak was cooked to perfection, medium rare and tender. Rather a small serving but we had our eyes set on desserts at the markets.


We walked around the night markets – it was beautiful and the food looked good, especially the desserts. ‘The Mother’ couldn’t resist these hot donuts and they were excellent when eaten warm, especially in the cold weather.


I couldn’t go past the crepes with nutella and banana – seriously sinful and seriously delicious!


We went to the markets at least 3 times during our stay, we just couldn’t stay away – the desserts and snacks were just too good!

The next morning, we were strolling by and found this cute little cafe – kafka snob food. The cafe was rather cute, I liked the relaxing vibe but the food was a little ordinary I thought.


The scrambled eggs were a little dry for my liking and incredibly salty!


The croissant was delicious – crunchy pastry and soft fluffy on the inside


‘The Mother’ had the muesli, the yogurt was nice and creamy but nothing special I thought.


There was fruit salad also, which was again nice but nothing special – Dragon demolished it. Service was friendly but we didn’t go back for breakfast during our trip. There were better cafe’s I thought.

El Toro Negro

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Address: Staromĕstské nám. 22, 110 00 Praha 1 – Staré Mĕsto, Czech Republic

Phone:+420 221 632 536

Kafka snob food

GA’s ratings: 5 / 10

Address:  Siroka 64/12, Prague, Czech Republic

Phone:  +420 725 915 505

Tango Restaurant with food crew Hong Kong

I couldn’t wait to catch up with my fellow food lovers in Hong Kong. Without them, I wouldn’t have gained so much knowledge and love for food and not to mention those extra kgs and cholesterol level! We caught up for lunch and I left it to the trusted Bon Vivant to pick a place.

We went to Tango, an Argentinian steak house opened by the same group as Bistecca in LKF, Hong Kong. The layout and the ambience resembles that of Bistecca.

We all opted for the set lunch, two courses for HKD 98 and an extra HKD30 for dessert. The options were surprisingly good if you are a meat lover! Not so great for the vegetarians unfortunately.

We started with bread, it was warm and nice but nothing special. We were all hungry so dug right into it.

Sg and I both ordered the same thing and started with broccoli and carrot soup. It was a relatively good serving and the soup was absolutely wonderful! Thick, creamy and full of flavours!

SK ordered the octopus ceviche with tomato salsa dressing. SK thought it was a ‘small serving’ and nice.

Both mochachocolata and Bon Vivant had the ‘Humita’ – sweet corn and green onions empanadas. An empanada each! The waitress did not tell us that it was one each as she placed the wooden platter on the table. We all sat there for a good minute or two waiting for the second wooden platter. Both said it was good and had interesting flavours! Probably should have tried some but was quite content with my soup.

For mains, Sg and I had the charred octopus served on a bed of salad with tomato and avocado. It was beautifully done, the octopus were warm and tender, the avocado was slightly hard but worked really well with the octopus and salad. It was a light and refreshing dish which I needed. The sauce was a little creamy but wonderful.

SK and SC had the sirloin with ham, mozzarella and tomato. It was the thinnest sirloin I have ever seen. It was paper thin and a little on the cremated side. SK did say that it was a little hard but enjoyed the cheesy goodness. It was a rather small serving I thought. Poor SK, two small servings in a row!

Mochachocolata and Bon Vivant had the pork sausage with roasted potatoes and garlic dressing. The sausage was on the pink side, extremely tender and scrumptious. I was surprised that I didn’t order this but I am trying to break that habit of ordering pork all the time!

I was stuffed! However was happy to pick at someone’s dessert. Majority of us ordered the Churros with dark chocolate. I love Churros and these were superb! Thought the dark chocolate was too over powering – it was better on it’s own!

SC opted for the coconut pastel tres leche which was served cold in the cutest jam jar! I wasn’t a huge fan of this, it was just too coconut-y for my liking.

I thought my meal was good, not sure what the other diners thought though! The servings were a tad on the small side – is it me or has the servings in Western restaurants gone smaller?

It was absolutely wonderful catching up with you all! I have missed you and can’t wait to dine with you again in a few months!

Overall I thought service was ok, food good and total bill came to HKD150 pp which wasn’t too bad!

Beef is really their specialty and I probably should have tried it. The non set menu looked good though, but will it be as good as Porteno in Sydney?

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

1/F Carfield Building
77 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2525 5808

Sublime meal at Porteno, Surry Hills

It has been a month since my last visit. I have been saving our next visit for a special occasion, being my Dad’s birthday! I booked this restaurant about 3 weeks ago, I originally wanted Saturday night but that was already fully booked, so opted for Friday instead.

