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Orto Vino Ristorante, Central, Hong Kong

Orto Vino can be found on 11 Stanley Street. I may have mentioned previously that I am going through the restaurants one by one. I have eaten at all the Japanese restaurants – there are only 3 there, the Taiwanese place and the Vegetarian place. Orto Vino is a newish addition, I can’t remember what was there previously. The restaurant is quite spacious and offers diners a two-course set lunch for around HKD158 + 10%.


We started with focaccia and some balsamic reduction and black truffle oil.


Entree consists of daily soup or salad. We both opt for the latter which was a caesar salad. The salad was light and simple – nothing special I thought.


J couldn’t go past the spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli in butter and sage sauce. It sounded good and who can say no to sage sauce but thought it lacked flavour. Thought the ravioli was a little tough – not cooked through enough.


I opt for the pork fillet with ham, potatoes and vegetables. The pork was ultra thin, and a little on the tough side. The ham really made it salty – I have definitely have had better pork fillet that’s for sure!


Diners can pay an extra HKD35 for dessert, however, I was quite full. Overall, it was OK, would I be back? Probably not very soon. The other dishes on the menu sounded good but there are definitely better options of restaurant on 11 Stanley Street.

GA’s ratings: 6 / 10

Orto Vino Ristorante

3F, 11 Stanley Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2327 4884

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