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Dinner at Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Part 2 of Dad’s birthday celebration is at Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Carlingford. You can’t miss it, located in Carlingford Court (outside of the mall) on Carlingford Road. It has been around for as long as I can remember and we have been coming here since I was a child.

We originally wanted to go to Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant (our local) but it was fully booked, and Dad was craving for some crab. It was his birthday after all and well, who can say no to crab right?

We started with oysters – steamed oysters with ginger and shallots with soy sauce. Simple but yet delicious. The oysters were fat, juicy and absolutely satisfying.

Next, the tofu pocked stuffed with mushrooms served with a serving of broccoli. I love this dish, I love how the tofu is fluffy and moist on the inside.

I love the texture, the flavours, the hoisin sauce and most of all, the mushrooms! Two of my favourite dish combined together is just brilliant!

Their specialty is the Vermicelli Crab hotpot, and one of the family’s favourite. I have had this dish many times now, and each time it is just as good as the last. The crab is juicy, succulent and well cooked. The noodles moreish, and the sauce is a great complement. I can see why this dish is their specialty, it is incredible.

Last but not least, deep fried pork chop served with ginger, chili and shallots. My word, this was fantastic. The batter thin, salty and crispy. The pork incredibly tender and succulent and the combination of ginger, chili and shallots – wonderful. I couldn’t help but eat three or four pieces of this deep fried pork chop – it was just too good not too!

Free dessert is usually a serving of fruit and some sort of a dessert soup, that evening it was red bean soup, but I have had green bean soup, sweet corn soup or other herbal Chinese soup.

I have to admit though, the service that night was surprisingly ‘better’ than last. By service I mean the waiters and the quickness of servings of food. I was a little reluctant in coming here at first. I remember how slowly it was for the food to come out, 1.5 hours for the first dish! But the thing is, we come back again and again, as the food is ‘Excellent’. Yes, the food is more than just good, service is a bit of a hit and miss, but the food will make you come back for more!

We have taken many of our relatives here, and every time they come back to Sydney, they request this place as they love their delicious goodness of Vermicelli Crab hotpot. I can definitely understand why! It is a must try if you haven’t been. Definitely one of our favourites.

Not only did Dad satisfy his crab cravings, but so did we. I am truly loving family gatherings and family dinners!

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

101 Carlingford Road

Carlingford 2118

Ph: +61 2 9873 6113

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