Porteno takes reservation for a party of 5 and more – phew, there were 6 of us! I had to give them my credit card details to ‘secure’ the booking. For each person that cancels after confirming, a $50 surcharge will incur and charged to your credit card. I had no qualms in giving them my details as I knew we would all be there. I have been raving about this place to my parents, my brother and ‘The Mother’ and well, I have to say – it did not disappoint!

We rocked up at 6pm, my parents absolutely loved the venue – the high ceilings, the open kitchen and my mother especially LOVED the Asado grill!

My Dad loved the wooden ovens and was wondering how he could put one in their kitchen. My brother and ‘The Mother’ loved the atmosphere and ambiance. They all left me with the ordering – it was a big call!

We started with Pan de Casa, pork pate and house-baked bread. The bread was fresh, served at room temperature and the pork pate was creamy, and absolutely divine. It really wasn’t enough for the 6 of us! My brother agreed with me in that he would buy it by the jar!

Next came Empanada de Carne, beef empanada – similar to beef curry puffs which are home made. The beef empandas were crispy on the outside and stuffed with delicious beef and vegetables. It was deliciously moist and better than your normal curry puffs!

Eaten with chimmichurri sauce which consisted of chopped parsley, garlic, chili and lemon juice, it was just magnifique! We loved the chimmichurri sauce so much that we asked our waiter to refill it a couple of times.

The Esalada de Remolacha, roasted beetroot, witlof, blood orange, radish and walnut was well liked by the diners, especially my mother and I who loves beetroot. It was refreshing, light and the blood orange really gave it that extra zing, and flavour.

Next Costillar de Cordero, Suffolk lamb ribs. I had the tiniest piece possible, as I am really not a huge fan of lamb! To me, it was just too lamb-y and had that overpowering lamb smell. I have to admit though, the lamb was incredibly succulent and tender, the skin deliciously crispy and a little fatty side. The boys certainly enjoyed it – my brother kept saying how ‘fantastic’ it was. But he is HUGE lamb fan, just like ‘The Mother’.

‘The Mother’ wanted to try Morcilla, blood sausage with red peppers in garlic. Three juicy, fatty looking sausages were presented before us. I have never had blood sausage, and it was surprisingly tasty, sweet flavour and the roasted and marinated capsicum was a great complement. The blood sausage consisted of pig’s blood and diced pork fat, and wasn’t as fatty as I thought. It was surprisingly good!

We had a serving of Ensalada de Remolacha, braised green beans, borlotti, ricotta and oregano. This was incredibly tasty and full of flavour. The bean was tender, and the combination of borlotti, ricotta and oregano was heavenly! ‘The Mother’ didn’t seem to enjoy this though, he thought it was just too creamy but we all thought it was lovely. (Photo uber blurry!)

Next came Tira de Asado, coorong beef short ribs, a generous serving of delectable juicy beef ribs. The ribs were seriously tender, seriously succulent, and seriously AMAZING! It was good. Yes. THAT good!

Next Entrana, beef inside skirt, cut into strips and served on a wooden board. It was absolutely superb– pink centre, slightly salty, wonderfully succulent and perfectly cooked.  Tasty just doesn’t begin to describe how wonderful the beef was. It just melted in your mouth, it was that tender, it was just heavenly! The most tender beef I have eaten thus far.  A favourite amongst the boys!

Last but not least – they say save the best for last and for me – this was definitely the case! Chanchito a la cruz, woodfire suckling pig – one word – OUTSTANDING! It was a generous serving, we all fought for the chewy, stuck in your teeth gooey crispy pork skin. It was fatty, it was meaty, it was tender, and it was frigging stupendous. Just like the beef above, no words can describe how magnificent this suckling pig was. All the diners knew my love for pork, and yes – I ate majority. I had to pause. Take a moment. Soak it all in – it was amazingly good! The second time was infinitely better.

I couldn’t leave without eating dessert – two desserts for the 6 of us. We were all getting pretty full, and the ladies, well, we were watching our weight for my brother’s wedding!

They had to try the South American Pavlova – it was a MUST! It was as good as I remembered it to be, mango cheeks, crushed nuts, caramel sweetness of dulce de leche topped with meringue. We fought for this – every single mouthful was better than the next! I loved the combination of the sweetness and sourness with crush nuts – I was in heaven!

I can’t remember the name of this (yes very very bad of me!) however this was also heavenly! Delicious creamy chocolate ice cream, served with a brule type dessert, drizzled with caramel sauce and kumquat with popcorn – sounds weird but it was splendid! You would think after all that food we would be full, but no, we couldn’t put our spoon down and just wanted more.

