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Baby shower plus loads of laughters….

A dear friend of mine, whom I met and was lucky enough to get to know quite well, whilst I was in Hong Kong is due to give birth to a baby boy. I’m not sure how customary it is to have a baby shower. I know in Indonesia it’s not a very common thing, but in Australia, it is. I have been to a few baby showers now, and suggested R that she should have one. Not only that, but it was an excuse for us to get together and try her delicious cooking!

R is a great chef, she makes cooking so SO simple! I don’t know where she comes up with the ideas but believe me, I struggle to cook each night and with no oven in Hong Kong, it made my cooking very limited to stir fry’s, soups and anything with a saucepan or wok!

R claims she is lazy but I don’t think she is. She cooks dinner more often than anyone I know, and like I said, her cooking is simple but yet deliciously tasty. She came up with a theme for the baby shower ‘canned food’. So everything she cooked had to involve some sort of canned food. With the help of her Sous Chef, she made, corn kennels with bacon and corriander, pineapple spam, Indonesian home style sop ayam (clear chicken soup), pekedel (Indonesian potatoes cakes), fruit salad, and dessert which was lychee, logan, rambutan and grapes all mixed together to form a delicious drink. For each of the recipes, please read her blog here.

Corn kennels with bacon and corriander was light and tasty. The corn was incredibly sweet and the saltiness of the bacon gave it a really nice flaovour.

Baked spam with pineapple, in teriyaki sauce. I love spam and pineapple so the combination of them both was absolutely delicious! Its such a simple dish but yet satisfying.

Indonesian home style sop ayam (clear chicken soup), this reminds me so much of the red sausage soup that mum makes, the only difference is that R’s soup was not tomato base, like Mum’s. Still, this was absolutely delicious.

Perkedel (potato pancakes), one of my favourite Indonesian snacks. High in carbs but high in flavour!

Dessert, an easy Indonesian dish: logans, lychees, rambutans and grapes – and believe it or not, ALL CANNED! It was deliciously sweet and refreshing. The canned grapes were a little weird but everything else was incredibly tasty. It reminded me of my childhood in Indonesia!

We didn’t play any baby games, but we did have a good chat and lots of laughter. I am going to miss the catch ups and the laughter’s, that’s for sure.

R, you are a wonderful chef and I enjoyed your meal, can’t wait to try your meal again soon!

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