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Italian Restaurant, W52

It was a week of eating out, saying goodbyes over wine and meal. A friend of mine recommended this place; he came for lunch and was rather impressed, so thought I’d give it ago. Hubby and I were catching up with our Australian’s mates, S and his lovely wife J.

This Italian restaurant has a bar on the ground floor and an outdoor garden area for smokers. Apparently the top floor is reserved for small parties (up to 8 people) that want to sample the chef’s specialties. I hear that there is no menu, you just tell the chef what you don’t eat and he will come up with a delightful menu.

I arrived first, and was provided with a basket of bread. The bread tormented me, it was saying ‘eat me, eat me’ and so after waiting for a measly 60 seconds, I caved!

I had to try to squid ink bread roll – apparently homemade and it was extremely delicious. The bread was soft, warm, with a hint little saltiness. Dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar, it was absolutely delicious.

S, J and hubby finally arrived and we all perused the menu. They had the summer special menu, which consisted of entrée, pasta, main course and dessert (all for HKD 448). We were all quite keen with the summer special menu so ordered that.

We started with the deep-fried baby white bait fish and spinach, served with apple and cabbage salad. The deep fried white bait fish and spinach was light, and crispy. The apple and cabbage salad (with mayonnaise) was a great compliment. It was a delightfully light entrée, not too sickening and not too oily. However, my only gripe would be that it didn’t have enough baby white bait, too much spinach.

The pasta was hand-made spaghetti with clams and roasted peppers. We were given a bottle of chili oil with mountain chilies in it, and I couldn’t help but drizzle on the pasta. The hand-made spaghetti was cooked with basil and garlic and the pasta was incredibly tender and slippery. The clams and roasted peppers were a great compliment, and the drizzle of chili on the pasta really gave it a nice kick.

Our mains were roasted sea bass/ cuttlefish ‘tagliatelle’ / buffalo mozzarella cheese and chard. The sea bass was slightly pan fried, it was tender and moist, and melted in your mouth. The cuttlefish tagliatelle was interesting but in a good way. It wasn’t fishy but a little rough in texture. The buffalo mozzarella cheese I love, which was a great compliment. The combination of it all was just incredible. It was scrumptiously yummy! It was filling but tasty.

Dessert, caprese chocolate, almond tart and pomelo sorbet. I was very disappointed with the dessert. I was expecting chocolate oozing out of it but alas, no, nothing, it was just solid. The cake was dry and hard, but was rich in chocolate. The pomelo sorbet was refreshing, slightly bitter but a great compliment to the rich chocolate. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish this dish as it was just disappointing (and I was getting full!)

It was a good Italian restaurant, I wouldn’t say it was the best I have been. I thoroughly enjoyed the pasta and the sea bass, I think the two were the highlights. I think if the chocolate almond tart was moister, it would have been delicious. It looked absolutely delicious but I was seriously disappointed.

I loved the tiny toothpick that they gave out before dessert was served. I wanted to steal a handful to take home, but alas, Hubby said no.

As always, it was great catching up with both S and J. There’s never a dull moment, our conversation ranged from politics, to music, to traveling, to living in Hong Kong and many more! It was a blast and we will see you real soon!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10


G/F-3/F, 52 Wyndham Street,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 6768 5252

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