It was a very metalicious meal – one that we all totally and utterly enjoyed! I have to say, I do love this restaurant! It was great the first time, but SUBLIME the second time round! I love! The boys loved it, the girls loved it – won’t be the last time we go back.

To my dearest Dad – Happy Birthday!

GA’s ratings: 9 / 10


358 Cleveland Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Ph: +61 2 9212 7766

Hottest new restaurant in town? Porteno, Surry Hills

The gents from Bodega, Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate have brought Argentian food to Surry Hills. There has been talk about this restaurant being the ‘hottest new restaurant in town’. I love Bodega, so I knew I had to give this restaurant ago and see for myself.

My friend, M, has been, but was happy enough to go again with me. She knows the chefs, and the sommelier quite well as she is a regular diner at Bodega! They are on a name-to-name, kiss on the cheeks basis! And here I thought I was a ‘regular’ at Bodega!

The week we decide to go, a cracking review of Porteno was published on the Sydney Morning Herald. I was a little worried about getting a table, so I left work early and was there by 5.45pm, I was the fourth in line. The restaurant does not open until 6pm. However, there is a bar upstairs, should you wish to have a drink prior to dinner. I waited till M arrived, and as soon as it was 6pm, we were seated to our table.

We sat right in front of the bar, and open fire Asado grill, where whole animals are being cooked, and in this case, a pig!

There’s also an open kitchen and it was really nice to be able to see how the chefs work their magic.

I asked M what we should get, and she definitely recommended the pork pate that comes with house-baked bread. The pork pate was absolutely delicious. We both agreed that if it can be bought, we would by it by the jar and just eat it day in and day out. It was fresh, creamy and well .. frigging awesome!

The service was efficient, and shortly after our pork pate, our pickled veal tongue arrived. I discovered tongue in Hong Kong, and have absolutely loved it. The veal tongue was thinly sliced, incredibly tender, slightly sour and melted in your mouth. It was good!

We ordered the beef short rib, which was served on a warm wooden platter. It was a relatively large serving, the photo below does not do any justice. The beef was slightly salty, extremely tender, and extremely succulent

Grilled and served medium rare. It was absolutely incredibly scrumptious.

I couldn’t go pass the woodfired suckling pig. Four generous pork slices, the pork meat incredibly tender, and full of flavour, the crackling, amazing! It was hard at times, M, had a piece that was just too hard to eat, but if you had the ‘good’ piece, it was chewy, gooey, crispy and was simply outstanding.

Here is a close up of the scrumptious suckling pig, pure, sheer, genius!

We ordered a side of roasted beetroot, witlof, blood orange, radish and walnut. Unfortunately, our waitress forgot our order, so we had to wait a while. We were craving some vegetables, as both M and I are not big meat eaters, and needed veggies. So when our salad finally arrived, I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. It was so refreshing, especially the fresh blood orange. The roasted beetroot was tender and full of flavour.

Unfortunately we didn’t finish everything, there was probably ¼ of the short rib and pork left. We were stuffed! I was stuffed, but we still wanted to try the dessert. The South-American Pavlova was TO DIE FOR! Oh my gawd. I am not usually a fan of pavlova as it is too sweet, but this was different, mango cheeks, crushed nuts, caramel-sweetness of dulce de leche topped with meringue. It wasn’t all covered with meringue, which meant I could pick it out. The combination of the sweetness and sourness with crushed nuts, my goodness, pure heavely. HEAVENLY! This was simply stupendous! I was full but I couldn’t help but eat more and more. It was one of the best desserts I have had thus far, it was SERIOUSLY good!

I love the layout of this restaurant, the beautiful tiles, the arches, lights, the Asado grill and open kitchen. The service was good, except for when the waitress forgot to put our salad order in. Just to give you an indication, we arrived at 6pm, and were seated immediately, by 6.30pm the restaurant was full with diners, and by 7.30pm there were only 1.5 pig left on the grill. The place was buzzing, and it will be buzzing for a while to come.

Unfortunately they don’t take bookings, but don’t fear, you can wait upstairs at the sheik, funky bar for a drink and they will call you once a table is available. I can see the attractions of this place, many male diners I have spoken too absolutely love this place! I think it is the meat factor, so if you are not a meat person, then this is not the place for you. The lamb is supposed to be their specialty, but both M and I are not lamb fans, so had to pass. However, the suckling pig… hmhmhm… marvelous!

Everything about this place screams marvelous! Food, ambience, owners! Can’t wait to go back!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10


358 Cleveland Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Ph: +61 2 9212 7766

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